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Aunty Teacher
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 15th, 2012

When Nicky was growing up he lived with his aunt, Barbra, and her daughter, Cecilia, in a small condo near the city. Barbra worked as a teacher but she was laid off when the budgets were cut and her classes were testing the poorest of her department. She wasn't a bad teacher, not in the least, but she prefered not to teach to the standardized tests and instead tried to educate them by inspiring passion, relatibility, and creativity among her students and they all seemed to love her.

One day, while Nicky did his homework and Cecilia sat watching cartoons with her hand deep in a box of Chesse Its, Barbra came in the living room in a sheer pink nightgown even though it was two in the afternoon; it's all she wore, he could faintly make out her privates from behind the material. Barbra wore no panties.

"Are you ready for your vocabulary lesson?" She asked little Nicky, standing in front of him now, blocking his view.

"Oh, no Aunty; I think I'm alright."

"Nonesense, you want to be a smart kid don't ya?" She asked rhetorically as she laid a strong hand on his sholder and pushed him down until his head rested on the seat of the couch.

Barbra, pulling up her slip, puffed out her perfect ass to the small boy and quickly sat down on the boy's head, stuffing his face up her ass crack that already smelled thick with sewage and burned the boy's nose.

The boy's mouth was free, "Oh, aunty; it smells so bad, please, not today!"

"Now, now, just relax and catch your breath in there."

"But it's so bad I don't think..."

"Enough complaining before I stuff your whole head in there and make you do it like that!" She paused a minute as Nicky caught his labored breath deep within her putrid cheeks. "Okay, now tell me, what is the meaining of 'vain.'"

"Uh, to be caught up on appearances?"


Barbra pushed a rude fart bubbling against her newphew's face that burned as it came out and surely fried his little nose; he started to scream but with a smile she put her hands over his mouth to ensure he got a full smell of his mistake.

"Do you want to try again?"

"No! No please!"

"Come on, you know this; what does 'vain' mean?"

"Pointless!" He yells.

"Mmmm, that's right! See, I knew you'd get it. Now, tell me what..." her voice trailled off as a hot SBD blew accross the boy's face and he was dizzy with fart gas.

This continued for another hour until Nicky passed out.

In his room, hours later, her heard his cousin and aunt coming up stairs; they stood in his doorway.

"Nicky, I think you know why we are here."

"No, aunty; what's wrong?"

"I found this in your bookbag," she said as she held up a worn issue of Playboy.

"Oh...uh, that's not mine."

"Don't lie to me! Get on the floor, you know what's coming."

His cousin smiled as she grabbed a handful of M&M's and shoved them down her throat.

He stood frozen not fully willing to accept his punishment as his cousin came up and pulled him down to the floor; she pulled down her skirt and her pink panties came rushing down over my face.


"Ooooh, that one felt wet," his cousin said as the drippy excess rubbed against his face.

"Oh dear, did you stain another pair of panties?" Her mother asked.

"I think so," she said, lifting up to show her before coming back down on the boy's face and rubbing it like human toilet paper.

"Well, take 'em off, he's got to be used to it now and what's a little ass cleaing between cousins? Maybe he'll learn to obey his aunty.

She flipped off her panties and came with her shitty ass down; the putrid smell was pure shit in his nose as he had trouble breathing through the liquidy cakked shit that bubbled under his breath. He screamed and moaned as his cousin laughed.

"No more!" He screamed; his aunt laughed in the doorway, holding her nose.


A blast fired a splat of shit against his crying face.

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