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Complacent Captive
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 16, 2011

"Good morning!" She shouted cheerfully.

I am still amazed how much energy she has in the morning.

"How'd you sleep baby?" She asked, pushing the hair from my eyes.

I mumble.

That's good," she replies, half caring, as she turns her butt to my face.

Moaning, she says, "Morning wind."


"Ahhhh!" she exclaimed, laughing. She looks back at me and rubs my head like a dog, "Did you like that my little fart boy?"

I nod to please her; truly her farts are putrid, mostly from her vegan diet.

She mounts me, "Looks like fart boys got some morning wood."


Another hot blast in my face; I feel my boner go softer. She laughs, "Stinky, huh?"

I feel her lips around my half erect member; it springs back to life as her perfect butt sits in my face. I concentrate on it's beauty and block out it's wretched stench.


She makes it hard.

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