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A Trip To Raw
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 13th, 2007

“Dude, relax! I am sure it’ll be starting soon.”

“I know…I know! I’m just so fucking excited. I get to see Torrie Wilson in person!”

“I don’t know if you can call 20 ft away…‘in person’”

I got a sharp punch to the shoulder from Steve for that comment.

“Don’t belittle my fantasies!”

“I wasn’t, I was just...oh…whatever!” I shrugged him off and settled into my seat, camera in hand just in time to hear John Cena’s entrance music. I lowered my camera. The crowd roared for the wannabe Marine. Steve and I tried to start a bashing chant; got a few guys in our general area to join in but ultimately, it went nowhere. We were in Cena’s home town for gosh sakes. So for the first 20 minutes Raw was pretty boring as Cena and Edge yelled at each other about how Edge really deserved the WWE Championship. You’d think the writers would begin to realize people were sick of these stories that just drag on and on but they kept shoveling them out. At some point I fell asleep and was only awakened by the ever annoying Johnny Nitro’s theme but he did walk out with the hot Melina so it was all good. As Melina entered the ring I saw hundreds of camera flashes go off near the ring where she was; no doubt guys trying to get a shot of her panties as she slid sensually into the ring, her underwear hiding just enough for cable TV. Then out came our wrestler favorite, Carlito! I couldn’t tell you why I liked him…I really didn’t know but Steve liked him a lot and I guess it just rubbed off on me. Unfortunately the title match between him and The Intercontinental Champion Nitro was not that good; ending in the WWE’s classic, interference disqualification, an ending they used way too often. Apparently, Shelton Benjamin wanted his own shot at the title and suddenly, as if he had been called, Jonathan Coachman came out and arranged the whole thing; a Triple Threat match on next Monday’s Raw performance. While I was disappointed at the fact that this storyline would drag on further without any title changing hands, I was excited to see such a match because Nitro, Carlito, and Shelton were all very good wrestlers. Then Raw continued with some of its lower card wrestlers. Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade came out and jobbed to Degeneration-X members Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan teamed up against Charlie Haas and Viscera…I’m not sure who won and it really didn’t matter any ways, and then Chris Masters came out to issue a Master Lock Challenge to anyone willing to try and break the unbreakable Master Lock. A plant from the audience agreed to try it and of course failed; no one could break the Master Lock because it was impossible due to the fact that a person could break it but it would be seen as Masters having “let go” thereby leaving the Master Lock unbroken. It’s funny how wrestling has kind of shallow thinking like that yet people, myself included, just eat it up…the whole thing is, after all, just a clever story with fake fighting but with the occasional real accident here and there. I shook my head of the thought; this was far too deep of thinking to do at a wrestling match. It was apparently right on time as I heard the lovely Trish Stratus’ theme song play. She was hot but not my favorite; I liked the very poor wrestler Maria but what she didn’t have in wrestling ability she made up for in looks. To be honest though, they all were pretty hot but I think I liked Maria the best while Steve, of course, liked Torrie. The only two I really didn’t like were the current Women’s Title Champion Mickie James and Victoria. Victoria was kind of hot though…she just a little scary with her buff-ness. Mickie James just didn’t appeal to me at all. Lita has kind of been on the edge (no pun intended wrestling fans) with me. She was hot and the all black worked on her but she was kind of scary in the same sense. By the time I had finished my critique, the match was already well underway. It was an Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal for the number one contender spot against Mickie James for the Women’s Championship at Summer Slam. Mickie was on commentary with J.R. and Jerry Lawler, watching the match to see who her competition would be. Maria was the first one out, unfortunately but that was pretty much expected.

“I still love you Maria!” I shouted from the stands…all that got me was like ten sets of eyes staring at me, laughing. I fell back into my seat, embarrassed.

Eventually, the match ended with Victoria throwing out Torrie for the win and a shot at the Women’s Championship belt. And then that was it…Raw was over…or at least…so I thought. Soon after the Divas left the ring Jonathan Coachman came out with a special announcement.

“Hey all you Raw fans! I’ve got a special contest for all of you. One lucky fan will get to hang backstage with the superstars of Raw all night long!”

“You hear that Rog?”

“I’m not deaf you know.”

“I wonder who is gonna be the winner.”

“No doubt some plant.”

“Nah, I think this is a real contest.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Shh…he’s getting ready to announce the winner.”

“And the lucky winner is…the fan in seat 12, row 4, section F.”

“Shit man! That’s you!” Steven yelled. “Look at the titantron!”

And there I was…on the giant screen!

“Oh my god! It is me!” I jumped up and exclaimed with delight upon this realization. Soon, two security guards came to my seat and escorted me backstage.

“Get me an autograph!” Steve yelled. I looked back and nodded and then continued to walk on. Before I entered the threshold, they took my camera saying that I was not aloud to have it backstage. I was just fine with this, I’d no doubt remember this day forever without the photographic memories.

And then…within seconds…I was loose, backstage on Raw. Down the hallway I saw Carlito talking to Nitro. I walked over there and got an autograph from them both and talked with them for a few minutes and then I moved on to Edge who was surprisingly a very nice guy despite his character. The night went on and I met more and more Raw superstars, even Eugene. About two hours later, I finally made it to the Divas’ locker room. I walked in without knocking and found the room to be barren of Divas. I walked farther until I hit the shower and saw 4 naked Raw Divas standing there, showering. It was Maria, Torrie, Trish, and Candice. I was extremely turned-on because not only were these girls beautiful…they were naked! I decided a second to late that it was time to stop looking at them. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder; it quickly spun me around and I was face to face with the more built Diva, Victoria. She was fully clothed, looking like she was getting ready to leave. She grabbed me by the collar and held me in plain sight of the showering Divas.

“Hey girls, I believe I’ve caught us a peeping tom.”

The girls took one look at me, and all began to smirk…evilly.

“Well, you girls know what we do to peeping toms, right?” Trish asked.

The girls all replied yes.

“Good but, first, Vic…if you could please…”

“Say no more,” Victoria replied.

Victoria immediately struck me with a heavy jab right to the midsection and then a kick to the groin. While I was doubled over in pain, I got a swift kick to the head and with that, hit the ground. I reeled on the floor in extreme pain. Another heavy kick to the side of the head knocked me out.

I came out of it in pretty much the same position I began in except I now felt my hands were tied behind my back and my legs were also bound together. Looking up I was met with the 4 beautiful faces of the WWE Divas. I attempted to sit up but I was quickly pushed back down by the foot of Maria. A fearful expression ran across my face. I mean, this was a fantasy no doubt but what were they going to do to me?

“Don’t worry, we’re not gonna hurt you,” Torrie said.

“Well, that’s a relief.”

“But, you do need to be punished for looking at us as we showered.” Candice interjected.

I tried my best not to look pleased, “Oh, that’s a shame,” I said in my best, disappointed voice.

The girls laughed to each other. “It’s actually quite funny to see you think we are kidding.”

“Aren’t you?” I asked, more serious.

“I’ll let you decide.” And with that Torrie grabbed me by the throat and dragged me over to the wall. She wore tight, short-shorts and only accentuates her wonderful curves.

“You girls like it rough, huh?”

“Boy, you don’t know the half of it,” she said, laughing. And then it was like heaven as I saw her wonderful ass coming to greet my face with her signature move, the Stink Face. I was in heaven as she grinded her beautiful ass into my face and then…PRRRRRPPPPPPPP! A fart! Torrie just farted on me, while her ass was in my face. Was it a mistake?

“How’s that one smell?” She asked, laughing. It smelled awful to be honest but I didn’t want to insult this beautiful Diva. I decided saying nothing was better. “Not talking eh? Well how about another then?”

Torrie leaned forward and blew another blast into my face, BBBBBBBRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP! This was even worse than the first. Why were they doing this? Was this their torture plan? Gas me into a haze? If that was it…it was working. I decided to breathe through my mouth.

“Ho ho! Trying to avoid the stink? I don’t think so!” Trish handed Torrie a roll of duct tape and she quickly broke off a piece and put it over my mouth. “Now then…where was I? Oh yeah.” BRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTT! This was beginning to become too much. The smell was horrid and I couldn’t stand it as Torrie just keep farting and grinding and grinding and farting until I was just complete exhausted and without much oxygen. One more giant blast, PPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSBBBBBBBB! I coughed and gagged at the wretched stench emanating from Torrie’s perfect ass. A few seconds later, I was released from the wall. I slide sideways against the wall and laid there on the carpeted floor.

“I think I’ll take my turn now, if no one minds.” Trish said, standing near me.

No one minded.

Trish lifted me to a kneel by my hair and shoved me flat on the ground. She stood over my face and removed her sexy, tight black pants and sat down on my face with nothing more than her pink panties. She sat backwards so she was able to look at me all the while.

“You know what I love better than sitting on a perverted fan’s face?” My eyes went wide and she smiled. We both knew the answer already. “This!” Trish farted a huge blast out of her small ass. BRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPP! “Ahhhhh! Doesn’t get much better than that! What do you think?” She asked, looking at me. The smell was awful and I quickly tried to squirm out of my ropes and away from the ass but it was no use. Even if I could get away, the other girls would just grab me again. Before I could recover from the last blast, she blew another one and one more right after. “Oh man, so gassy today! Looks like you picked the right day to sneak in here,” she said as she farted again. Each blow was more torturous than the last. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! One gigantic blow whooshed out of Trish’s beautiful ass and a few seconds of its horridness entering my nostrils was too much and I passed out.

I woke up this time, oddly, in a standing position. Just as my eyes focused I caught sight of Candice Michelle, running toward me at full speed. I yelled but I was too late to react. She somersaulted forward and wrapped her legs around my shoulders. Then, she forced her weight down, sending my flying forward in a somersault with her going backwards under me. I hit the ground with a hard smack and immediately following that was Candice’s ass in my face with her arms around my legs. I imagine I looked something like a fold up chair only with Candice’s latex panted ass in my face. “Let’s see your ass squirm now!” She said to me, tauntingly. And then, with a slight grunt she farted a sizeable blow into my face. This position was already quite painful, coupled with horrid farts made it 200 times worse and Candice’s were simply awful. I was quickly in a haze but this didn’t deter her. She farted, and farted, and farted, again and again until my eyes began to water and nose could smell nothing else but horrid gas. BRRRRRPPPPP! Another blow! I was going down quickly! PPPPPPPRRRRRRRRR! Once more and I thought I would be out like a light but right as the darkness came Candice released me. Only one girl left, Maria.

Maria walked up to me and pulled off the duct tape with a loud rip.

“I want you to eat my farts.”

“Maria…please…don’t…I can’t…take anymore of this,” I said, pleadingly as I panted.

“You know, I kind of feel sorry for you. You’ve been through a lot…”

I smiled, believing she understood and was on my side.

“I’ll feel sorrier for you after this!” She pointed to her ass and patted it with her hands and then, released herself and allowed herself to land ass first on my face with a nice fart emerging just as she landed. PRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP! “Ha ha! You couldn’t get WWE storywriters to be that perfect with an attack….and that…little man was only the beginning.” The smell from the first blow was awful but without any warning Maria blew again with a BRRRRRPPPPPP!

“Oh, god, please stop!” I said.

“Come on boy! We are just getting started!” And she farted again, this time in my open mouth and I could almost taste the horrid gas it was so thick. PPPPRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT! Without remorse, without inhibition she farted again and again repeatedly and horribly! It was more than I could stand, it was worse than the other three girls combined and the sheer volume was horrifying. Just as I began to pass out I heard Maria say something.

“Hey, one of you call Shane. Tell him our contest winner is ready.” And she farted once more and I was out.

I woke up for the third time in a stand position again. A hand was grasping my collar but it felt strong, stronger than any of the women. I turned to see the hand’s owner only to see my favorite Raw “superstar,” Shane McMahon.

“Hey, how ya doing?” He asked me.

“Alright I guess…I just had a wacky dream?”

“You mean like farting Raw Divas torturing you?”

“Yeah! That’s it…uh…exactly. Is it true?”

“Nah, I just hear it a lot…weird dream I gotta tell ya.”

“No doubt, so what happened to me.”

“You walked into a door as it opened; you were out cold for 3 hours.”

“Shit really?”

“Yeah, really!”

“So where are you taking me?”

“You need to meet with someone.”

“Oh? Who might that be?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Cool but, wait…why are you holding me by the collar?”

Before he answered I was greeted with a door that said McMahon on it. I smiled and nodded to Shane and he smiled in reply. Then we walked into the room together.

“Hey, I got the contest winner here, so I’m just gonna take off now…alright…”

Shane exited the room and then I oddly heard the door locking from the outside. I reached for the handle and tried to push it but the door was locked.

“Uh… Mr. McMahon?”

No reply came from the chair which was turned away from me.

“Hello? Vince…sir?”

Still nothing. I walked over toward the chair and turned it towards me to see a big grinning Stephanie McMahon sitting there. The sight scared me a little but I recovered.

“Oh sorry, I assumed your dad was in here.”

“Nope…just me…and now you,” She said, oddly, smiling some more. “I heard about your fall, here come over to the couch and lie down.”

I accepted the offer.

“So you don’t remember anything that happened?”

“Not really, no…just this strange dream.”

“Oh? Of what?”

“Nothing, it’s dumb.”

“No come on tell me.”

“Nah, I don’t even remember most of it any ways.”

“Hmm…really? Does this jog you memory?” Stephanie stuck her ass out and pushed just a little to produce a rude sounding fart!

My jaw dropped, the look of fear returning to my face. Stephanie smirked her in-ring smirk expect this time it was for real.

“That’s right! Your ‘dream,’ it was all real and so is this!” She grunted and pushed out another fart. I reeled up the couch but one I hit the wall there was no where to go. I jumped off the couch and ran to the door and banged on it for help but it would never come. When I turned around to face my predator, she was completely naked from the waist down.

“No, please…please don’t!”

“I’m afraid I have no choice. You chose to be a pervert and now you will pay!”

She walked closer toward me.

“No, please, I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again.”

“Oh don’t worry; I’ll be sure you never do it again.”

She grabbed me and dragged me, fighting, back to the couch. She held me on the couch as she rose up to place her beautiful and perfect ass onto my face.

And then, all hell broke loose as Stephanie rained fart and fart on my unwilling face. No fart I had taken that day was as horrible as this! BRRRPPPPPP! BLLLLAAAPPPPPP! More and more farts rained down! PRRRRRRPPPP! BLOOOOOOOFFFF! Continuously they came. And then…the sadistic princess of the WWE pushed my stomach with all her might, forcing me to exhale, and then blew a loud and horrid fart right as I began to inhale! Mouth, nose, it didn’t matter…it was nothing but awful. I could not wait to pass out and 5 minutes and nearly 20 gas passes later, I did.

And that was the end of it. I woke up the next morning in the arena parking lot, smelling like the torture that was dealt to me all night and I knew it would never wash away. I was closer to the Divas’ asses than any guy could ever dream of but very few would find the experience I had enjoyable. The only thing I did get out of it was my autographs, especially the one of Shane McMahon that I found pinned to my chest that morning.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.