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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 1st, 2016

At the end of the day, after Math class, my teacher stopped me.

"Yes, Ms. Gupta?"

"I need you to stop by Room 108 for me, okay?"

"Okay, do I need to take anything over there?"

"No, just yourself; thanks."

She returns to her work of grading papers as I exit, my backpack slung over one shoulder like the cool kids.

I got to the door, Room 108; I could hear voices inside.

I knock.

"Come in," I hear a familar voice but didn't recognize it at first.

I open the door and see Ms. Kaplan, my Biology teacher, and Ms. Mitchell, my Cooking elective teacher; it was weird they were both here...but I guess this is the teacher's lounge or something. Why'd Ms. Gupta send me here?

"Hi Sam," Ms. Kaplan says; Ms. Mitchell gives a friendly wave.

"Hi, Ms. Gupta sent me here..."

"She did?!" Ms. Kaplan replies with a fake amount of surprise, she looks at Ms. Mitchell who nods.

"Uh, yeah..."

"Perhaps she just wanted you to visit it with us."

I smile, a bit uneasy, " you don't know what it was about?"

Ms. Kaplan stands, "Oh, I know exactly what it's about."


"It's about time..."

"Time?" I ask, confused.

Behind me, Ms. Mitchell towers over as she puts a belt like band around my body and then pulls it tight so my arms are tied down at their sides.

"What is this? What's going on?!" I cry out.

"Shhh, shhh, it's okay Sam; everything is going to be fine."

Ms. Mitchell gently pushes me down to a kneeling position.

"What's happening?" I ask, frantic.

Ms. Kaplan gets closer to me know, a nurturing smile on her face as she gently tussles my hair. Then she grabs a fist full of it and pulls; she turns her backside towards me, her butt in tight khakis at level with my face. She forces my face against the crack of her ass.

"Now, Sam; you're going to need to relax. We have a little experiment going on, Karen and I, about who can make the nastiest farts and you're going to be the judge."

I flipped out in a panic as she held my face against her butt while saying this but she was stronger than me and held me there with ease.

"Now, now, Sam; so I've been working on chemical combinations to make potent farts while Karen's being working more on culinary combinations. We want to know which is stronger. So, you ready?"


"That sounds ready to me, Karen," Ms. Kaplan laughs; so does Ms. Mitchell.

Ms. Kaplan puffs out her butt as much as possible before...BRRRRRRRrrrrrrrruuuuuuupppppppp!

A long, ripping fart burns through my face as Ms. Kaplan holds me there with such fervor and cruelty. I could smell the rancid smells of like...a seafood dumpster mixed with boiled cabbages; the odor practically singed the hairs off my face.

"Oh, oh, I got another, got another!"

Ms. Kaplan pushes a bit and PRRRRRRrrrpp!

"Ahhhh, there we go; sniff that up, you little bitch!"

My eyes dart around, my senses nauseated. Did she just call me a little bitch? How could that be okay....could I tell someone? Who? Would they believe me?

Finally, I feel Ms. Kaplan's grip release as she pushes me back a bit; I lose my balance and topple over on to the floor where I writhe and wither like a bug hit by bug spray.

As I roll around on the ground, I suddenly notice Ms. Mitchell's massive body hovering over me. Then she pulls down her too tight yoga pants over her no-so-yoga body.

She squats until her ass crack is inches from my face, assaulting me with smells of her last few dumps and sweat with a hint of stale piss. I could feel the heat coming off it but it was about to get a lot hotter.


She sighs loudly and plops her ass down over my face, buying me deep in her butt crack.

"Mmmm, is my combination more potent, Sam?" Ms. Mitchell asks as I struggle for life and air underneath her massive body.

I heavy and struggle for breath as her butt not only crushes my face but my chest too, making it hard to inhale anything...somewhat a blessing in this case. That is, until I suffocate.

"Well he can't answer with your fat ass on his face."

"Oh, right," Ms. Mitchell feigns ignorance.

Finally, with some struggle, she gets up and both look down at me as I heavy and choke, sputtering for breath and hyperventilating.

"So, which is worse?" Ms. Kaplan asks.

"I don't know..."

"You don't know?! Do you need another sample? Because I'm sure we'd both be happy to..."

"No, no no no"

Suddenly, the door opens.

Oh, thank god...that could have gone bad...

"Already started the fun?" It was Ms. Gupta's voice.

"Figured we'd get one round in before you got here," Ms. Mitchell replies.

"Good, so he's nice and softened up for me then?" Ms. Gupta asks, standing over you now and smiling; she winks down to you briefly.

"Yeah, give him a go...he's a bit...unremarkable."

"Give him time, he'll do better; especially if we keep training him like this."

"What is going on here?!" I finally blurt out, recovering from the last attack.

Ms. Gupta looks to me and smiles, "It's quite simple really; we've chosen you to be our fart slave."

"I don't understand..."

"No, you wouldn't because you're a stupid, pathetic fart slave. So we're training you for your future." Ms. Kaplan interjects.

"Like school does?"

"Nothing like school in any traditional sense." Ms. Gupta replies, "This is a different kind of school for a different kind of person. Namely, a submissive."

"I'm a submissive?"

"That's right, Sam, you are, you special little boy!" Ms. Kaplan condescends.

"It's true, Sam, you are; there's nothing you can do about that but accept it and embrace it. We're gonna help you with that."

Ms. Gupta takes off her jeans and panties; she squats down, strokes my hair softly, sweetly.

Then she jams her ass over my face roughly; BRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrraaaauuuuuuppppp!

She sighs euphorically, "God I've been holding that in all day and I'm so glad I got to blast it in your face, Sam."

Below, I thrashed and bucked under the putrid stink of her gas which was worse than Ms. Kaplan and Ms. Mitchell.

"See girls, sometimes just good old Indian food is all you need to get them kicking," she laughs.


"Oops, that was a little wet, Sam, can you lick me clean?"

Assaulted by the gas and afraid, I didn't know what to do...

"Did you hear me Sam? Lick my asshole, I think there's some shit that might have leaked out; you're gonna lick it clean, okay?"

I whimper and cry.

"Don't cry, you pathetic shit! Just stick your tongue out and lick my asshole, now!" Ms. Gupta shouts.

I run my tongue just once over her asshole which is wet with shit juice; I immediately gag and choke.

"I'm not getting up until you lick my butt hole clean," Ms. Gupta insists, "I don't want to hear your struggle; I just want to feel my ass clean by your tongue, now do it!"

I lick again and immediately whimper...but push through it and lick again, and again; keeping a steady rhythm as I lick through her putrid crack valley until...


This fart splatters my face with big specs of Ms. Gupta's shit.

"Are you done cleaning yet, shit face?" Ms. Gupta laughs with the other teachers.

Sputtering, I ask weakly, "Why me?"

"Why not you, loser?" Ms. Kaplan barks at me.

About that time, I black out.


I woke again on a bench outside the school; my backpack already on my back, draped over both arms. It's sunset, the school behind me is completely dark inside.

Did that really happen?

I sniff my shirt and immediately recoil from the rancid aroma which flooded my mind with memories of the past few hours...the horrific things they did or might have done...I...

I run home as fast as I can, sprinting the whole way as the red skies start to fall to dark purples and blues.

I reach home and open the door.

I call out, "Mom?"

"Hello, Sam," It's Ms. Gupta's voice.

I turn around, shuddering with fear to see her face to face again...but now in my house!

"We didn't quite finish what we started."

Ms. Gupta spins around, showing her nude butt to me as Ms. Kaplan and Ms. Mitchell walk through my front door.

"Did we miss it?" They smile and laugh, looking at me, point black at Ms. Gupta's ass.

"Please, no!" I scream, begging


Her fart explodes like a firecracker that...

Suddenly, I shocked awake as my head springs up from my desk...

Ms. Gupta's class...weird. Did I....was that all a...a dream? And why was it so fucked up?!

"And that's it for class today, remember to do the homework and the reading; we'll have a pop quiz on it tomorrow!" Ms. Gupta says, shouting to catch the few students that bolted as quickly as they could.

I gather my things and head out as well but not before...

"Hey, Sam; can you hold on a second?"

I go over to Ms. Gupta's desk.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Can you go down to Room 108 for me?" Ms. Gupta smiles.

Oh shit...

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