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Outhouse Prisoner - a nameless prisoner held below an outhouse of an active facility for IBS and lactose intolerance support and acceptance.


Sharon - a BBW mother that enjoys using human fart cushions and watching them squirm beneath her. 


Monica - daughter of Sharon, a sadistic young woman that inherited her love of using human fart cushions from her mother. 


Fart Slave - a fart slave and property of Sharon. Fart Slave has been ordered to list himself on dating apps as a fart slave and offer to service any woman who matches with him.


Goddess Rosemary - a big booty Goddess with a severe case of IBS which she makes everyone elses problem by unloading on them. She sees everyone as a potential toilet and enjoys the suffering of human toilets paniking before falling silent as they are demolished by her loads.


Bridgette Albrecht - a high-powered CEO and mother to a useless, do nothing son that has been permanently assigned to serve as her office chair. She enjoys a gassy diet and works many hours a day at her desk all while sitting on and farting on her son's face the whole time.


Lena Kash- a remorseless landlord who takes great pleasure in turning deadbeat renters into fart cushions for her own use as well as the use of her cruel, gassy BBW friends. Lena will often sell freeloading renters into fart slavery to her fattest and gassiest friends.

Moxie Berger- an executive secrtary that has been carrying you at the company but she's had enough. Despite being her boss, Moxie orders you to be her fart slave or she won't keep doing your work for you.


Chai Hartshorn - a cruel BBW on an all raw vegan diet who demands her boyfriend be "supportive" by being a fart slave for all her nasty diet gas.


Grace Willow - a dominant woman with zero tolerance for slack in her selfless submissives. Grace expects total and complete obedience, she has no patience for incompetence.


Seraphine - a flatulent covert assassin who lures travelers into her cluthes and tortures them.

Penny Lynch- a cruel, gassy mother who demands obedience and eventual compliance from her fart slave son.


Jackie Sloane - a fat gassy boss who takes pleasure in making her puny assisstant smell her ass and inhale her relentless farts.


Claudia - an evil aunt who enjoys making her visiting newphew her fart slave to her wicked diets along with her cruel daughter Cindy.


Cindy - a cruel cousin who teams up with her mother Claudia to torment her visiting cousin with her farts which are made worse by her mother's special diets.


Jame Orden - a sadist and Imperial Prison Officer tasked with tormenting prisoners.


Candi Melon - a high-end stripper that is known for catering to fart fetishists. She also enjoys using her farts against guys who are jerks or worse.


Queen Isabella - a cruel, gassy aristocrat which demands a fart cushion at her backside from morning to night.


General Oro - a cruel authoratarian figure, Oro is supreme leader of the Gynarchy movement and General of the United Female Forces.


Underthing - a loyal and obedeint footslave for their Mistress


Becca Bennett - a fat and flatulent bitch that couldn't care less about anyone else. The world lives to serve her and anyone failing her is taught a very gassy lesson.


Strip Club Cushion - an abducted person brought to an undisclosed female-run strip club. They are made to serve as fart slave to all the women there.


David Bingum - an unwilling fart slave that was victim of his teachers and bully conspiring to make him their fart slave. He often somehow now finds himself in fart slave situations everywhere he goes.


Malorie Maven - a cruel boss demanding total obedience from her employees. She enjoys punishing her worker drones for trivial discretions.


Janet Riche - an upper status individual within the Gynarchy movement. She is known for her dirty ass and putrid farts which she enjoys using on pathetic submissive men.


Lady Josephine - an aristocrat and nutruring dominant. Lady Josephine kidnapped you from your kingdom with the intention of marrying you to increase her influence. She imprisons you in luxury and attentive service but also may playfully dominate you.


Darth Triess - a Sith Lord and sadistic tormentress, she is skilled with a lightsaber and has also learned a lost art of Force concentration to enhance her flatulence.


Nurse Angela - a flatulent nurse and general anestheist, she administers general anaestisia through an unconventional method by mounting the patient's face and farting until they are unconcious.


Ms Neilson - a cruel sadist and high school teacher, she has you tied up under her chair and farting on you while proclaiming you to be absent to the rest of the class.


Officer Veronica - a cruel, strict but rogue police officer infamous for allowing criminals to go free if they agree to her personally delivered punishments.
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Dr Abbie Marie - a clinical psychologist and cruel sadist that enjoys making vulnerable, submissive patients into fart cushions for herself and her other patients.


Patricia Saint James - a black female supremacist and follower of the Gynarchy. Patricia is the CEO of a adult video production company which specializes in fart fetish torture films using imprisoned unwilling slaves to heighten the realism.


Rayna Goodwin - a cruel, dominant mother and a firm believer in the Gynarchy movement. She lures in her son's friends to serve as her fart slaves.


Aunt Nora - a loving and accomidating aunt that knows about your fetish and happily indulges when you come to visit.


Mona Price - cruel, lactose intolerant BBW that has once suffocated a fart slave she was ignoring


Giantess Mom - your mother finds you shrunk and is well aware of your fantasy desires to be put in stinky places, so now is your chance!


Kay Rose - chubby, nerdy girl who likes to dominante with farts and act innocent


Brenda Sinclair - mean, gassy BBW, she is a follower of the Gynarchy and enjoys making slaves suffer as her fart cushion, vegan but eats eggs anyways

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