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Date Night
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 28th, 2012

Monika looks around the bar, hiding slightly behind her drink which she barely paid attention to as she drank.

She spotted a pathetic man, sitting at the bar, alone. She stood from her chair, preparing to work him.

Together, they exited the bar just a little tipsy; they passed a small motel and she talked him into getting a room though it didn't take much with the obvious prospect of sex looming.

She walked in, and quickly started removing her clothes; she kneeled on the bed,stark naked, sitting on her feet when she signaled her prey to approach her.

He did so very eagerly, disgustingly.

"Hey sweetie," she said in sultry tones, "why don't you lie down?" She smiled a smile that she hoped wouldn't give herself away but the man did as he ws asked as lied down after unbuttoning his shirt and removing his pants; he adjusted himself slightly near Monika.

She cooed, "Mmmm, you're excited, huh sweetie?"

He nodded stupidly.

She chuckled, "That's good hun."

Monika wasted no time in lifting her leg over the man's face and shuffling over until her ass hovers over his face.

"Why don't you eat me out first?" She asks, sitting on his face; in essense, answering for him.

The man was hesitantly compliant with the demand as he eagerly attempted to orally please the woman.

"What do you think you're doing?!" She grabbed his toungue and jammed it deep inside her pussy. "That's what you need to hit, got it?!"

The toilet seemed shaken, unable to move; Monika would fix that.

Her anus pulsed against the man's face which surprised him but then the massive, brassy fart bellowed outward and he was in a gagging hell as the potent fumes entered his nasal passages.

"No one said stop!" Monika reminded the man, as her fumes aromated into his nose, burning his hairs. "Eat me out and I'll let you go; until then..."

She groaned just a little before firing about giagnatic fart through the man's face, he coughed and sputtered from the awful smell of it.

The man, paniked, quickly and dutifully licks her pussy to her liking; she moans and pants, rubbing herself slightly.

She screams a little as she creams, the vagninal liquid dripping casually into the man's mouth. Monika grabs the man's hair and shakes him aggressively to heighten her orgam, before finally collapsing into herself in releif.

She farts once more, as she relaxes her colon; the man now beats on her ass to allow him up, assured he'd completed his part of the arrangement.

She sighs, contented, remaining on his face. "Ahh, very good; now I bet you're hungry."

The guy's eyes went bug-eyed as he watched her scoot forward just a bit to place her butthole in direct axis with his mouth

"Open wide!" She commanded, sitting harder on the toilet's face as her petiet log began to crown then mash against his face as he refused to open his mouth.

She punches his stomach once hard and then pushes the remainder of the log out and down his throat as he exhales and is forced to inhale a turd.

"Oh, I've got more," she says, groaning a little and squeezing a three inch wide monster that plowed through the toilet's face, it's log carbonated by gas pockets inside that burst and bubble inside the toilet's mouth, bring him to whimpering tears.

"Awww, too much toilet? That's too bad," she said as she causually let a wash of hot slushy diaghreea flow through the small openeings around the logs that filled the man's aching mouth.

She farted again the make terrible, potent bubbles in the shit that lay on the toilet's ruined face.

"Thanks for the sex; I know you had as much fun as me so I'll just take your number and we'll do this again, kay?"

She called herself on his phone and laughed as he moaned before she sauntered proudly from the hotel room.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.