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Dollhouse of Horror
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 13th, 2012

Ricky sobs softly in the corner, afraid to move. Suddenly, the roof ripped off the small dollhouse and Ricky ran to try to use anything he could to climb out from this prison. The Goddess' face appears, towering over the frightened boy.

"Hello toilet, I hope you're enjoying your new home; I made it special for you."

"Please, let me out of here!"

"That's the thanks I get for building you this house! How dare you Ricky! I built this to help you and now you're going to pay me back for my generosity."

"Don't! Please," Ricky pleaded frantically.

The Goddess already had her attention elsewhere as she pulls down her dark jeans and exposes her mighty booty to the boy. The smell of rancid eggs as her pants come down is terrible and it quickly fills the entire dollhouse; likely the entire room. The Goddess laughs, looking at the boy cover his nose; he had no idea what he was in for.


The Goddess' hole opens and blasts with a hot, airy fart before unloading a massive, truckload of sludge all over the dollhouse bedroom. Ricky gagged and choked on the smelly liquid that quickly seeped it's way into the carpet and dripped disgustingly down the walls with small chunks of shit interspersed in the brown spray.

"Oh toilet! I haven't unloaded in so long...this may be a while," she declares as she lowers herself over the doll home.

Ricky darts to the hallway and down the stairs as a river of warm diarrhea rushes past him. As the shitty liquid beats him down the stairs, he trips and lands in the pool of sludge waiting for him at the bottom.

The Goddess grunts loudly before unleashing another thick spray of crap that barrels down over the young boy; he tried to swat it away but the massive quantity made it impossible as it quickly overcame him. His hands dig frantically at the huge pile of poop that is burying him in it's noxiousness; filling every orifice and burning, tainting every sense. The Goddess laughs again as she watches the pathetic toilet boy struggling to free himself from her never ending logs; they continued to pour out of her and built on top of Ricky until the house was filled to the roof with shit.

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