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Fart Contest
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 2006

“You’re watching Alt TV, television for those people who live alternative sex lifestyles. Coming up next is ‘Happy Feet’ and after that is ‘Man Meets Ass,’ only on Alt TV.”

“God I love this channel,” Jackie said out loud to herself. She could not wait for her favorite program ‘Mistress Linda, Leather Pants.’ She farted a few blasts into her leather couch. When ‘Happy Feet’ went to commercial, she was about to get up to get a snack but the commercial caught her eye.

“Are you a fart mistress?” Jackie, of course, was. “Do you have incredible farting abilities?” Jackie had to agree once again. “If so, then come on down tomorrow to the Alt TV Fair in San Francisco.” Jackie was intrigued. “Not only will there be booths for almost every fetish known to man, there will also be a fart contest which will determine whose farts are the most lethal. For official rules and to make an appearance call 555-555-0789.” Jackie shrieked with glee and farted a few more blasts. “A fart contest, do you hear that?” Jackie moved her ass a bit to uncover the face of a man under her ass. The look of him appeared as though he had been built into the couch. She talked to the unconscious face, “I am gonna be in a fart contest!”

Jackie called for official rules and to register her ass in the contest. The rules were as follows:

  • The slave will be provided by the organization and the slave on both sides will sniff at the same level. All slaves will, on average, pass out on rank 5 or above farts. Please note, slaves are, to a certain degree, fart fetishists so they each can take and will enjoy quite a bit of the farts so remember to go big and a win will be assured.
  • Slaves will be placed in a “sitting box” so they can be face sat without actually sitting on their face. This would be similar to a slave being in a couch or other, fully exposed face box. Additionally, slaves mouths’ will be duct taped to avoid any cheating on the slave’s part.
  • Sitting will be bare assed only so there is no possibility to cheat with “smell stained” clothing.
  • You have a 5 minute period with your assigned slave before your competition. You may use this time in whatever manner necessary but farting is not recommended since those farts could become valuable during the contest.
  • Diets will not be regulated because each mistress performs differently with different food so diets will be entirely the responsibility of the mistress. The bigger you go, the better you chances are of winning.
  • The contest will be held in competition ladder fashion. Mistresses will be put up 1 on 1 with each other all the way to and including the final round.
  • Please note that you may not forcibly do anything to your slave to increase his intake of your gas, he must be sniffing and breathing all of his own will and at his own pace. This is a note, especially to, pressing on a slave’s stomach.
  • In order to win, you must make your slave pass out before your opponent. Vitals will be constantly monitored to test for consciousness.
  • The winner will received $10,000 cash and be featured on Alt TV and Alt TV’s associated magazine. In addition, the winning mistress could get her own show on Alt TV provided she is approved by the Alt TV committee.

Jackie was amazed at the sheer size of the convention. Just like the commercial said, practically every fetish was represented from the popular foot fetish all the way to little known hydrophilia, in which “suffers” enjoy images of people swimming or posing underwater. After browsing the aisles, Jackie found the fart fetish booth which was completely surrounded by people. She got a peak at what everyone was looking at. She saw, a lovely looking Dom wearing a full black latex suit and in the ass region there was a tube which lead to a gas mask which was on a near naked man’s face. Everyone watched intently as she blew farts into her willing slave’s face. They saw, the steam heat of the farts rising up and impairing the vision of the mask wearer. Jackie’s belly rumbled loudly. She had to fart real badly but she knew that if she wanted to win the competition she had hold in all the pressure. The feeling finally subsided and she walked on.

The contest was to start at 2:00 p.m. sharp. There would be 8 total competitors in the competition and she would have to do 2 matches and then the final match. She believed she was more than prepared for such an undertaking, she had farted on her slave for 5 hours consecutively sometimes and she had a diet for the past couple of days of monstrous proportions. She sort of felt bad for the slaves there were going to match her with as she walked into her contest preparatory room. First slave arrived a few minutes later. She had nothing to say to him, nothing to do with him so she just kicked him a few times to exhaust him a bit and then her slave and she were lead to the contest stage. The slave was placed in the “sitting box.” His face was completely exposed and would no doubt fit nicely into her sizable ass. She smiled wide as she felt a big one coming up; she just had to hold it for a few seconds....

“Ok, ladies. You know the rules so when I blow the whistle, sit down and let ‘em rip. Ready? *shrill whistle*

Jackie immediately sat down and farted an enormous and loud blow she had been waiting to release all day. She sighed in sweet relief and the slave underneath her was kicking and struggling to get free. She farted another blow to make sure he went down and within a few more seconds it was done. His vitals had flat lined, he was unconscious. All this occurred before her opponent could fart a single blow. She stood up and turned to her opponent.

“Better luck next time, hon.”

“The better mistress won this round,” the opponent said. They shook hands and the opponent walked off stage. Jackie was declared the winner of this match and was sent back to her room in preparation for the next match. She was a little concerned because she did not feel quite as gassy but she knew her next opponent must feel the same as well.

The next round occurred much like the first, only with a little more competition on the opponent’s side but still, Jackie emerged victorious. She returned to her room to prepare for the final round. Her final slave came in a few moments later.

“Ah, my next victim!” She said, as she laughed. The slave said nothing. He just sat their, on his knees, appearing frightened. Her motherly instincts caught on to this. Man this kid must be just barely 19, how could he be experienced in such things as sniffing farts?

“How old are you?!” Jackie demanded. She stared at his boxer underwear to see his obvious hard-on.


“And you were allowed to participate in this?”

“To be honest, mistress, I snuck in. I am just a fart fetishist and I have never been face farted before and I hoped this could be my first time. You see, I have been a fart fetishist for some time but never had the distinct pleasure of being face...”

“Shut up!” Jackie yelled. She smiled on the inside and then on the outside as she looked at the boy. An inexperienced fart sniffer would assure her a win in this contest but she couldn’t allow herself to cheat but then again...this was their mistake not hers and how could she deny a nice boy his wish to be face farted? She just had to pretend she knew nothing of this boy’s scheme and if they found out about his deception, the worst they could make her do is redo that round. No harm, no foul.

“Alright. I will face fart you in the round out there, just be prepared. Being your first time, anything can happen.” Clearly he didn’t hear the last thing she said because he was smiling. “And don’t smile! Slaves don’t smile!” He immediately hid his smile and returned to looking afraid and unworthy, the two perfect expressions.

The two were led out to the stage a moment later. Her slave was put into the sitting device and the announcer prepared to blow the whistle. Once the whistle sounded, the whole world appeared to move in slow motion to the slave. He watched as the sizable ass of her first mistress came down toward him in what seemed like an eternity. Jackie noticed the fearful expression on her slave’s face but she did not care. He asked for this, he was gonna get it despite any second thoughts. The moment she sat down, the slave began to kick around and struggle to get out of the contraption and away from this mistress’ no doubt smelly ass. She answered his struggles with a nice long S.B.D. The slave could practically see the gas around him and he began to panic. He changed his mind; he didn’t want to sniff farts. He didn’t want to be here anymore. He quickly decided to hold his breath for as long as he could. No doubt the other mistress would win and his nightmare would be over. He would go home and never think of doing this again. Another fart bellowed out of the ass above him, a loud one this time. He continued to hold his breath. Three more blasts came rushing out but he held his breath like his life depended on it. Just as he prepared to open his nostrils for a sniff of the deadly air, the mistress rose up and fresh air flooded his fart tortured face. He was let out of the contraption and walked off. He retrieved his clothes and disappeared back into the convention.

Jackie was pissed off. She knew what had happened and she was not going to stand for his insolence. She decided she was going to find her slave and make him pay for making her lose that competition. She eventually spotted him and when he got close to her trap....she grabbed him! And dragged him back into her preparatory room. She locked the door, tied him up, and prepared herself to give the worst fart torture she had ever dished out.

“What happened out there? Little baby fart fetishist got scared?” She asked in her mocking baby tone.

“I am sorry I made you lose mistress, I hope you can forgive me.”

“Oh, of course I can forgive you but you have to do something for me.”

“Anything mistress.”

“Good, that’s what I like to hear.” She walked over to him and slapped a piece of duct tape over his mouth. “You may want to lie down, this may take a while.” She said, as she pushed him over and onto the floor. She positioned him onto his back and then prepared to sit. She went slow and watched, in glee, his horrified face appear as she got closer and closer. Her ass landed straight where she wanted it to be so it acted like a seal of sorts.

“You are gonna sniff these farts one way or another and I can make you sniff them and I will make you sniff them. No one beats Mistress Jackie, especially not a lowly, pathetic slave like yourself. You need to be punished boy and punished you will be.”

Jackie knew he would try holding his breath again but she couldn’t wait for him to run out of air. She decided to take action now, she had a fart all lined up and ready any ways. She gently put both hands on the boy’s stomach and pressed hard. As she felt the rush of air stream into her ass, she released her own air straight into the nose of her victim. He immediately began to struggle about, no doubt suffocating under the rancid fart that Jackie just blew. “Ahhhhh, there’s a nice one.” A few seconds later another blast flew from her ass. “Oh man, that one was great! I could do this all day. I am so glad I found you.” The slave began to moan loudly. “Oh? Does that mean you want some more? I’ll give you some more.” Jackie tightened up and then relaxed as another fart came streaming out of her ass and into his nose. “I wish we could do this forever.” That is the last thing her slave heard before passing out.

Jackie returned home from her disappointment at the convention, a little happier than before. She felt good about getting back at that son of a bitch, fetishist and she felt even better when she won a little consolation prize from the fart contest. It would be delivered this evening, with or without her home so she decided to go out and treat herself well tonight and hopefully the prize would be there when she gets back.

At about 11:30 p.m., Jackie is still out and the delivery men come in and set up her prize.

At 12:00 a.m., Jackie’s problem slave woke up feeling uncomfortable. He hadn’t recalled going home from the convention and in fact remembered very little at all. He noticed the lights were on in the room he was in but he did not recognize it. He looked around but soon noticed his movement was very constricted. He soon noticed he was only looking at the ceiling.

“Ah, finally you’re up, mate. The name’s Richard.” The slave was startled by this voice that he had no idea where it was coming from. “Kid, look to your left a bit.” The slave was horrified when he did so. He saw a man’s face sticking out of what appeared to be a leather seat cushion.


“Yeah, I’m in this couch, same as you. We are fart sniffers; we are bound to sniff our mistress’ farts whenever she demands.”

“Who...who is the mistress?”

“Mistress Jackie, of course.” Mistress Jackie...memories came flooding back to the slave as he remembered, fully, the horrors of what happened at the convention.

“Dude, you gotta help me. I am not a fart sniffer; I just got caught up in this crazy thing.”

“Ah, don’t worry mate. I wasn’t a fart sniffer either but we all get used to it eventually, isn’t that right boys?”

A whole group of men suddenly piped up from places unseen, “Right!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The slave screamed into the quiet night sky.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.