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Citywide Dumper
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 26th, 2012

In a rage she'd grow for one toilet had eluded her and that was unacceptable. He ran away to New York, the Goddess took a mighty step and crossed a state, then another, quickly her feet made the Giantess' blocks walk to the city of New York.

When toilets saw her, coming over the horizon they panicked; began to run in the opposite direction but Manhattan is an island and it would sleep under sludge tonight. Around Central Park the Goddess lied down. She let out a casual moan, like stretching and your enormous booty hole unleashes a river of thick dark sludge down Broadway and into Times Square as everyone is screaming, gulping, choking, and gagging on putrid waste from a large Goddess.

Her giggles sound evil and demonic at such size as an oblivious passerby is blown miles away by a wretched gassy blast, he splats against a high rise and falls to the ground. Another saunters by only to be crushed by a tree-trunk log, crushing him instantly, his hand twitching under rotten shit.

The Goddess stands and heads to the toilet's office building, she climbs it and sits on top. She looks up and with great concentration, she grabs hold of the building and sends a powerful spear of shit through the building. She unloaded continuously, endlessly; laughing cruelly as her shit seeped them bursted through the building windows sending toilets flying with the force of her sludge.

The building buckled and then collapsed as the Goddess stood and walked off the rubble with ease; she looked down at the lifeless, shit-stained faces and smiled with contentment.

A cop car with flashing lights pulls up to her leg, she laughs and before he could even leave the car it is sat on by the Goddess with her legs blocking the doors. She groaned in pained fashion and then unloaded a fart for several seconds, the earth-shattering sound bursting on the cops ears before his car exploded into a puff of strong gas.

The Goddess stood and headed for the Empire State building. She climbed to the top; she bent over all the way to touching her toes so her booty would be presented to the greater of New York as it sprayed out like a sprinkler system coating the city in a thick, layer of sludge.

The Goddess looks around contented, "Yeah, I probably got him." She laughed as she descended and headed towards home on streets lined with her dumps, toilets clutching weakly to life as the Goddess skips merrily by.

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