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Class Sucks
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 27th, 2016

Class was boring, the teacher droned on about nothing for what seemed like hours; just tell us what's on the quiz and move on, I couldn't help but thinking.

She talked about some math concept, something useless in the real world no doubt, despite this being a "practical" math class. Ridiculous.

I noticed a heavy shake, like an earthquake; I looked around, my classmates seemed to notice too.

Then another, bigger this time; closer.

The teacher led us to get under our desks, as we'd learned in earthquake drills before but everyone was panicked; many stayed in their seats, frozen, while the teacher ducked underneath.

Suddenly, a crack and hole in the wall on one side of the whiteboard behind the teacher. And something appeared, something large, flesh-like, with a crease down the middle.

An ass! It was an ass!

Some in the class smiled at the sight, thinking it some sort of joke or prank.

Another ass appeared, on the opposite side of the board; it made a sound like a vacuum, sucking very hard at the room. I could feel the suction from where I was but instead, I watched as my teacher was sucked out from under her desk with quite a fight and her body plugged, head first, into the ass. Half her body remained out until another big suck swallowed her completely.

The students didn't know what to think as we looked to the other ass. It moved up and down, like it was breathing.

And then....BRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrraaaaaaauuuuuuuuuupppp!

A huge, airy fart blasts like a whirlwind through the room. The students try to duck their noses under their shirts but it's no use as the powerful odor quickly overtakes the room.

The other ass, the one teacher was sucked inside, also farted: PRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrruuuuuuuppppp!

A long wet, dribbling fart that practically blew in my face like a storm, it blew my hair back as I knocked my desk over to try to get some refuge from the horrid stink as I listened and watched my classmates suffer and choke, sputter and cough to the putrid gas that was overtaking them; I could still smell it as I buried my nose hard against my arm, hoping to block out the vomit-inducing smell.

Softly, I could hear the teacher scream from inside the ass; horribly I couldn't imagine how she'd even survive the suction into the asshole, now she had to endure the toxic gas well before any of us, practically stewing in it as it prepared and made it's way out the anus.


Another fart erupts as the classmates start to fall forward, faint from the lack of oxygen; many crying and screaming; the classmates nearest the door try to leave but find the door locked or blocked, we're trapped!

I hear the suction again, perhaps the other ass trying to gather a victim; I feel my desk pull away from me but I hold it back, desperately, as I watch another kid, a friend, lifted from his desk, screaming until he was stifled inside the mucus membranes of the butthole.


A loud, powerful fart blows suddenly and I watch the same kid thrown like a rag doll back against the wall, he seemed unconscious, or dead; his head covered thickly in what looked like cake frosting but smelled like pure human waste.

Then, suddenly. Quiet. Nothingness except the sound of debris falling occasionally.

I peer up barely over my desk but a shadow sets in over me, I look up just to watch the ass descend on my face; I scream as I hear the gurgling, the full weight crushing my head against the floor.


I wake up with a fright, my head lifting up off my desk; I'm in class, all is normal. Teacher is still boring as hell but I guess didn't notice or care that I slept, so that's kinda cool. I guess.

What was with that dream though?

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