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Airport Mishap
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 28th, 2012

Mike sits, waiting in his car near the terminal. He hated having to drive all the way here just to pick up his friend.

He looks around at all the people around this section of the airport; a familiar face, a large butted woman comes into view and the entire horrible experience came flooding back. He ducked down in his seat.

Seconds pass, a minute but Mike is not going to risk it, he stays down until he knows he'll be leaving.

A shadow falls in the car and passes, Mike looks up and no one is near; just a passerby perhaps.

Another shadow passes, Mike ignores it.

"Hello sweetie!" An excited and all too familiar voice calls out which echoes through the window of the car.

Mike looks up and recoils against his door in fear as he is once again face-to-face with his tormentress.

She swings around her massive bare booty and sets it atop the truck's window opening.

Mike breathlessly, inaudible screams in sharp caws; he reaches for the handle but before he can even begin to frantically fiddle with it a thick-nutty-sprinkler like spray of sludge sprays into his pristine truck and fills the inside of the front windshield with layer upon layer of putrid waste.

With force, the crap sprays against Mike and slowly begins to fill his truck to his knees.

With a powerful, drying fart, the woman reaches in and plunges Mike's head underneath the waste pool that covers his legs; she holds him there, smiling as she feels the panic as the air bubbles become less and less frequent.

She releases him and his head bobs up for air frantically, every inch of his skin covered in thick diarrhea. She opens the door and pulls Mike to lay on the seat before covering him with her filthy ass, his head plunged deep against humid, wet shit that cakes her ass cheeks.


A deep, stinky fart blows pieces of the shit against Mike's whining, screaming face as the putrid odor fills his nostrils and makes him immediately feel close to unconsciousness. His eyes start to flutter, involuntarily, closed before a spear of rock-solid poo launches past his lips and down his throat.

His now wide, watery eyes panic as the log wedges itself inside his mouth as more continues to pour out forcing the waste deeper and deeper inside.

The woman laughs at the convulsing man underneath her before standing; Mike's eyes roll repeatedly. The woman hovers her ass over the man's face, separates her booty and unloads a quick but large runny shit over his face like the icing on a cake.

As she starts to walk away, the woman yells, "I'll see ya soon sweetie," a deep mischievous smile on her face as she excites herself on the thought of their next encounter.

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