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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: Feburary 28th, 2014

Just before the evening started to set in, I was in the covered stables, cleaning behind Jenny, a horse. I took a large scoop of horse poop in my shovel and tossed it on my pile outside the stable. I heard my sister, Trisha, returning with the soft swishing of hay. I didn't notice Jenny's tail raised up until it was too late and, even worse, I looked to her butt just as she farted something awful. I choked up a bit, just being so close like that.

To make it even worse, my sister saw the whole thing and she laughed as I desperately tried to blow the scent out of my nostrils. As I recovered, I looked at Trisha; her eyes glowed for a second. It was the same look she had when she had an evil idea; one which was usually painful for me. I mean, she even twisted my arm, literally, to make me clean the stable; it was her turn but she muscled her way out of it.

So in that moment, I was scared. But then, she dumped her load of hay and went back outside to get another pile. It seemed like I was off the hook for whatever twisted idea she had.

But then, really late, after I had already pulled on the sheets and blanket to go to bed; my door opened and Trisha came into my room.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Nothing. Just, can't sleep."

"Well I was...," I say; it' kind of rude, but I'm tired.

She hits the light switch, a bright glow illuminates the room and bothers my eyes for a moment; as they adjust.

"What the hell?" I ask.

"I thought we could play a game."

"What kind of game?" I was interested; this wasn't typical behavior for her.

"I think you'll like it; you won't even have to get up."

I just look at her, confused; but the thought of playing a game and being warm in bed was a pleasant thought. But how was it gonna work?

Trisha got closer and eventually got up on my bed.

"So what are we gonna play?" I ask, a little impatient.

She just smiles and then appears rushed as she swings her leg over my body; she turns around and puts her butt near my face. And before I can react...


I immediately try to force myself to exhale and shake my head to avoid the stink, "Why would you do that?!" I exclaim.

"Oh, come on; after that horse's fart, my fart must smell like roses," she laughed.

I started to realize that this was the fucked up game she thought of in that moment; worse than all the others so far. And the smell of her fart was horrendous; like eggs and broccoli, it was awful.

She started to back up further, looking like she'd sit on my face.

"No, no, no no..." I repeatedly pleaded as I watched, with wide eyes, her butt encapsulate my face.


She sighed very audibly as I was locked in a dark, putrid cavern of her underweared crack, blowing farts from her ass. I gagged and choked on her rancid butt smell as her gas assaulted my nostrils with a fresh, dank, shitty aroma.

And then she'd grind her ass just a little; to mash in the smell or to further the humiliation.

Then quickly she got up and off my bed; I was pissed and I was ready to tell her and then tell mom and dad. But then, she quickly turned and looked down at me with such piercing eyes and I melted like butter; I immediately cowered back from her, she'd made me genuinely afraid of her.

"If you tell mom or dad about this; I'll tie your face to Jenny's ass until she farts in your face AND shits down your throat."

I shook my head in the panic, "Please don't do that!"

"Then keep your mouth shut...and your," she said, discovering the words and laughing as she put it together. "So in other words, you do what I say. You're my bitch."

I, involuntarily, nodded; it was a gut reaction. And it made her smile wide, an evil smile, "That's a good brother," she said, condescendingly.

And with that, she left my room; turning off the light to leave me contemplating and fearful in darkness.

Part of me hopped, prayed, this was just a game that would be forgotten in the morning. Just I joke, I hoped; another strong scent of fart caught my nose, either already inside or wafting up from my undershirt. I gagged and quickly took it off; trying to forget the whole horrible experience and go to bed.

In the morning, I came down for breakfast; Trisha was already there, making it for the both of us.

"Hey; mom and dad went to town early this morning so I think you'll be doing my chores today, as well as yours."

"That's not fair," I whined.

Trisha just smiled and stood near me, bending over to stretch her shapely ass over her tight, worn-out jeans.


"I think you'll be doing what I say, don't you?"

"Yes Yes!!" I moaned and cried, trying to avoid her fart stink as she grabbed the back of my head and pressed it up to the seat of her jeans.

She let go of my head, I practically felt like I was gonna pass out from the rancid odor of her ass; I coughed as I tried to catch my breath.

Then I watched her dish out breakfast; with soft scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. It looked so good and I was super hungry. And she took the immaculate plate and placed it behind her; just near her ass.


My heart sank; and she looked over to me and smiled, mid-fart, just to show me how evil she was. She carelessly tossed the plate in front of me, "Eat up," she said.

I could already smell the dank fart off the food on the plate; it practically glowed green from where she had dropped her long stream of gas.

I pushed the plate away, disgusted.

"I said, 'Eat it.'" She demanded; her eyes went wide with anger. Mine went wide with fear as i didn't break eye contact and slid my plate back towards me; dipped a fork in and lifted it to my face. I gagged as I caught whiff of the fart on the eggs; I felt like I was gonna barf and she just smiled wide, continuing to urge me, with just her eyes, to eat the farty eggs.

I put the piece of scrambled egg in my mouth and immediately spat it out; it was awful, like pure sulfur in my mouth. I started to cry, I didn't want her to hurt me anymore because I wasn't able to obey, "I can't eat this..." I sobbed.

"Awww, that's really hurtful that you don't like my cooking."

"No, no, it's not that," I plead.

"It's fine, little brother; you'll just have to wait till mom and dad gets home to eat anything then."

My stomach growled.

"Well, clean up your plate and meet me outside; you're cleaning the outhouse today," she said with a bitchy smile.

I stared at her, my eyes fearful, like a deer in headlights. What horror was today going to bring...

Outside, Trisha stood near the outhouse. I approached cautiously, quietly. I watched her bend forward a little and blow a long, flapping fart from her ass. I couldn't smell it thank god but it sounded like a monster. The sigh on her face was malicious, she was in heaven.

Finally, I approached.

"Good, took you long enough," she snapped.

"Sorry," I said, almost under my breath; more out of fear than insolence. I barely met her eyes when she talked to me.

"So you have to be lowered into the actual basin and I'll send the vacuum tube in after you."

"Okay. there any like, overalls or anything?"

"No, just what you're wearing is fine."

"But what about the rubber overalls?" I said, pointing.

"That's just for river fishing, the outhouse would ruin them; now stop being a baby and do this."

She lifted me with relative ease and dropped me with a splat, down the outhouse hole; I smacked up against at least five inches of soft, watery waste. Immediately, I felt like vomiting; the concentrated, mixed shit of the outhouse was powerful and rank. I felt dizzy just being in there.

Trisha fed the hose down to me and I heard it whir to life; I grabbed the tube and started sucking the waste all around me. It was dark, very difficult to see; the only light was the toilet hole above me.

And suddenly, even that went dark.

"Hello?" I yelled out. "I can't see anything."

"That's good," I heard Trisha's voice say, along with some creaking of wood above.

Before I could process anymore...


Trisha blasted a long, rippling fart down into the basin where I was; and she laughed as I choked and feel to the ground, my face practically inches away from human waste.

"Please! Stop!" I beg of her.

"I can't hear you over all...BRRRPPP!!....ahhh, farting!" She chuckled

I breathe heavily with my mouth, trying to avoid the smell but it's useless; either the old shit or the fresh farts burn my throat and dry it until I have nothing left but my nostrils. A big inhaling whiff knocks me down all the way as I vomit, just further adding to the mess all around me.

Trisha just laughs and laughs as she continues to seal off my only air and light hole with her sizable butt and rancid gas.

"Help!" I yell out, useless.

"Who's gonna help you, little brother? Jenny?" She laughed uproariously, "Do you remember our deal?"

"Yes!" I yell out.


"Good; I'd hate for dad to have to find you tied up to Jenny's ass with a smattering of her shit all over your face," she laughed some more; no doubt picturing the thought of me tied to the back of a horse, forced to endure the horse's farts and shit. "Now get back to work! The outhouse has to be clean by the time mom and dad get back."

And with that, the light returned; slowly, some semblance of fresh air started to work it's way back into the basin and I upturned my head to inhale as much as I could before I went back to vacuuming rotting waste.

It was several hours later that, finally, I felt like I was done; there was almost no shit around me and my footsteps were no longer slippery, as if walking on slimy sludge. Job well done, I thought to myself.

Trisha returned and peered down into the hole; I looked up at her when her shadow covered some of the light.

"I'm done." I said; she looked at me and smiled, no doubt amused at how much I was covered in shit, from head to toe.

"Good job, I guess you can come out now."

I raise my hands for her to lift me but she shakes her head, "Ewww, no, you're disgusting; use the rope."

She throws down a rope and I take hold of it. As I get my feet on the rope, I immediately slide back down.

"I can't do it; my hands are too slippery."

She shrugs, "Oh well, I guess you're stuck in there then," she says, as she walks off; laughing.

"Fuck." I say to myself. And I can't call her back because she'll likely just fart again and still not help me out.

It took me an hour to finally grip the rope long enough for me to reach up to the hole of the outhouse. And with my last bit of strength, I lifted my body out of the hole and stumbled onto the hard wooden ground; just in time to watch the sun set over the mountaintops in the distance. Any other time, I would have thought it beautiful...but right now, I just wanted to eat. Well, shower. Then eat.

Dinner with the family was as expected; though Trisha keep eyeing me. I tried to ignore it; I was safe with mom and dad.

Just before bed, as I was finishing in the bathroom, Trisha barged in.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I've just been thinking."

"...About....about...what...?" A little fearful.

"Well, see, I realize; why should I let the horse have the fun with you...when it can be me that shits on your instead," she said, matter of factly with the most evil, toothy grin I've ever seen from her.

"You...can', you...wouldn't...please..."

"How bad could it be, little brother?"

"Please, I'm begging you..."

"Aww, that's sweet; but see, I have to shit and I think you're just the right size to be my toilet."

"Please no...I'll do anything..."

"I know you will, that's why I'm turning you into my toilet from now more airy farts for you...just real, solid...DUMPS," she said, putting emphasis on the word as she came closer and closer to me; eventually shadowing my face with her own.

I cowered away until I fell to the floor near the corner of the room; I shook my head, horrified as I watched Trisha drop her jeans and then her panties until I was faced with her, stark naked lower half.

I cried as she pressed her naked ass up against my face; enclosing my face in her putrid crack. I gagged and choked from the already rank smell of her ass.

She pushed her ass up a little; upturning my nose to her...


A long, slightly splattery fart blew up my nose with unbelievable force. My eyes watered as my nostrils were tormented with a ungodly stinky as Trisha chuckled quietly to herself. I started to scream, I shook my hands and my body; trying to free myself.

Trisha adjusted, pointing her ass more straight on as my screaming mouth aligned with her butthole. And with just a little grunt, she, with relative ease, started to push out a long, heavy, thick log past my lips. I choked as the dump sat on my tongue briefly before being pushed more and further down, into my throat. I was gagging and now having trouble breathing.

The look on her face, surely it was euphoric as she continued to press on her belly and push more shit out and into my mouth; now full, the shit started to spread against my face, entering my nose and covering my eyes.

She sat down a little; full weight for a moment.


Her fart bubbled under the heavy waste on my face; assaulting my nose with fresh torment, sealed and packed under the shit resting on my face.

With a disgusting SHLURP; her ass lifted from my face and my head fell forward. A few pieces of shit fell off but most clung stiffly to my face, as if baked on.

Trisha looked at me and laughed; my face was buried in shit, only my eyes showed through and just barely. I sobbed as I remained sitting on the floor; both exhausted and defeated.

"I'm going to go shower off before bed. Are you gonna stay there? That's probably a good idea since I'll surely need you again in the morning."

She walked out, turning off the light; leaving me to stink and be humiliated in the dark.

"Good night, little toilet," she said, giggling.

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