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Harley's Fun 2
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 9th, 2015

A continuation of:
Harley's Fun
by Fart Sniffer

The story continues with:
Harley's Fun Three by Closet Fetishist

Kyle woke with a heavy feeling on his face, then a thick, potent smell.


A loud fart opens his eyes with a start but he can't see anything.

Harley rises up off his face slightly, "Hey sugar!" She sits back down again, "You're gonna make me feel good, got it?"

"Are you fucking serious?"

"What did we talk about, my little slave?"

Harley has a hand on the large hammer, it's just inches away.

"Whatever you wish, Harley."

"That's better; now it's going to be too hard for you to reach my rose from there but you should be able to get your tongue deep in my butt crack, don't you think?"


She farts again, making Kyle's tongue recoil in disgust as he talks.

"You better get started, sugar, you don't want me to get angry."

Through her wet butthole, Kyle pushed his tongue through, licking around, trying to hit anything that will make her shudder.


She blasts another fart down his throat as he desperately tries to hit a sweet spot for her.

Finally, she moans a little.

Again he goes for the same spot and she shakes, pleasurably.

Repeatedly, he pokes at the spot, licks over it, smacks it with his tongue until Harley's shudders and moans were constant as she got closer and closer to climax.

She bounces up and down just a little on Kyle's face as he desperately tries to get her there quickly, no longer wanting to be under her stinky ass.

Harley's shudders got sharp and short until she finally lifted up off Kyle's face, grabbing her butt cheeks.


She erupted a massive fart she held in right on Kyle's face; at the same time, she came in such a way she hadn't enjoyed in some time. She wanted more.

She laid down on her stomach on the floor; breathing heavily. Kyle saw this as a chance to escape but he didn't get far before he heard...

"Again," Harley demanded.

He turned and she was already crouched, ready to pounce on Kyle with her trusty hammer.

Kyle approached her and she laid down once again; Kyle plants his face between her cheeks.


"That's what you deserve. But from here you can probably reach my pussy; so why don't you...but keep you nose in my ass, in case I have to fart again! And I think I will."

She pushes a little, FRRRrrppp!

I work my tongue to try to reach her vagina but it's a bit far off, I'd never be able to reach her clit from here.

"You'll have to get deeper than that!"

Kyle pushes his face deeper, his nose closer to Harley's asshole now, but his tongue now in better position to at least scrape at her clit; she shudders but it's still not quite enough, Kyle's not quite hitting it consistently.

He pushes his face deeper; his nose upturned against Harley's asshole, feeling it breathe in and out with her; the smell putrid and unwiped.

Desperately, he licks against her clit as feverishly as he can.


Harley farts which sends Kyle reeling as the thick, potent gas rushes like a brain freeze up his nostrils; he's dizzy and nauseated at the same time but he keeps on his task. His eyes rolling back in his head from the rotten stench.

Harley shudders and moans softly, she squeezes at her breast, biting her lip; making this poor boy endure her gas while she makes him bring her to orgasm. She wondered why she didn't think of this so much sooner. This sort of small scale fun, Batman would never catch on.

Finally she shuddered and moaned loudly; creaming herself profusely.

She sighs in relief as she stands; Kyle struggles, coughing and moaning, mouth dry and sore, on the floor.

When he finally turns around, Harley stand directly over him; hammer already pulled up high over her head.

"It's been fun, time for bed, sugar!"

"No, wait..." Kyle cries in raspy voice before his head is smashed into dreamland.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.