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Friendly Favor
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 5th, 2012

A young toilet lived down the street, the Goddess watched him for a few days before finally walking up to him as he approached his car.

"Hi there," the Goddess shouts with a friendly tone and wave.

"Hu...hello," the timid boy barely utters out; the Goddess smiles wide inside. It's clear the already shy boy is caught off guard by the sexy woman before him; he stares at her cleavage under a thin light blue, low-cut shirt.

"Hey, I don't mean to bother you but my car won't start and I really could use a ride to the airport."


"Oh thank you so much! I really wasn't sure what I was going to do."

The boy hops in the driver's seat, "Do you have any luggage?"

"No, I won't be gone long; do you mind if I drive?" The Goddess says, she puts a hand on the boy's leg.

He thinks for a minute and then turns to get out but the Goddess holds her grip; he stares at her, confused. She just shoots him a smile as she quickly drags him to the floor so only his head rests on the seat.

The Goddess holds him there as she gets into the truck; she pulls down her jeans which unleash a blast of stagnant air that's been trapped between her asshole and her jeans. Like rising dough, the Goddess' big but perfect orbs pour over the sides of her jeans as the boy wiggles and fights before his head is consumed by the Goddess' putrid ass crack.

"Comfy," the Goddess says tauntingly; her asshole already puckers aggressively, eager for release.

The next push releases a massive, drippy log that hammers against the toilet's face; he gags on the mighty girth as the shit fills his throat with the semi-soft mess. The Goddess laughs at the shit-covered, wiggling boy as she starts the car.

She farts which bubbles under the piles of crap on the boy's face and gets locked under, further tormenting the boy; he uselessly, repeatedly yells out, crying, against the shit which acts as a toxic gag over his mouth and nose. This fills the Goddess with a great sadistic thrill; she creams a little, involuntarily.

"Now, now, enough of that," the Goddess says, a little irritated as she rises a few inches off the toilet boy's face. She waits a few seconds before, impatiently saying, "Well?! Sit up!"

The covered, gasping boy doesn't respond right away as he attempts to remove the shit from his face to prevent himself from suffocating; once he's done the bare minimum to live the Goddess grunts a little and farts a torrent of liquid diarrhea which beats with great force against the toilet's loudly moaning face. "Ahhhh, that feels much better!" The Goddess exclaims as the thick brown spray continues to splash against the poor toilet boy, blasting away a little of the solid waste and replacing it with heavy pools of drippy crap.

At the airport, the Goddess parks at the loading zone; she gets out of the toilet's car almost forgetting to thank him properly.

"Thank you so much for that; I feel great! I'm sure I'll be seeing you real soon, huh toilet?" She smiled wide, mischievously as the shit covered boy looked over; the Goddess' perfect big booty was staring back at him. Another fart blows another round of thick sludge all over the toilet and the inside of his car; when she is finished, the shit drips from the ceiling like water in a damp cave. The toilet moans weakly before his head falls back onto the seat.

An officer approaches a few seconds later, "Sir, you can't park here." He walks away as quickly as he comes, not noticing anything amiss with the vehicle or its driver.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.