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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 15th, 2012

I look over at you when I hear a dinosaur-sized rumble from your side of the booth. I see your plate is already clean while I'm still only about halfway finished with my meal.

You wink at me as you scoot yourself from the seat, into the section aisle. You scan the room; I watch you eyes light up as you watch a man eating soup; you rush to him and ascend his table, your boots clicking on the hard wood.

You squat over the man's bowl and look up, in euphoria, as the massive log works it's way out your booty before splashing prominently in the man's soup, displacing all the liquid with crap; the remainder soaked up into the massive shit.

"Well," you look over your shoulder to the man, "Aren't you going to eat it?"

The man, frightfully, shook his head.

"What?! You're gonna deny a gift from your Goddess?!"

The man opened his mouth to speak but it only wrapped itself around the log in his bowl as the Goddess slams his head against it, breaking the ceramic bowl.

A massive fart slips out over the man's face, burying him in a hell of smell that surrounded and penetrated his head; effecting his brain.

Then, he felt the pressure of a log pushing against his cheek; lightly at first, then with force like a train eagerly pressing against his skin, mashing in his face before finally snaking it's way up through his mouth. It took only seconds for it to be filled with thick, putrid, drippy logs.

You see another toilet a few tables down; you walk over them to him until you booty sits just in front of his face. You part your butt and move back to jam the man's head inside your ass; his mouth hovering just near your eagerly pulsing asshole.

Another push and it leaves with a tremendous, five inch log that spears down the toilet's throat as he sputters in pain. His hands flail pathetically and you laugh as your train of logs continues to fill his station. You rise up a second, giving the man hope, but you blow his hair back with a windstorm shart as you slowly dig a heel into his balls, bringing him to screaming before you hop, cutely to the floor.

You look at one of the last remaining toilet's standing; he's frozen with fear as you walk slowly to him.

"Can you lie down sweetie?" You ask amicably to try to ease his fright.

The man, as if in a trance, did so; his head held straight but dropped off the bench seat.

"Thanks hun," you say, pulling down your jeans and squatting over his head. Like a flood gate your pour the remainder out of your booty onto his face; his mouth frantically gurgling the raw sewage that leaves your butt, some of it nearly black and thick with putrid, rank smell. The toilet's face smoked, the shit was so hot coming out; his face burned a little, his eyes almost completely ruined.

You smile, you reach over and tickle the demolished toilet's member a bit; he doesn't move an inch other than an occasional, involuntarily twitch.

I see you look back to me, I'm the only thing there not covered in sludge.

"Ready my pet?" You ask me, parting you booty near my face.

"Wuh...what? Why?"

"This is all your fault, after all; bringing me here," you say with sincere, cold eyes.

"..yuh...yes, Goddess."

"So stick your face in my booty and we'll get out of here."

Hesitantly, I bring my face closer to your ass; I see it still smoking like a hot gun and your ass still was dirty from unloading.

An inch away and you shart yourself and push my head inside to endure your smell at least until the car but likely you'll sit on me for the ride home too.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.