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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 24th, 2008

"It 's 'aases'...with two a 's."

"Why does it have two a 's?"

"I don 't know, maybe it 's some fancy French shit; who really cares?"

"I guess. Any ways, I can 't, I gotta work late tonight."

"You suck man!"

"Always. Alright, I gotta go; happy birthday once again. Don 't do anything I wouldn 't do."

"You wouldn 't do anything you stupid pussy!"


Rick hung up before I had finished my angry statement but it didn 't matter, he had heard it all before; I made sure of that. He always had some excuse not to do shit but whatever, fuck him.


It was about 8:30 p.m., when I showed up at the strip joint. I heard if you go any earlier than that you look like a pervert. The logic seemed stupid but whatever; I wasn 't going to question it. I wore slacks and a nice button up shirt as this place had a strict dress code. It was the most dressed up I had been in years; I was looking sharp and ready to see some tits.

"Hey, how are you?" The man asked at the counter, he seemed nice; too nice to work at a strip club.

"Good, good." I said, just a little nervous of what I was about to embark upon.

" yourself?"


"Alright, can I see some I.D.?"

"Sure." I dug around in my pockets for my wallet and slipped my driver 's license out from its windowed holder. "Here you are," I said as I handed him the license.

"Okay, Mister...Braden. Oh, 21 today I see! Well congratulations."


He swiped my card through some reader which popped a picture of my I.D. on his computer screen.

"So what 's with the name?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" He said, still concentrating on the monitor and tapping away at the keyboard.

"Two a 's in asses?"

"Um...I 'm quite not sure what you 're talking about."

"Outside. The sign. It says...ah forget it, never mind."

The guy just nodded and continued his work, whatever it was that he doing.

A minute or so later, he finally handed me back my card, "Everything looks to be in order; that 'll be $40."

"$40?!" I said surprised.


I handed over the cash and he let me go in.

"Have a good time," I heard as the door shut behind me.

I was in. I was in a strip club. This was an amazing feeling, this meant I was a man; an honest to god, bitch-loving man. I spotted some open chairs near the stage. I walked over and took a seat; this would be a great view.

"Hey baby."

I turned to see an incredibly hot chick standing at the side of my chair. She was gorgeous, young, and her tits were huge and clearly visible in her black fishnet dress.

"Hi," I tried to say confidently.

"What 's your name?"


"Well Jeff, I 'm Kiera; you looking for a good time?"

"You know I am but, I just got here; I 'd like to check out a bit of the show first."

"I understand cutie. I 'll come back later. I should be on stage in a bit if you wanna check me out."

"Of course I do."

She laughed, "Alright, hon." She started to walk away, showing me her supremely tight ass.

"Hey Kiera?"

"Yeah sweetie?"

"I 'm kinda hungry, do you know what they got in the restaurant side?"

"Oh yeah, they got chili dogs and baked beans on the side."

"Really? Isn 't that a little 'low class ' for a place like this?"

"Yeah, but, you know, they like to keep it simple."

"Gotcha, thanks."

"No problem handsome."

I couldn 't help but stare as she walked away and out of sight. She was a knockout. As for the food, I guess I 'd just go hungry; I didn 't really want a chili dog.

"Alright, alright, alright," the D.J. called from his booth above the entryway. "It 's time to start the show. First up we have the lovely... Sherece.

I watched in subtle disappointment as this black chick strolled onto the stage. I wasn 't racist but I had a hard time finding most black girls attractive. Watching her dance her little dance and show her stuff though, I had a change of heart...Sherece was definitely fine. I thought about throwing some cash her way but I decided to save for someone I 'd really enjoy more. God, she was hot though.

During her performance, I couldn 't help but notice an extremely unattractive, fat ass dude sitting at the edge of the stage, towards the front. I watched him throw practically a life savings on the stage for this chick. Still, it did get him something as she crossed her legs around his head and gave him a nice one on one with her pussy. She let him go and he emerged, happily inhaling what ever lovely scent she had on her crotch. I couldn 't help but have a bit of a confused look on my face but I shook it off and got ready for whoever was next.

The DJ came back on, "That was hot! Wow, wow, wow! I 'm still sweating! Up next, we have the beautiful Kiera."

Awesome, I thought to myself; a chance to see my lady in action. I watched as she slowly strolled out to some slow techno song. She played the stage a bit but kept coming back to me, even though I hadn 't thrown any money down. I watched her get on all fours in front of me, showing off her ass; acting all innocent like. Man, it was almost too much to bear. Then, she took a seat on the stage and wiggled her ass; I was so turned on. Before she crawled back off stage she looked at me and winked; she totally wanted me.

I could barely keep my attention on the next two strippers; I was too busy thinking about Kiera. Yeah, she was a pole dancer but who cares? She obviously was attracted to me and how could she not be? I was one good-looking mother fucker.


It was about a half an hour later when Kiera appeared again and she was walking right towards me, ignoring everyone else. She smiled. I smiled.

"So, what 'd ya think of me baby?"

"Oh you were so hot."

She giggled politely, "You 're not so bad looking yourself, hot stuff."

I smiled.

"You ready to party?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Alright, let 's get a room."

"Sounds good."

She took me by the hand and dragged me behind her to the next room. It was poorly lit and along the walls were a couple of black doors. We entered room number two. As I stepped in I noticed a girl already there; another stripper but I had not seen her on stage or on the floor.

"Jeff, this is Marise, she 's gonna join us."


Kiera laughed, "I knew you 'd be glad."

In the all red lit room it was hard to see anything but Marise 's all white which corset stood out in the darkness. Other than that piece of clothing, however, she seemed to be nude on her bottom half.

Marise got up and stood next to Kiera and I went over to the couch and took a seat, relaxing.

"So how do you wanna do this?" Kiera asked, looking at me.

"Uh...well I think..."

"Not you! Her," Kiera said sternly.

"Um...let us rough this guy up a bit, huh?" She said, in a heavy accent that reminded me of Spanish accents but more fancy.

"Oh, I like the sound of that," I added excitedly.

Both girls smiled at me as they came closer and closer to the couch I was on.

"Take off his pants," Kiera said to Marise.

I watched in awe as the hot, foreign chick came closer to me and laid me down. She slowly reached for the small latch on my pants and unzipped them all the way down. She ran her hand around my crotch area; my already erect cock was throbbing. Then, without any warning at all, she sat on it, bending it backwards. It hurt...bad!

"What are you doing?!" I screamed.

I didn 't get an answer, I just saw her smiling face look at me before things went dark. I felt a great weight on my head; I tried to lift it off but it would not move. The object felt soft, like flesh. I felt the outline some more finally realizing that it was Kiera, sitting on my face!

"Comfy sweetie?" Kiera asked, presumably to me.

I tried to say no but it just sounded like incoherent mumbles.

"Glad to hear it because you 're in for the time of your life hon."


I stopped struggling for a second, stunned. Did she just fart on me? I didn 't have to wait long as the putrid stench reached my nostrils. I trashed around violently.

"Oh, come on, you know you love it," I heard Kiera say, laughing.

I don 't know where she came up with that ridiculous idea; she was probably just getting her sick kicks.

"I got a nice one Kiera, let me at him," Marise said.

"Okay, hang on...ugh...I one," Kiera said, straining.


Kiera sighed with great relief, "Oh yeah, that was just awesome."

Oh god, I thought as I reluctantly inhaled the air around me face. This...this would be the end of me; the fart was so awful. I fought constantly to get free but it was seemingly hopeless.

"My turn, my turn!" Marise said excitedly.

Kiera remained on her perch for many more seconds, before finally releasing my head. Marise got off too and I rolled off the couch and tried to make a break for it but they grabbed me.

"Oh no you don 't kiddo, get back here; we 're not done yet!" Kiera said as I was being chucked back onto the couch.

"What the fuck is wrong with you girls?"

No response to that, just Kiera sitting on my lap and Marise 's bare ass in my face. The smell between her cheeks was already potent enough, like she had been farting all day.

"How is my ass to be smelling, eh? I 've been farting all day," she said, laughing.

If you could have seen my face you would have seen my eyes rolling at that point.

"Oh my, here is some just for you, you lucky boy."


"Oh god!" I said, although I 'm sure it was completely muffled.

"Sniff it all you dirty boy!" She commanded, pulling my hair, forcing me deeper into her crack.

My eyes watered as I inhaled the noxious fart that now wafted around my face.

"Oop, one more for you"


"Ah, yes, I have good farts, no?"

I struggled and struggled to get free as the fumes entered my nose, torturing it even further than it already had been.

Finally, I breathed fresh oxygen as Marise got up off my face and stared down at me angrily.

"You are a bad sniffer!" She said, slapping me hard across the face.

"What the fuck...that fucking hurt, you stupid bitch!"

Kiera called over, she was on all fours on the floor, "Hey, shove him up my butt!"

Marise grabbed me, struggling and all, and threw me from the couch to the floor. I was weakened by the lack of oxygen but I tried to crawl towards the door which got me a nice hard kick in the side from Marise. She grabbed me in the underarms and dragged me over near Kiera. She held my face up against Kiera 's ass. Kiera split her cheeks, reveling her asshole, and Marise forced my head closer, sticking my nose right up against it.


"Oh, yeah! That was a nice one. Take it all in you stupid fuck!"

I screamed out as loud as I could, as the poisonous gas seeped into my nostrils. No one seemed to come to my rescue.

"You can scream all you like boy! No one can hear is just us and our stinking asses and farts," Marise said.

Kiera grabbed my head, forcing it even closer to her backdoor, if that was even possible; Marise let go of me, Kiera obviously had hold of me herself no problem. I felt the skin on my nose touch the moist, pulsing walls of her asshole. She strained audibly.


Kiera sighed with great relief as my nose was filled with her fatal emissions. She held tight, making sure I did not budge an inch.

"That one could have put down a horse, I swear to god," Kiera said, laughing.

"Kiera, come. Put the shit-head in my ass!" Marise said, excitedly.

Kiera quickly spun around and grabbed me. It was at this point that I noticed Marise lying on her stomach just a few feet away, her naked ass protruding predominantly.

"," I begged. I had almost nothing left, I could not fight them anymore and I wasn 't winning when I was any ways.

Kiera ignored me, dragging my near lifeless body towards Marise and putting my head right smack on her ass before taking her position; sitting on the top of my head, forcing me deep into Marise 's crack.

"Ah yes, this is just perfect, I like."


Marise didn 't even have to strain, she just let go of a massive fart like she had been holding it in for me, and she probably was.


Another fart rang out but this one came from the top of my head.

"Oops, sorry, I couldn 't hold that one in and...uh...I...might have...," Kiera proclaimed innocently before trailing off.

It didn 't matter to me what she was going to say there; nothing could make any of this worse.


Another fart blasted up through my nose, forcing me to take in and suffer its unbearable stench. I heard the girls laughing and giggling to themselves as I just remained there, dying. Time stood still, seconds past like minutes, minutes passed like lifetimes. I just wanted to be free or dead, and at this point the latter seemed better.


Not all that much later, as I felt I was getting closer and closer to my final breath, I was released. I rolled over onto my back, my eyes watery and fuzzy but I saw the two girls standing over me, smiles on their faces. They talked but I heard nothing for a long while. I felt a sharp kick in my side which seemed to return me to my senses.

"Hey you stupid punk! Get the fuck up!" I heard Kiera yell.

I slowly rose to a sitting position on the floor before I attempted to get onto my feet. I wavered a bit but my balance soon steadied.

"Where 's the money?"

"What money?" I asked weakly.

"You owe us a $1,000 for that performance of a lifetime buddy!"

"Performance? What do you mean? What 's going on?"

"Don 't play stupid! Just give us the cash!"

I slowly regained my previous demeanor, "I 'm not paying you bitches! You two took me back here for some fun; that farting bullshit was not fun at all."

The two girls looked at each other oddly.

"What?!" I asked angrily

"You know you 're at a place called 'Gases ' right?" Kiera asked.

" 'Gases?! ' I thought this was 'aases! '" I said surprised.

The two girls just laughed out loud.

"Shut up!"

They slowly came out of their laughing fit and Kiera continued, "Oh man, sorry but that was just too funny."

"Whatever, I 'm outta here!"

"Hold on a second there boy!" Kiera called out.


"I don 't care if you 're a fart fan or not, you 're paying us the $1,000."

"Fuck that! And besides, I don 't even have that kind of cash on me."

"We 'll see about that...Bruce!" Kiera yelled.

I turned to the door to see a large, black dude enter the room; obviously a bouncer.

"This guy giving you ladies trouble?" He asked; his deep voice very scary yet very kind at the same time.

"He says he doesn 't have the funds to pay us."

"Okay, okay, okay!" I said, quickly, scared of what Bruce might do to me and I just wanted to get out of there now. "Here, here 's a credit card. Charge it to that."

"Sir, the girls don 't take...," Bruce began to say.

"Bruce, it 's alright. We 'll do it this time, Jimmy will take care of it," Kiera said kindly to Bruce before turning to me, her face and tone changing now. "As for you, you little punk ass! You better get the fuck out of here now!"

"No problem, just waiting for you to charge the card and I 'll be gone for good."

Kiera laughed, "No, you 're not. Bruce, take him outta here."

"No problem, Miss Kiera."

Bruce, with great strength, picked me up and threw me up onto his broad shoulders and carried me out the backdoor of the club as I screamed curse words in frustration.

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