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Fart Fairies
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 30th, 2009

"Hey hun," Grace says, speaking into the phone while scrubbing down the kitchen counters. She wears a long flowing house dress that cuts off in a skirt at about her knees.

"Hey babe, what's going on?" Paul asks in reply.

"Just wondering what time you were coming home so I could have dinner ready."

"Usual time I'm sure, slow around here today. Not many sick people I guess."

"Now that you say that I'm sure a whole bunch will stream in."

"Let's hope not."

"Alright, well I'll let you get back to twiddling your thumbs. Some of us have real work to do dontcha know? See ya later."

He laughed, "Okay, bye bye sweetie."

Grace hangs up the receiver, finishes the kitchen and heads upstairs to get the dirty clothes.


The laundry room is in the basement, it's warm and damp. Grace proceeds to load clothing into the washing machine. She hums an indefinable country song.

There is a fluttering under her skirt; it raises a strange sensation in her...a tickle that is unexpected and ever so soft and yet still noticeable. She presumes it is a bug and tries to swipe it away. The ticking subsides but it is replaced with a sudden and heavy urge to break wind. Being alone, she feels no need to hold it in. She cuts loose.


The fart is loud and large beyond any believable proportion.

"Wow," she says, impressed with herself, as she returns to her work.

It hits her again.

"Oh God!" She exclaims as she clutches her belly.


Another fart rings out and echoes in the cement floored room. A look of pure and udder relief crosses her face as the air streams from her anus.

Ordinarily, such a release of pressure would have ended a Grace gas attack but right now the urge to fart is stronger than ever. She puts down her clothing basket and puts both hands on her stomach; pushing in to alleviate the pressure.

Another fart rings out, and then another. Her face expresses such pleasure during releases; her hand instinctively goes to her pussy and she rubs it softly as the farts continue to stream out of her at a steady and unstoppable pace. She races up the stairs, farting as she goes, and heads into the bathroom. She pulls down her panties and takes a seat. She farts another large blow into the toilet, an incredible, unique echo rings throughout the small, ceramic bowl. At the same moment she breaks down and orgasms; her face expressing a joy that no fellow human could ever bring to a woman's face.

The gas finally subsides after that. She looks at her panties on the ground. They appear stained but she picks them up and upon closer inspection she finds a small creature lying in the seat of her underwear. It looks like a small, brown fairy; like something out of a children's fantasy story. It appears to be unconscious but, being where it was, Grace would not be surprised if it was dead.


In the kitchen, Grace places the fairy on the counter and makes lemonade. She stares at the fairy as she sips the tart drink. The creature begins to come to.


The creature is groggy from his wild ride, "Aye, Ms. Waters, hello."

"You know my name?"

"Indeed Ms. Waters, it's right here on my clipboard," the fairy pulls out a tiny clipboard and reads, "Waters, Grace. Libby, Montana, USA."

"Why does a fairy need such a list? What do you do?"
"I, madam, am a fart fairy," the little creature proclaims proudly. "My brethren and I are responsible for all the farting that goes on in the world."

"Okay, but why is farting so important?"

"It is important because should the pure oxygen levels get extraordinarily high on the planet, insects would increase in size ten fold which would further make the amphibians that eat them grow and the cycle would continue until the world cannot sustain its own population size. The farting is required to keep the air quality down."

"Seems like there would be a better way to do that."

"You would think madam," the fairy says, exasperated. "Fart furies have to be next to the asshole, tickling it with our wings to produce farts which means we get farted on in the process. I can't tell you how many times I've been rendered unconscious due to some overzealous fluttering. That's what I get, I guess, for doing my job well. It's not so bad I guess," the fairy continues, not really talking to Grace, just speaking aloud, "In the days of yore ladies wore bloomers and we got stuck on a regular basis and because we were stuck the farts just kept on ringing. Diets back then were terrible, oh God, the smells I've smelled. At least the ladies today have some sense and wear thangs, or thongs or whatever the hell you humans call them..."

A smile crosses Grace's face, "Sorry to interrupt, but would you care for some lemonade; I should have offered earlier, it was very rude of me."

"Not to worry madam but, yes, I'd love some."

The fairy pulls a tiny glass from his pocket and hands it to Mrs. Waters. She fills it and hands it back; the fairy drinks the liquid greedily.

"Ahh! Thank you madam, so very kind of you. I was quite parched."

"My pleasure."

"I really must be going, I must keep up with the quota and I'm several people behind. No pun intended."

"Well, listen, wouldn't it just be easier to have one person do all the farting for the day's quota?"

", I don't think so," the fairy says, backing away from her, preparing to take off.

"Really? Because I think that would be a great idea. You get one woman who enjoys farting so so much and you fill your quota."

The fairy's wings flutter but Grace grabs the little creature before he can take off.

Grace begins to proceed upstairs to the bedroom.

"Please madam, there is only so much a single fairy can take. We die too, you know. We're not invincible! We need air to breathe too!"

"I'll be careful. Plus, you'll have plenty of air," Grace says with a smile.

"Madam, this is not good, this is a mistake. You can't do this!"

Grace enters her bedroom and lies on her back in bed and stuffs the fairy up her crack, nearly inside her asshole. She pulls her panties tight so the fairy has no chance of escape.

The urge to fart is not far behind.


"Oh! Come on, Mr. Fairy, do your work. I want to really fart!"

Grace pulls her panties more so the fairy has to be pressed up against her hole constantly. She sticks a hand down her crack on the outside of her panties to verify her placement.


"Yes! Yes! That's it! So good!"

Tighter and tighter she grabs her underwear and writhes around in farting bliss. She can feel another coming.


She breaks down in orgasm after that last one but she doesn't want to stop.


"Oh God yes! Come on Mr. Fairy, pleasure your lady! Make me cum again!"

She inhales her pungent, repulsive gases all around her and proceeds to finger herself more voraciously.


She feels the urge but she helps it along, she rubs her pussy at a steady but quickened pace.


"Yes! Yes! Yes!"


A short but sweet fart finishes the job. In her own fluids, she lies back and relaxes herself from her double ended 'performances.' She breathes heavily.

After a few minutes of rest, she removes her panties. She checks the clock. It's 6:00 p.m. Her husband will be home in no more than ten minutes.

She peels the fart and pressure pasted, unconscious fairy from her panties and tosses him carelessly out the window. He lands softly among the flowerbed outside. She removes the comforter from her bed and throws it into the basement for washing later on before retiring to the kitchen to prepare dinner.


"Hun, what are you wearing," Paul asks the next morning.

"Bloomers dear, they were my grandmothers."

"Really? Why?"

"They are really comfortable."

"Well I'm gonna be honest with ya babe, they are kind of a turn off."

She walks over to him and kisses him on the forehead, "Don't worry, I'll only wear them while working around the house."

"Promise?" He asked, smiling.


"Alright then; I gotta head out. I'll see you at dinner."

"Okay babe, love ya. Have a good day."

"You too hun."

Paul leaves. Grace goes about her housework. She feels a fluttering near her end region a few hours later. Now aware of their presence she knows what it feels like when a fairy enters her undergarments like the one around her just has. She pulls the drawstring on her bloomers tighter and smiles.

"Hope your ready for this Mr. Fairy."

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.