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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 27th, 2012

On the court, during a game, the Goddess suddenly grew, her racket in hand she grew at least a dozen feet. She giggled, it booming down on the people below, none more than the lowly toilet partner she played with.

She lifted him up with her racket, threw him up and served him to the other side of the court, his body landing with a deadly smack against chain link fence that rattled impossibly for several minutes afterward.

She plucked him from the fence and set him again on the racket; she put the racket behind her and lifted her short tennis skirt revealing her unpantied ass with such powerful smell that emanated freely from it.

She flipped the racket so the toilet was trapped between racket and big Goddess booty. She moaned loudly before releasing a tornado of putrid flatulence from her backside that almost paralyzed the small man, his body convulsed and sputtered as it was forced to ensure this monster.

Then, like a flood, a wash of thick dark diarrhea sprays in his face endlessly as he gargles and chokes it down inadvertently like rapids of pure waste. Then thick, heavy logs began to crown and shove their way from the Goddess' magnificent booty.

They pressed out like Play-Doh and wedged the toilet between the strings of the racket and shit as forcefully held him there against his cross-hatch cell walls.

"Mmmmmm," the Goddess said farting, "I guess I win but we should play again some time, eh sweetie?" She laughed and dropped the toilet pathetically to the ground; he was saved by the shit which surrounded him although he likely wished for death as the gas within the shit release in terribly tiny bubbles against his face. He screams.

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