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Burying the Bodies
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 24th, 2012

The toilet looked up at the night sky as he was dropped into a shallow hole that just barely surrounded him. The Goddess' face was shrouded in shadow but a light caught her eye to reveal to him the evil intent in her eyes as she squatted down, her booty just inches above the toilet's face as he got a whiff of the hot stink emanating from her butthole.

"Oh, I know it's bad hun; but this'll be much worse," she says, emphasizing and straining on the last word as she unloads a thick, heavy stream of sludge all over the toilet's face. He is quickly treading water in a few inches of liquid shit as another gassy blast fills more of the hole with the Goddess' waste.

"Mmmmm, that feels so good sweetie."

She pushed hard as a giant log began to crown before splashing heavily against the toilet's face. Like a removed cork, shit leaked freely from the Goddess' ass, quickly encasing the toilet in it. He splashed and sputtered but that slowed, and eventually stopped; the waves decreased and the shit water was finally still, a toilet buried underneath.

The Goddess spread her booty over her plot and unloaded her sludge throughout the small area. She dropped seeds in planned areas and in time her garden would grow; a garden she fertilized and did everything herself; except for a little help from a humble little toilet. The Goddess laughed as she farted near her departed toilet helper.

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