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General Anesthetic
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 1st, 2007

“Alright, Mr. Peters. I’ll set you up for surgery on the 23rd. Is that alright?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”'

“Okay, see you then.” The doctor turned to leave but I stopped him. “Doctor…”


“Is the surgery going to hurt? I mean this is my first time and all.”

The doctor gave me a sly, devilish smile. “No, the surgery will not hurt a bit. You will be under a new general anesthetic which has just been released and has been found to be very effective.”

“Great, thanks doctor.”

“No problem.”

On the 23rd, I drove down to the hospital where my surgery would take place. When I arrived I was immediately rushed into the operating room which was nothing like I expected. Instead of a flat bed, there was a kind of curved chair with a headrest that set my head in an almost upright position. I also found it strange that I was being strapped to the chair and a ball gag was being placed in my mouth. I tried to ask what it was for but it just came out as odd sounding mumbles and no one understood me. Soon after everyone left and I remained, gagged and strapped to this odd chair. A few odd minutes later, the nurse walked in wearing extremely sexy and revealing attire. She wore a short skirt suit, almost to the point where her panties were showing, and long black boots.

“Hi…Mister…uh….Peters. I am here to administer the anesthetic.” I nodded but I found it odd that she seemed to carry nothing with her. It could even more odd as she walked over to the chair and began to board it like a horse. Her weight was heavy making it difficult to breath but when I began to wiggle around she just responded by laying down on me, her ass now in my face. She continued to slide backwards, forcing my face deeper and deeper into her panty covered ass and then finally she pushed back all the way she could and rose up slightly, pushing her elbow painfully into my leg. Not only that but her weight nearly sitting on my face also was uncomfortable. I was quickly running out of air and struggling to get away from this chair and this insane nurse but I could not; my binds were too tight. I could only wish someone would come in and save me from her.

“Prepare for my own brand of anesthetic for you baby,” she said, laughing.

It was then, with that statement, that I realized there would be no rescue. This was the new anesthetic procedure. I had to suffocate under her ass until I passed out. Just then, a huge fart escaped from above and my nose fell victim to the awful smell that escaped her ass.

“Ooooh, that was a good one. Now take slow, deep breaths and you’ll be under in no time,” the nurse said, sincerely. I wasn’t listening however; I was too busy trying to avoid the awful stench that wafted around my face and into my nostrils. I breathed quick and sharply in order to avoid the horrid gasses. “Damn, this is going to be agonizing for you I can tell,” she said, releasing another loud, long fart into my unwilling face. I fought to get away but it was pointless. “Please just try deep, slow breaths and you will be unconscious very soon.” I could not hear a word she said, I was preoccupied with avoiding this horrid smell. “I can’t believe you are forcing me to do this.” Just then the nurse rose up and pushed her arms into my stomach, forcing me to expel all my oxygen. “Now get ready boy; cause here it comes.” With that a huge fart exploded out of her ass and she released her arms from my stomach. I gasped deeply for air but I could only get her tainted gas that floated around my head. I began to get dizzy, my eyes watered, and my vision blurred. Just before my vision became dark I heard the nurse laugh loudly and fart once more.

“Mr. Peters?” My eyes opened slowly onto bright light and I could see I was still in the hospital.


“Well, I just wanted to tell you the surgery was a complete success.”
“…Great…so when can I get outa here?”

“You should stay one more day so we can make sure everything is running smoothly. You should be going home by tomorrow morning.”

“Excellent, thanks doctor.” The doctor nodded and said nothing more, walking out of the room.

I was alone. I began to think about the experience before the surgery…had it really happened? Did I just dream that up while in surgery? I couldn’t be sure and before I could make any sense of it the door to my room opened. It took me a few seconds to process who it was but when I finally did, I recoiled in fear. The heart monitor near my bed went wild as my heart beat raced in fear. The nurse quickly approached my bed, ascended it, and straddled my face. She stuck her ass in my face and forcefully sat on my head.

“Time for your nap Mr. Peters.”

I screamed but they were silenced as the first gush of gas flew up my nostrils. This would be my day in hell!

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.