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Fucking Bitches!
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 5th, 2014

I watched mom answer the door. It's such bullshit she got me a babysitter, I'm way old enough to watch myself but nooooo! Mom's gotta be a bitch and hire another fucking bitch to watch me. Fucking bitches!

I hear their voices downstairs; talking about me. They laugh about something embarrassing no doubt; such bullshit!

"Randall!" I hear mom call to me.

Fucking bitch. I walk downstairs, slowly as possible, practically pausing on each step. "It's Randy, mom!"

"Yeah, whatever, when I call you, I will call you Randall; understand, young man?"

"Yes," I say, not even looking at her.

"Good. Now this is Juliet, she'll be babysitting you."

I looked up at this perky, bright-eyed girl; she nodded softly to me and smiled. She didn't seem much older than me; which is even more bullshit. I force a smile, no doubt looking pretty cheesed off; and I was glad too. This was some fucking bullshit!

"Now I'll be back late this evening so, Juliet, please put him to bed around 10 o'clock."

"Aw, mom, come on! It's Friday night; I can stay up 'til midnight!" I whined.

"No. I said 10 o'clock and that's when it will be; this is not a debate."

"Bit..." I started to say; enraged. But I stopped myself.

"What did you say, young man?!" She leans in close and her eyes are wide with anger; practically burning with fire behind them.

"Nothing. Love you. Mom," I said, stiffly; robotically.

"Aw, love you too sweetie," Mom says, instantly changing and cutely yet painfully pinching my cheek in just the way I hate. "See, he shouldn't be too much trouble...if you know how to handle him."

I looked up just in time to see mom wink but I didn't know what that meant. And then, with a smile, she walked away and to her car.

And just like that, the pushed down anger, rose again, "I'm fucking watching TV," I blurted out; slamming the front door closed.

"Whoa! What do you think you're doing? You don't speak to me like that!"

"Excuse me? Who the fuck are you, bitch?! I don't need a fucking babysitter."

Juliet recoiled, she looked hurt and saddened. She looked like she didn't know what to do. And to that, I smiled and walked away, triumphantly to the couch and clicked on the TV, turning it up really loud to signify my win; my dominance. I was a man. And I was roaring. I felt pretty fucking satisfied.

I watched, with just a little lump in my chest, as Juliet ran to the kitchen; her face in her hands, sobbing softly. But then, I turned back to the TV and the classic distraction box didn't disappoint; quickly, I forgot all about it as I lounged out to episodes of Ridiculousness that mom would never let me watch when she's around. But she wasn't. I chuckled to myself, thinking about my naughtiness.

A few minutes and several videos of people doing stupid things on camera, Juliet came back; she held, out in front of her, a tray with a bologna sandwich, bowl of popcorn, and a Coke. Her light makeup was running down her face, as if she'd been crying a lot.

"Hey Randy, I...I just thought I'd bring you some snacks for you to enjoy while watching TV; okay?"

I nod, a bit dumbfounded; I couldn't help but feel a little shitty for making her feel bad. But I didn't feel that shitty.

"Good; and I'm sorry you feel so badly about having a babysitter; but I understand, I was just like you when I was your age," she says, bringing the tray of food to me.

There wasn't much space but she seemed insistent to get directly in front of me before she bend down to set the tray on the table; I couldn't help but take the moment to enjoy the world-class view of this girl's perfect butt. It was shapely yet small; and the shorts she wore accentuated her crack in the way you'd expect to see in a magazine, not in real life.

I whimpered a bit, involuntarily; extremely turned on. Hopefully it was quiet. I'd never been this close to a woman, especially positioned like this.


Then, a loud, startling sound blasted from Juliet's butt. She farted! And it she did it as her butt was right close to my face!

"Awww gross!" I yelled out

I fanned my hands and batted away at the air as my face recoiled and I made moaning sounds, trying to avoid the stink.

But then it hit, in a big gust and I was immediately powerless. I was weak and gagging on noxious fart air, my head sank back into the couch like a junkie, immobilized. I may have even foamed at the mouth; I felt my eyes crossed and vision blurred. But I still saw her; Juliet turned her head now and looked but I couldn't make out her expression. Embarrassed, right? Apologetic?

Was she smiling?

I watched, helplessly, as her body got closer; specifically her ass. As it came within inches, I could smell the potent aroma from the last blast. But then, my eyes wide wide and she slipped off the shorts and then sat her naked butt, right over my face.

I battered and bucked; I tried to push her off but it was useless. I was completely stuck; my face jammed inside the buttcrack of a girl who just blew a nearly paralyzing fart in my face. And now, she was naked with that ass!

I yelled out and mumbled for help or screams of sorry; I don't know and it didn't matter because it didn't work.

I watched light come in from the back as Juliet arched back, she stretched.


What sounded like a low trumpet, blew into a full tuba section as her flappy fart burst in putrid smells against my face. I felt myself, under hear weight, sinking down between the seat cushions; I thought it would be a relief but her butt followed, making a space for her my face and her ass. Now I was in a cave of smell, with cushions that would like absorb and hold this smell for years to come; but worse, hold it right now as I'm sat on by a gassy girl ass.

Her words were muffled and hard to hear, "You see what you get! I just thought of this in the kitchen; I saw and ate all your mom's bean casserole. I think, once I explain, she'll really be on board. Maybe even do this to you herself," she laughed. That I could hear all to well but it wasn't the only thing as little farts bubbled out from her butthole as she laughed, fumigating me with her flatulence.


I moaned, pained, as a strong, beany smell filled my nostrils and made my face scrunch up, trying to avoid the stink but there was no where for it to go.

I heard Juliet snacking on popcorn, I felt small pieces fall on my chest. She lifted a leg slightly.


"Ahhhh," she sighed in relief as my body started to shake and convulsed from the pure toxicity of her latest anal emission. My eyes watered, my tears carrying the taste of her fart into my mouth, practically choking me on the atrocious, fart infused taste.

And Juliet just giggled; held her legs and ripped once again.


My eyes closed from the sheer force of the fart. And my nose, dying for whatever they could find and practically bleeding from the terribly corrosive farts that have lined my nostrils for the past few minutes, inhaled just as the fart bellowed out from Juliet's relatively clean looking ballon knot.

I groaned, felt my eyes roll back. And everything went dark.

I woke up, startled; I sat up from my bed. My bed... Was that all a dream?

I heard footsteps approach; then mom appeared in the doorway, "Hi sweetie,"

"Hi, mom; was long was I asleep?"

"Couple hours I think. Juliet said you guys had a really fun time and you were a perfect little boy."

My eyes went wide. What had really happened?

"She also told me about a guys played; after she ate my three-bean casserole?"

My heart sunk as mom smiled, widely; evilly.

"It sounded like a lot of fun...," she said, taking slow steps towards me; never breaking her smile.

"Mom...I...please...I....," I said, frantically; pleading but saying nothing at all in my fearful stupor.

"Shhh, shh, shhh; it's okay," she said, she approached and flicked my nose; I hopped back a bit, startled. That made her smile too.

"I won't tonight dear," she said, walking away, back towards the doorway to my room. "But if you ever misbehave like that again; it will be both me and Juliet you'll be dealing with, understand?"

She turned at the doorway to watch me nod, as if I was in a trance. She still smiled as she turned off the light to my room, but left her shadowy figure there for a moment; likely still smiling at me.

She stuck her butt out a bit; PRRRRRRRPPP!

"Ooop, excuse me," she said, in a tone that sent chills down my spine.

As she walked away finally, I ducked under the covers, horrified. I whimpered softly until I was too tired to stay awake anymore.

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