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Aged Out
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 24th, 2014

It was a typical Sunday, I walked in the kitchen in my bathrobe. Mom and Jackie, my sister, were at the counter, chopping onion and cooking something in a pan that sizzled loudly; maybe bacon. Mmmm, bacon would be great right now.

Mom turns to see me, "Oh hey sweetie, you want an omelet?"

Jackie looks over her shoulder to speak as well, "They're really good, I had two!"

"Sure, yeah," I replied. Maybe they'll be bacon in it.

Mom and Jackie talked amongst themselves, cooking, as I played Angry Birds on my phone; switching back from Star Wars to Seasons but unable to pass the current level on either despite a number of really close attempts.

It sucks because I did beat the Seasons level that one time but I stupidly reset it thinking I could get a better score. Fuck it.

Doesn't matter anyways, mom came with my omelet, it looked perfect; more like a pictured version rather than the one that comes to your table.

I take my fork and grab a heaping bite of egg mixed with stringy cheese, like six kinds, onions, green peppers, small chilies, and mushroom.

The taste is so good in my mouth, the cheese melting over everything as it all slides satisfyingly down my throat.

I dig in for another bite, scarfing it down greedily.

Another forkful and another bite.

My eyes start to feel heavy. My head drifts down but unable to stop it falls and hits the plate, landing in a small pile of egg.

I drift off to blackness.

My eyes slowly start to open; I recognize the ceiling, it's mine. My room.

I try to get up but I can't; I can't move at all in fact; I lift my head and see a sort of plastic wrap cocoon around me, from my neck to my ankles.

"Wakey wakey, bro!"

Jackie appears behind and above me; I bang my head on the floor, startled by her.

"Hey...why am I tied up? Oh my god! Why are you naked?!"

"Feeling shy about seeing your sister?"

"What are you doing?" I asked, a little afraid but unsure of what.

"You don't need to feel shy anymore; you're going to be up close and personal with me from now on."

I was at a loss, what the fuck was she talking about?

"See, you're old enough now; so that means...well, you become my slave."

My eyes go wide quizzically but also with fear.

She smirked, "Now you're getting it. So until you learn your place and obey me without question, you'll be tied up."


"Yes, plenty of fact..."

I watch as Jackie squats her butt over my face; PRRRrrrrpppp!

Oh God! She farted; I shake my head, trying to fan the smell away or just avoid it but I couldn't. It burned going up my nose; Jackie laughed.

"How's that smell?"

"Terrible! Please...let me go!" I said, doing my best not to breathe or using my mouth.

Jackie stood, stomping once on my stomach as she exited; my body tries to curl to protect itself but bound like this it can't. I just remained whimpering on the floor.

She returned with a roll of duct tape and a new mischievous smile.

"'m your brother..."

Jackie leaned down to me, face to face with me; I could smell her hot eggy breath, "You're my slave now, bitch!"

I screamed out, hoping mom would hear and save me, but Jackie put the tape over my mouth, stifling my cries as I tried to kick and buck around the floor; I had to get away but there was nothing I could do.

I started to sob; hoping to appeal to my sister's nurturing side that I had known so well throughout the years.

She quickly turned her ass to me, sitting down on my face.


She sighed with great relief as I spasmed and shook underneath her, my nose being forced to inhale her eggy stench laid by her ass like an atomic bomb on my face.

I vomited but with the tape, there was no where for it to go; I painfully let it slide back down my throat, choking briefly.


I moaned loudly, it interspersed with sobbing and screaming as I inhaled more of my sister's gas.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah; inhale it, inhale my farts! You know how long I've waited to do this?!" My sister said, she started to grind on my face; softly moaning.

God, my sister was using my face like a dildo; what the fuck!

Her pace increased, as did her volume; she lifted and knocked my head back painfully a few times before lifting it once again...


My head hit the floor again; I heard her sigh euphorically and I felt a vicious goo running down my chin

Jackie relaxed, her full weight resting on me now as she panted.

Meanwhile, I remained trapped in her prison of smell as my oxygen got closer and closer to depleted, replaced entirely by the toxic gas of my sister.

Finally she got up, her butt stuck to me; peeling with an audible SCHLEP!

She patted my chest, "Nice job, bro!" She laughed, looking down at me; my face reeked of her ass, my chin and neck wet with her cum.

I shuddered with fear as I looked in her eyes, seeing devilish intent in them; this was life from now on? How would I survive?

"Come on, bitch!" She yells, lifting me; carrying me to her bed. "After that I could use a nap."

She climbs over, lays down next to me.

"And so could you," she continues.

She turns on her side, using her hand on the back of my head to turn it to face her ass. Then, despite my struggle, already sniffing the potent air left clinging to her ass, she pushes my face in until my nose is buried in between her cheeks.

I feel my eyes roll back, I gag; the smell concentrated like a thousand bowel movements passed through these anal walls.


And billions of farts. The hot air rushes up my nose, makes me choke. I still try to fight it but Jackie holds my head to her ass tightly as she chuckles softly.

I moan and whimper but she kicks me in the balls, "Shut up, slave! I'm trying to nap."


A ridiculous fart blows through my face like a hurricane, I softly, quietly plead as the eggy gas rushes down my nostrils; burning the horrid smell to the soft walls like a gaseous cattle prod.

My eyes watered and my breath got heavy; vision blurred though it was already obscured by ass.


I felt the airy fart go up my nose; my body tensed.

And I blacked out.

When I woke up it was dark all around me, and a putrid smell; my nose still up my sister's bum.

Jackie snored loudly.

Slowly, carefully, I pulled my head out; it seemed stuck at first, I panicked, but eventually her sticking, sweaty skin released me.


A small fart escaped as my nose did; I turned my head away from it, still smelling it but not as severely. I laid on my back, perfectly still next to my sister as my eyes started to close.

But a shadow near the door made me open them; as my eyes adjusted, I saw mom.

My eyes softened in joy; finally mom come to save me from this nightmare.

She smiled down at me sweetly.

Then she swung her ass over and sat down on my face before I could process anything else.


She softly sighed; and tilted her butt a little which allowed me to get some fresh air from her terrible fart.


And she sat back down, with all her weight, on my face; she wiggled a bit, smearing the smell deep in my pores as I screamed against the tape.

How could this be happening?!


Mom's gas was so terrible, so thick and plentiful; inhuman it seemed.

She patted my chest softly, sweetly and got up off my face.

Mom looked down at me again, still smiling sweetly; "That's my good boy."

And she left.

I desperately took huge inhales of the tainted but oxygenated air around me; tears already in my eyes from the wretched smell.

Softly, I laid there and started to cry.


My sister's ass offered the only reply.

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