The Little Guy
by No Name

Part 1: The Big Sister

Walter woke up from only having an hour's worth of
sleep. His sister kept hm up. He's used to it though.
Dragging his feet he was in the kitchen. Walter is really
a little guy. He was two inches away from five feet. He
weighed only 103 pounds. He looked down to find out
that his bowl of oatmeal is gone. He was looking
forward to breakfast too. "Urrp." Walter heard a burp come
from the hallway. His older sister Carmen came in patting her
stomach. Not even acknowledging him she sat on his
chair, with him in it. Crushing his lap and smothering him with
her back. Walter's muffled "Get off me Carmen."tickled
her. She giggled at is helplessness. She got up slowly,
arching her back so that her firm, aerobic, cheerleader trained
buttocks smacked him in his face. She amazingly lifted
him slightly out of his chair. With her firm ass under his chin
his sister was laughing hysterically. She looked over her
shoulder and said, "Pull my finger." "No."Walter grunted"I
know how your gas is." "Pull my goddamn finger or I'll break your
fucking arm."she ordered. Walter pulled her finger
against better his judgment. The result is exactly what he
thought. Carmen ripped a good one and the tainted air reached
his nostrils. Carmen's sadistic laugh echoed the kitchen.
She pushed her waist and Walter hit the floor. He reached at
the kitchen counter to find balance but his aim was off and
knocked over their mother's vase. The crashed reached her room
and she stormed down there. To see the sight of her darling
golden child Carmen eating her breakfast and her clumsy, devil
child, Walter with the broken vase at his feet. "Walter how
could you?"their mom Rosa said. "But mom, Carmen just.."and
Walter was cut off by backhand. His mother reached for
anything she could find and started whacking him. Using
a wooden spoon she smacked Walter in his butt. Walter
leaping about was a amusing scene for Carmen. Rosa grabbed
Walter by his neck and shoved him between her legs to hold him
still while she disciplined him. She let him go and she gave
him a warning about lying on Carmen again. Walter was used
to this by now so he didn't bother. It was the first day of school
and he just started as a freshmen. They got on the bus and
at first sight you couldn't tell a relation between them. Carmen
at 6'2" 180 pounds and well toned from her years as a
cheerleader. Then Walter's 4'9 and 103 pounds. No need for
more detail on him. Snickers filled the entire bus. Carmen got to a
two seater with Walter following her. She kicked him out the seat.
Her friend was like ",why don't you sit next to me?" He sat
next to her with a smile thinking he made a friend. His sister
had to take advantage of the situation. She sat next to her
friend and smooshed her brother with their combined weight.
Walter's smooshed face against the window was the
highlight to the other bus passing by. "Carmen why are you so
mean?" Her friend asked. "He's my little brother, he'll do what I
want."she responded. "If I'm hungry, he'll fix the food. If my
feet are tired then he's my foot rest. If I fart he will inhale it.
If I'm out of toilet paper he'll..." "Thank you I don't need
to hear the rest of the sentence."her friend interjected "I'll
prove it." Carmen said as she leaned to the side and grunted.
Brummpp!! "Ahhhh."she said in a sigh of relief. Walter looked
at her with a facial expression"Not now." She cracked her knuckles
and looked menacing at him. Walter lowered his head near
her ass and started sniffing then wrinkled his nose at the smell.
"Smell like roses?" Carmen cruelly asked. Both of them laughed
at that sight. Walter just sat there smooshed and humiliated on
his first day of school. He got to school and looked around for
some familiar face. He moved into the corner by himself.
Going through the halls Walter found his locker. A big burly guy
came by and laughed at Walter's small stature. "Hey Taco Bell!"he
yelled referring to his Hispanic color. "Looks like that dog off
of those Taco Bell commercial."He laughed. Carmen came in
and pushed the guy. The guy froze in his tracks and dead silent.
Carmen's reputation for her fighting is too well known. "Thanks
Carmen." her brother said. "Shut up twirp. I'm not defending
you. I'm defending my race. I'll deal with you later."she growled
over her shoulder. She raised her fists in the guy's as if she was a
pro boxer. "Knuckle up, bitch!"She told him. At first the
guy didn't want no trouble. But Carmen was too pissed off at
his racist remarks. She threw a left hook to his ribcage
bruising a couple then followed by an overhand right which
brought him to his knees. Carmen grabbed his collar and shoved his
head in the locker repeatedly. With all her might she threw
him whole body. Followed by a couple of side kicks to the
kidneys. She grabbed his neck in a chokehold and nearly strangled the
poor guy. When teachers pulled her off it was a struggle. When
her arms were off him she kicked her way at him and threw her
calves around his throat. The crowd was wild and the guy was
humiliated. Throughout the day Walter pretty much stayed in the
shadows. Getting home he see his sister waiting for him and she
looks pissed. "You little wimp! I got into a fight and suspened
on the first day because of you!"she scowlded. "But you said..." He
was silenced by his throat being choked. She had Walter eye to eye
with her. "I have a week and a half at home. Your life will be
hell during that time. Am I understood little man?"Carmen said.
Walter is used to this also. His sister in order to mantain her
social satatus, she must be cool, calm, and collective. She basicly takes
her stress or anger out on poor Walter. In less then five minutes
she has called Walter to the living room. Walter shudders at the
sight of Carmen using her thighmaster. Many of times has he been
unconcius in her thighs. She has broken at least three of them a
year. Walter wondered why she bothers with that thing. Her legs do
enough damage. "C'mere."she tells him. Not moving quick
enough she gets angry and grabs his shirt collar. She
looks at his fearful face. She smiles. The clicks on the
television and prowrestleing is on. She looks at the show
as the wrestler performs a move. Walter's fear is
augmented by the daily routine of what will happen.
"Powerbomb looks easy to do."she tells him. He shoves
him into her taut muscled legs. She laughs at his
helplessness. He struggles vainly to escape. "You
squirm too much."she says laughing. She grabs him by his waist,
lift him in the air and powerbombs hin. His back is aching. She
picks him up by his hair and puts him in a strong side headlock.
She crushed him into her hip. She uses her other hand and
smooshes his face in her side, smothering him in her flesh. "That
tickles." She says. She follows it with a hip toss knocking
Walter on his back. She kicked Walter in his side. "Got me
suspened you jerk!!" She looked at the screen. "I can do that."
She told the quivering Walter. She grabbed his skinniy legs and
wrapped them around her leg. She moved aropund and copied
the sharpshotter move. Walter was banging the ground out of
pain. His back was being abused. She twisted on his back. She
moved up and grabbed his chin. Pulling up in a camal clutch
Walter began to cry. To add insult to injury she purposly bounce
on his back. She twisted him again and he was releved that the
pain stopped. "Now for my signature move."she told him. "No
please."he begged. Walter said that out of reflex, he knew full
wel that Carmen would do it regardless. She leaped in the air
and landed ass first on Walter. Sitting side saddled she grunted.
*bruumpp!* She farted in his face. *Brrrraapptt!* Walter was in
tears again. "Stop it, that's worse than ever." Waler protested.
"Wait on that opinion. This one feels like a panty burner." From
the way Walter screamed it was. He felt the hot steam burn his
nose. The the foul air gett tainted. "I'll be right back. I'm
getting the chilli."Carman told him as he got up. Walter was
coughing badly.


Part 2: The Painful Vacation

Two huge, round, firm orbs smother Walter's face. With a
180 pounds behind them. With Carman Leanig foward and
backwards adding more pressure to Walter's face. Walter
whimpered and moaned but no avail. His nose was deep in
Carman's butt crack. To make it worse, the only thing
seperating his nose and her asshole is a thin g-string.
"I warned you about fixing me those steamed vegatables
with cheese. You know I'm lactose intolerant!" Carman
scolded him as she strained her punishment on him. A
popping, gun runner fart slowly smacked Walter's nostrils.
Each pop was like a hard jab punching is sense of smell.
Carman lifted off his nose for an instant. She removed
her g-string underwear. "I know this will teach you a
lesson."she said to the almost conscious Walter. A wet
squishy fart splattered Walter's face with some diarrhea
squirts. She laughed and smashed his face with her
butthole, grinding what's left on his nose. She streched
and yawned. The looked over her shoulder to talk to Walter
"Oh man it's getting tired. Good thing I don't have school
tommorow. Thanks to you." She grabbed him by his shoulder
length hair and dragged him to her sleeping bag. She shoved
Walter in the bag and quickly got herself in the bag. She
zipped up the bag with her ass in Walter's face. "I hope I
don't have gas during the night. I really hope I don't wet
the bed either."she told the shivering Walter. Then All of
a sudden a ssssssssssss....brrrruuuummpppp! fart erupted
and in the bag. Poor Walter air couldn't get in or OUT!
During the middle of the night Carman's gas was potent.
Everytime she'd snore she'd fart.

In the morning Carman woke up so refreshed. She check her
sleeping bag and discovered. "Oops. Sorry Walt. I must've
had too much water."she said. Carman also notice that here
pent up farts filled up the sleeping bag streching it to it's
limit. She opened the bag for her to get out and was knocked
away by the horrific smell. "Walter you alvie in there?"
He went through his morning ritual and was on his way out the
door for school. "Hold it."she said as she grabbed Walter by
his collar. "Because of you I'm suspened from school. That
means you will do my homework. And when you come home your
really gonna get it."she siad as she began to wolf down break-
fast. Walter got on the bus and found out there were no more
seat left or at least that was what he was told. So he sat in
the isle. The next stop Carman's best friemd got on the bus.
She wittnessed what Walter does for Carman. "Hey Walter."she
said with a false sing-song voice. "Aww no more seats. Wait
here's one."she said as she sat on top of Walter's head putting
pressure on his neck. The whole bus was laughing at this site.
The bus driver thought it was amusing too so she purposly drove
into speedbumps and bumps in the road. Carman's friend Lena
was boucing on Walter's head. Lena was about 6'4" and 194 pounds.
A hundred of those pounds must've been cofinded in her ass. It
was so big that it overlaps Walter's head. The bus pulled up at
school. "Goodbye Walter."Lena said as she blew him as kiss,
loudly out of her ass in Walter's face. "It's gonna be a long
day."he said to himself. The day actually went by fast. Only
one thing went wrong with that day. During lunch Lena grabbed
Walter by his waist and easily carried him to the garbage can.
She dropped him in the can. Then she sat on top of the can with
her enormous ass sealing it. She began to fart a couple of times
in the can. The smell was in there for awhile.

When Walter got home Carman was still eating food. "Good your
home now to wash it all down."she said as she reached for the

She looked in Walter's scared eyes and said, "Instant Diarrhea."
She drank the whole bottle. "Damn it kicks in faster than I
thought." She grabbed Walter by his arm and dragged in in the
bathroom with him. She grabed his head and shoved it between her
thighs. Then she sat on the toilet with Walter to get a veiw of
her taking a shit. "I've been eating all day."She told Walter.
She began to shit in front of her brother. The splashes made
Walter flinch. The bowl began to get thicker and thicker full
of shit. Because Walter and Carman's butt sealed the bowl the
smell was killing Walter. She must've shit for fiftten minutes
and didn't flush. She threw Walter on the floor. "I ought to
sit of your face with my shittiy ass. Ought to, hell I CAN!"she
said as she lowered her shitty ass onto Walter. She wiggled and
grinded on Walter's face. Then she grabbed his hair and used it
as toilet paper. "You've gone too far now Carman."Wlater said
suprising himself. "What's this, you got balls? I'll have to
beat that out of you." She grabbed the pleading Walter and shoved
in in the toilet. She shoved him in there with all her might.
Then she sat on the back of Walter's head and bounced on him. To
further his humiliation she put her foot on the back of Walter's
head and crushed in more in there. She left the bathroom with
Walter still in the toilet. "And wash up after your done."she said.

Later on Carman was on the phone with Lena. "Where is he now?
Oh I'm farting on him now as we speak. Here Listen." She put the
reciever near her ass and farted loud enough for Lena to hear it.
"Yea I know."she said to the phone. Lena on the otherside said,
"I think I like the little shit." "Really? Why?"Carman asked.
"He sits there and takes the worse of what I give him. No other
guy can stand it when I fart in the room. He takes it in the face.
I can do anything and he's too weak to stop me."

"I could send him over there and you can see if your right."Carman
said. She hung up the phone. "Lena likes you. Come downstairs
real quick."she said. When Walter showed up he saw Carman streching
out. "Lena Likes you and I don't think you like her. So I'm gonna
decide something for you. I you win You get to stay home. If I win
You go over Lena's for awhile." Walter knew he wouldn't win so he
layed down on the ground and said. "You might as well pin me now."
"Oh no. It won't be that easy for you."she said as she grabbed
Walter's legs and delivered a low blow. His head shot up as he
screamed in pain. She quickly threw her knee into his face. She
grabbed his legs again and turned him on his stomache. She sat on
the small of his back and executed the boston crab. Walter tapped
the mat several times signaling he submited. "I give!"he yelled.
She looked over her shoulder and said, "So." She twisted around and
crossed his legs and sat on them. She grabbed his chin and pulled
back. "AHHHHHHHH!"Walter's scream echoed in the basment. " Forgot
to tell you. You can only win by pinfall."she said as Walter cried.
She began to bounce up and down on his lower legs. She let go and
went to another move. She elbow dropped into his midsection. She
moved to a sitting bodyscissors. She squeezed every now and then.
"Basicaly I think I won. So you'll go over here house tommorow.
Now we need to go to bed." She said as she draged Walter by his
leg up the steps.


Part 3: Lena's Turn

Carman's vise-like grip on Walter's neck left him gasping
for air. Her biceps choking the life out of him He
desperatly clawed at the arm to escape. "This is what I
call the Carman Clamp."she told him. Its ..just..a..
regular..headlock." he said between squeezes. "Here's the
twist." she said as she began to smother him with her flesh
rubbing his face repeatedly in her hips. Then she forced
him to look her in the eyes. Without warning she belched
loudly in Walter's face. Then blew her breath back and
fourth at him. She began to twist around until Walter was
in a revearse headlock. Carman arched her back with Walter
looking at her ass. She began to grunt and strain. A long
high-pitched squeaky fart attacked Walter's nose. His nose
hair was singed from it. She even fanned the smell in his
direction. She lifted Walt in the air and copied Goldberg's
pattened move the jack hammer. Slaming Walt on his aching
back. She quickly strattled Walt's stomache. "I'm just
having my fun before you go to Lena's." she told him as
she bounced her large ass on his stomache. Her watch
went off. "Ohh." she said in suprise. "Time for my step
aroebics."she said. "Oh no."Walter groaned as he was flat
on his back. Carmen went to the closet and retreived her
combat boots. Laced them up and smiled cruely at Walt.
The tape was popped in and the music began. Carman began
to use Walt as the step. His ribs, chest, and stomache
were being cruely stompped. Carman purposly stompped hard.
Walter began to spit blood. He slowly breathes and hears
his lung flap.

Thirty minutes later he's out the door for school. "Walt!"
she yells. "Go to Lena's after school 'kay." Walter hangs
his head and turns around. "Wait. How about a kiss goodbye?"
Carmen asks. Walter is not beleiving his ears. The fisrt
sign of affection coming from her. He turns around and is
dissapointed by the sight of Carmen bent over with her pants
around her ankles exposing her bare ass to Walter. He was
disgusted by the sight of Carmen's butt pimple. "Well?"she
says sarcasticly. Walter rolls his eyes in disgust as he
puckers up. He kisses the left cheek then right. He was
about to turn around. "Your not done yet." she said in a
false sing song voice. He went toward her asshole. When he
kissed it she flexed her butt muscles and trapped his lips
between the two bronze colored globes. She laughs as she
tortures Walt even more. She swings her hips left then
right with Walter still trapped. She reaches back and
crams Walt's face deeper then a deep baratone fart slaps
Walter in the nose. "Goodbye."she says. Walter stumbles
away spiting the fart tainted taste in his mouth. Getting
on the bus Walter finds an empty seat. Lena joins him in
the seat. "I'll see you after school."Lena tells hims with
a seductive wink. The bus took a hard right turn and Lena's
hefty hips crush Walter into the window. Upon arrival at
school Walter avioded Lena. Opening his locker at quick as
possible to aviod hall rush hour. Swung the locker door into
the forehead of his new enemy. "Oww. You fucking wetback!"
the blonde yelled at him. Walter looked up to see this
pissed off blonde. "S-sorry." he said trying to scurry away.
"Hold it."she told him grabbing his collar. "Look at what
you did." she said pointing toward her forhead. A welp was
forming. "You gave me this one. I owe you." She began
banging his head repeatedly into the locker. Walt began to
wobble. The bell rang and the blonde stopped the banging.
"You little shit now I'm late. C'mere."she said dragging
him to the girls bathroom. He was in a virtual no man's

Holdng nim by his collar she throws him on the floor. "I'm
missing class so I have a half and hour to kill. Guess who
I'm gonna kill."she said to the shivering Walter inches from
his face. She backed away from him an told him to stand up.

He stood up and she toward over him. She smirked as she
looked at the shrimp. "Ooommpff!"he went as she threw a
left hook to his stomach. Followed by a knee to his nose.
Blood sprayed up and his head titled upward leaving him
open for her spinning heel kick. Walter on the ground
again. "Don't pass out on me now. I got 40 minutes to
spare."she told the groggy Walter. Sitting high on Walter's
chest she begins to throw left and rights on Walter. Really
wailing on him. His head unwillinly flailed left and right.
The sadistic blonde seem to never tire of this. Soon pain
took over and Walter lost conscinous.

Walter began to stir. The blonde headed She-Devil wasn't in
sight either. "UNNNNGGHH!! C'MON!"he heard her grunt. A
thick sqiushy splash came from the stall in front of him.
"Damn she's still here."he mumbled. He heared her get up
and no flushing. "Good you're awake. They're out of toilet
paper. "She plopped her shitty ass on Walt's face. "Toss my
salad, bitch." the blonde with the shitty ass demanded. Her
asshole over his mouth but no tounge action. She looks over
her shoulder and yells, "Don't make me repeat myself." She
cocks back and unleashes a devasting gut punch. Followed by
another and another and another. She farted in his mouth.
The echoing popping sound amused her. Walter fearing another
punch caught the hint and started licking rapidly. In less
than 1 minute her asshole was cleaner than when she started.
"Hey I know where to go if my butt itches."she said pulling
her pants up. She picked him and held him upsidedown.

Then suddenly he was powerbombed into the shit filled toilet.
The cruel blonde left the bathroom laughing.

On the bus ride home Lena kept giving Walter that eye. The
sadistic smile. As soon as they got off the bus Walter
tried to make a run for it. In a flash Lena was on him.
*WHAM* Her fist connected between his eyes. He staggered
until his legs said "fuck it." The 6'4" 194 pound torturous
female straddled his midsection. " I guess I better lay
down the rules now." She got off him and grabbed his ankles.
He was dragged all the way to her house. He looked around
and saw all her weights and mats. "I have to teach you a
lesson for trying to welch on your deal." Lena grabbed his
throat and groin holding him high in the air. Lena at 6'4"
has Walt high in the air and gorrilla press slamed to the
ground. Lena leaped high in the air and Cannonballed onto his
stomache, ass pointed first. His midsection litterally sank
in. Her ass was touching his spine. She twisted around on
his midsection adding more pain to his predicament. Raising
her ass high in the air she began to bounce. Raming her ass

Suddenly a hip hop song came on. "Oh shit that's the jam!!"
Lena said grabbing Walter by his arm. "C'mon dance with me."
the spanish amazon demanded. She began to fling him around
as if he was nothing. He was slammed into the walls and
flung high in the air. "I wanna try a new dance." She shoved
Walter between her huge thighs in a reverse standing
headscissors. She began to do the salsa wrenching Walter's
neck while doing it. Twisted neck and in pain Walt couldn't
escape the fleshy prison. Walter's feet desperatly tried to
follow along with the forced dance moves. He gave up but
Lena didn't, eventually she was dragging him along the carpet.
Finally she let go and he flopped to the floor.

Walter desperatly thought how to escape and survive finally it
dawned on him. "It's getting late Lena, we need to get some
sleep." he said out of desperation. "You're right I am
getting tired."Lena said. Walter started to lay down on the
sofa. "No, no, no, no. You sleep in the bed with me." Lena
told him. she grabbed him by the waist and threw him over her
shoulder. "Gawd your a feather weight." she told him. She
began to twirl him in the air like a baton. She kept switching
hands tossing him in the air. "I'm going to get ready to sleep."
She told him as she went to the bathroom. Walt laid on the bed
sore, breathing hard, and staring at the ceiling contiplanting
on what had just happened. 15 minutes later Lena emerged from
the bathroom looking refreshed and completly changed clothes
into a see through night gown that barely covered her enormous
ass. "There's a problem in the bathroom I need your help with."
Lena told Walter. He reluctantly walked into the bathroom with
Lena behind him. "WHOA!"he said walking in. The thick smell of
shit smacked his face. "I clogged the toilet."she explained.
The perplaexed Walt asked, "So what do you need me for?" Her
smile made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. "I don't
have a plunger."she told him. "Huh?" he said even more confused.
Suddnely he was lifted upside down. Hanging in front of the
toilet, Lena started to giggle like a mad woman. "So I'll use
you silly."she told him. The cruel bitch began to use Walter as
a human plunger. His head kept smashiing her huge pile of dung.
Pushing it past the toilet trap and shoving it through the pipes.
Walter wasn't ready each time she shoved him causing the shitty
water into his eyes, up his nose, and sometimes in his mouth.
Through out the whole ordeal Lena was laughing. Keeping walter
in the toilet, she flushed the toilet. "There see it wasn't
that bad." she said. "PEW, you stink though." After she
washed the protesting Walter he was put to bed with her. Laying
next to each other Walt was so uneasy, nervous, and coudldn't

Lena tossed and truned which disturbed Walt's sleep even more.
All of a sudden Lena started ruffling the covers. "SBD Walt."
she said with a smirk. "Oh man."he said gagging and coughing.
Then, brrrrrrrpppppppppttttttttt followed by a, perrrrrppppptttt
knocked Walt dizzy. She ruffled the covers hard blowing the foul
fart tainted air in Walter's direction. "Oh Gawd I'm getting out
of here."He said. He was on his way but Lena snatched him back
in the bed. "Trying to welch on a deal, it's Dutch Oven time for
you." she said as she shoved Walter under the covers and ceiling
it. The smell under there was potent enough. "Unnngh."Lena
strained so hard veins were popping out her neck. A deep chainsaw
sounding fart erupted followed by a tuba sounding one and ended
with a elephant sounding one. Walter was hoplessly trapped under
the sheets. "Goodnight Walter." she said dozing off.


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