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Christmas at Bernie's
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 24th, 2014

Bernie, Claudia, and Cindy are character creations of Billyzen; for best understanding of the characters, read A Sniffer is Born and Rebellion.

Bernie sits at his desk; in thought. The memories of what had happened were starting to fade but the feeling inside; the shiver down his spine seemed to stay. Hopefully, in time, the shivers would stop too.


A doorbell echoes through the house; Bernie stands and heads for the entrance.

He opens the door, his jaw practically falling the floor when he saw who it was.

"My dear Bernie! How are you?" Claudia shouted out, pushing into the house with Bernie.

Cindy was right behind her, "Hey Bernie! You still have a pervo crush on your cousin?" She asked, teasingly as she flicked Bernie's nose.

"It's been so long," Claudia says, "It seems we only see you when you're in trouble," she laughed.

The two urge Bernie to the couch, sitting on either side of him; very closely.

"You'll be glad to know Bernie, we've changed our diet once again; it's probably at least ten times as effective as the last time you saw us," Claudia says, smiling.

Bernie's eyes go wide with fear, hearing Claudia's words.

Cindy grabs Bernie's head, holding it tight; bring her face to his, a strong odor of eggs and sauerkraut on her breath. Bernie already recoiled from the stench.

"That's right, you're gonna be in Hell, Bernie! And that's not even the best surprise!"

Claudia puts a hand to her lips, silencing Cindy.

Cindy nods and gets up, standing on the couch; she puts her jean-covered butt near Bernie's face.


"Oh! Smell that fart, Bernie!"

Claudia fanned her nose as she smiled; proud of her daughter's gas blast into poor Bernie's face. What fun they were going to have.

Claudia grabs Bernie's shoulder, nudging him down until his head is on the seat of the couch. She smiled down to him from here.

Bernie pleads, "Please...don't..."

"Oh, my dear Bernie; is it really that bad under me?" She says, sliding her butt up and onto Bernie's face; putting down all her weight. "Cindy is truly the deadly one; my ass gives you a break."

Claudia closes her eyes in concentration, pushing hard; feeling Bernie's breath under her yoga pants.


"Ahhhhh, so good," she puts a hand on the side of Bernie's head and caresses it as he wheezes, struggling to breathe under his aunt's heavy ass and toxic gas.

"My turn, my turn, my turn!" Cindy screams, holding her stomach in pain; she one-handedly slips off her panties and jeans.

Claudia rises, giving Bernie just a second of oxygen before Cindy's nude butt sat on him his face, sidesaddle. Then Cindy put her hand on one of her cheeks, then spread it so her asshole lined up right over Bernie's nose.


She held it there for a second, letting Bernie savor it as paralysis took over his body and he could do nothing but stare at Cindy's perfect, creamy white ass as his nostrils inhaled the deadly gases that flowed easily from her butthole.

Then she grinds on his face, mashing the smell in deeply; humiliating her poor cousin.

Claudia, now naked on bottom as well, speaks, "Cindy, hold him down, I want to squat over his face for this next one."

Cindy smiles with delight as she hops from Bernie's face to his chest, pinning him down and knocking out all his air.

Quickly, Claudia positioned herself; her shapely, pristine, middle-aged ass, hovering inches above Bernie's face; her butthole pulsed wildly.

Bernie turns his head to avoid what's to come but Cindy grabs it, holding his head straight; forced to look at Claudia's ass, but worse...


The almost visible gas blew Bernie's hair back as his face quickly filled with the noxious, eggy smell of Claudia's fart. She laughed and quickly sat down, seating the stink in with Bernie's nose.

"Ooooh, smell that Bernie, that was such a good fart!"

Bernie's nose was assaulted by the horrid smell of Claudia's fresh blast, but also her less than spotless asshole, smelling tainted with farts long since blasted. Bernie's head starts to spin; his vision blurred.


The doorbell rings again; Cindy rises up off Bernie's face and gets the door.

Then she returns, "Bernie, your surprise is here."

Claudia rises up off Bernie; he gasps greedily for oxygen as his head comes up off the couch cushion for the first time in a while. His neck sore, his vision unclear; he can only make out a dark figure and another big red figure.

What is that?

Bernie's eyes slowly come to focus, though when he sees the surprise, he wished they hadn't.

Standing there, next to Cindy was a rather large but attractive woman dressed as Santa...or Ms. Claus...or something like that.

"Bernie, this is a friend of ours; which means, she's a friend of yours now," Cindy smiles wide as the Santa dressed woman approached Bernie. "We brought sit on your face!" Cindy laughs.

"You can't do this...please...they're torturing me," Bernie cries to the woman approaching him.

She smirks, puts a soft hand on Bernie's cheek, lovingly, "It's okay sweetie; I'm torturing you now." She smiles; pulling down her bright red pants.

She turns to put her butt near Bernie's face, lifting the skirt of her red jacket to show it. It looked big up close, like two handballs about to absorb Bernie's face. And a strong odor, emanated from inside the crack of her ass; like rotting cabbages and beans.

Bernie recoiled his head back, but that only made the woman taking a seat on his face all the easier. She sat down with all her weight, Bernie's head pressed into the cushion until he felt the wood of the couch frame on the back of his head. He moaned frantically, he was suffocating.


A loud fart rumbles to a slow growl as toxic air floods Bernie's choking face under the heavy woman.

Claudia and Cindy laugh watching but Bernie can barely hear it; his body flails wildly but doesn't budge an inch under the woman.

She leans to the side a bit, the movement is barely noticed where Bernie is.


The woman sighs loudly; contented. She wiggles her butt, grinding Bernie's face deeper into her ass.

Bernie takes a last big gasp, his body pained for oxygen; but in that gasp, only received more thick, putrid methane. He passes out.

Claudia notices his fight stopped under the woman, "Okay, I think he's done," she says joyfully.

The woman rises off the couch but Bernie's head is still stuck deep between her cheeks up to his neck.

Cindy and Claudia stifle a laugh; the go to approach to pull Bernie out.

"No wait," the woman says; she squats a little, pushing very hard.


An explosive, cannon-like fart blasts the unconscious Bernie from the woman's ass onto the couch, almost in a perfect sitting position.

The three laugh uproariously.

"Maybe one last one, for the road," Claudia declares.

The three form a dome of asses around Bernie's head.

Claudia reaches behind her back and repeatedly slaps Bernie across the face until his eyes, flutter open with a start.

"There you are, Bernie; we just wanted to say..."

The three girls bend down a bit, pushing their butts in Bernie's face; his eyes go wide in horror; his head darting back and forth to try to get away but there's an ass at every turn.





Bernie's nose is quickly assaulted by three distinct toxic farts that combine in a way that makes the odor unbearable.

Bernie tries to scoot up and off the couch but Claudia grabs his hands, holding him down and pressing her butt in his face as his eyes start to dart around; his head slumping...he passes out again.

The women all laugh at the poor boy; enjoying tormenting him too much.

Bernie's nightmare would never be over.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.