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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 15th, 2011

The following story is based on true events.

This is the story of a young six foot Goddess named Rosemary. As a young girl, Rosemary had been diagnosed with many embarrassing problems. She had irritable bowel syndrome, a gastrointestinal disorder that made her produce massive logs of shit at the rate of nearly five pounds an hour, another disorder that gave her explosive diarrhea which was exacerbated by her removed gall bladder, and her colon was five times the normal size. As she grew older, Rosemary learned to pass these problems onto others; she began using unwilling toilets at her disposal, often disappearing their heads in a mound of shit and runny shit sludge. With her first toilet, she became the Goddess she is today.

The Goddess didn't really understand what she was doing on this date; this toilet was clearly full of himself as he continued to drone on and on about himself and his nothing life. Rosemary nodded politely before standing quickly and shoving the toilet's face into her tight jeans that imprisoned her massive booty.

"You know toilet, I really feel the need to fart," The Goddess declared, matter of factly.


The Goddess unleashes a massive fart that instantly fills the coffee shop with it's toxic aroma; the toilet at Goddess' bum shakes and fights violently for freedom but there is no escape as shifts her weight to sits on his face. The chair falls, taking the toilet and the Goddess with it but her booty lands comfortably over the tormented toilet's face as he groans in pain.

"I think I got..."


"Ahhhh, that's better."

The fumes gush from the Goddess' massive ass as the toilet coughs and sputers underneath her grace and power.

The Goddess rubs her belly with a pained look on her face; "Oh, god; I have to shit really badly. I haven't unloaded in days," she says, a slight smile forming, as she slides her jeans down to her knees; the toilet screams at the sight and smell of the Goddess' naked hole but his relief would not last as a brick-sized log pressed forcefully against the toilet's lips, pressing past and down his throat with an unending log. The Goddess quakes in excitement as the toilet chokes underneath her.

In what seems compassionate, the Goddess rises off the pathetic toilet's unseen face and hovers for a second."


A rude fart gives way to a sea of sludge that rains down upon the tortured toilet as a faint cry can be heard inside the mound of crap.

The Goddess finally stands, pulling back up her jeans; she looks at her toilet date, "I feel very relieved toilet, at least a couple pounds lighter too; thanks for the coffee." The Goddess laughs heartily as she walks away from her bomb site; the degraded toilet twitching sporadically.

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