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Cassi's Bitch
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 10th, 2015

I tried to sneak by her, she seemed busy talking to friends. I'll just walk by nonchalant like and she'll never notice.

"Hey, bitch boy!" She calls out, I know immediately who she means though everyone around looks, wanting to see who the bitch boy is.

"Yes?" I whisper, hoping no one noticed my lips move in response to her insult, I slowly walk over, knowing she'd do worse if she walked over to me.

I avoid the gaze of her friends but I know they are smirking wildly at me, submissive to Cassi. It doesn't matter, Cassi is smirking just as widely as I approach her.

"Bitch, the seat in my car is worn out; you're going to be my seat today," she grabs me by the ear as we walk to the car; her friends following, apparently they're getting a ride with her. Just what I need.

Cassi opens the driver's side door and points to the seat. I take a regular seat, assuming she'll use my lap.

"Not like that, pervert!" She yells, pushing me to my knees on the floor until my head rested on her driver's seat. "There, perfect!"

She quickly climbs in, sitting her sweaty butt over my face and closing the door behind her. Two more doors close as her friend's get in the back. The car sputters to life and it feels like we're moving.

I feel Cassi shift above me, PRRRRrrrrrrruuuuuuupppppppp!

"Ahhhh, that's much better; I've been holding that in since the morning!" Cassi proclaims as her hot, eggy gas streams up my nostrils.

"Ewww, Cass; that's gross," one of her friend's proclaims.

"Don't worry, bitch boy is gonna smell it all; aren't you, bitch boy?"

"Fuck you!" I manage to choke out.

Cassi looks down from driving a moment, face full of rage as she grabs my lips and holds my mouth shut.


"I said, you're gonna smell it!" She demands, still holding my mouth shut as I desperately try to avoid smelling her disgusting gas. I moan as I'm forced to take in her toxic fart, breathing heavily, labored now; my nostrils burning.

"I guess he really did smell it all, I don't smell anything," the other friend declares.

"See, I told you," Cassi says, she pats my head, "Good, bitch." PRRrrrppp! She chuckles, watching my eyes roll back in my head from that muffled blast exploding in my nostrils.

Finally I heard the car go up the driveway to Cassi's house; finally it'd be over. The girls in the back got out, Cassi remaining on my face for a moment more before lifting up off her seat, my face smashed flat by her butt; an amusing sight to her.

"Let's go, bitch."

"Are you taking me home?" I ask.

"Inside my house, now, bitch!"

I scramble, startled by her demand; she walks behind me into the house, kicking me over the threshold so I fall on my face inside. She grabs my hair, dragging me along the floor to the bathroom; she puts my head on the seat.

"Oh, more farts."

"Aww, okay, no more farts; promise," she says, pulling down her pants. She stands over me, back to me; the wretched smell of past farts wafting to me from her odiferous butthole.

Then she sat, cheeks spread, over my face; she put a hand on my chin, pushing down to open my mouth. What the fuck was she doing?! I shouldn't have been so naive.

My eyes widened far, she looked back at me and smiled a wide grin as I felt her butthole pushing out a thick, juicy log into my mouth. BRRRRRRrrrruuuuppp!

Her blasting fart pushes the dump down my throat as another plugs at her backdoor. "Oop, guess I lied about the farting," she laughs, pushing on her stomach.

Another log pushes through and into my mouth as I moan and shake, trying desperately to get out from under her; gulping and gagging on her waste quickly filling my mouth. She chuckles at my struggle, easily pushing out more and more shit until I'm filled to the brim with her shit.

She stands just a bit, hovering her booty over my face; I revel in the bit of fresh air at last. PRRRRRRRRrrrrruuuuuuuuuuupp!

Cassi rips a big, nasty fart in my face, splattering me with the last of her waste clinging to her butt; then shaking it at me to add to my torment.

She finally stands up, looking down at me and she immediately cracks up at the sight; the sit splattered man. She's practically hysterical as she leaves laughing, turning out the light as she exits, leaving me, head in the toilet, a mouthful of her shit.

An hour later, I knock on her bedroom door; she opens it quickly. "What do you want?"

"Uh, could you take me home? Please?"

"I'm kinda with my friends here; you can figure out your own way home, bitch boy." She slams the door in my face, I hear her laughing with her friends; telling them about the massive shit she laid in my mouth.

I head out Cassi's front door, it's already starting to get dark. I slump my head, my breath reeking of shit; my nostrils burning from farts long gone but not at all forgotten. I start walking the ten miles back to my house.

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