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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 11th, 2011

The Goddess rises off the toilet with a disgusting smack; she feels better but not content, her stomach still grumbles with the great force of at least a few toilet loads.

The Goddess spots a row of five unwitting toilets; she approaches them with a friendly smile. "Toilet," she says, addressing the first one, "I feel very uncomfortable; my stomach churns with a great load."

She ascends the toilet and turns, sitting her massive booty onto the lowly toilet's face; his weakness is immediately apparent as his body shakes under the Goddess' weight.

"Stay still toilet! I may have to...," the Goddess' pained expression gave way to a sigh of relief as fist-sized log barrels out with force, pressing harshly against the toilet's upper lip before taking refuge in his throat and lodging there, clogging it.

He sputters and chokes as the Goddess rises her booty off the toilet just slightly; she splits her cheeks and fires off a rude fart which bakes the toilet in putrid fume before dousing it in warm soupy diarrhea.

"Oh, God, that's so much better," she says, leaving a mass of sludge on the toilet's pathetic face and a length of log hanging from his poor mouth like dark brown sausage links. The Goddess shuffles over to the second toilet and wastes no time in sitting on his face.

"I still feel pretty backed up, I might just..." the Goddess moans softly as she unloads a log with the near thickness of a load bearing pillar against the pathetic face of toilet two. It smashes with a disgusting squishing sound as the Goddess is quickly elevated on her own logs as the toilet under her convulses.

She steps down from him, onto his balls and stands there, "Toilets!" The Goddess commands, indicating to the next two on the bench, "You will lie on the ground so that I may drop my loads into you pathetic mouths; hurry now, I feel ready to burst!"

The Goddess clutches her stomach as the two toilets do as they are told and lie, faces together near their empty chairs. The Goddess, finally steps off toilet two's balls, and squats over the two toilet faces; she parts her cheeks and the toilets gaze upon a ferociously puckering hole that releases a serpent-sized log which seemed to never end as it carefully dropped into the toilet's mouth before being pinched off and dropped over both their mouths, the remainder sitting there on their faces like droppings from an elephant.

"Oh, toilets, what a relief but look at poor you; can't even tell there is two of you any...ugh...oh, God..." the Goddess cringed in pain as her booty dropped a bottle-sized log over the toilet's faces, it landed with a well-audible splat.

The Goddess laughs at the toilets, buried beyond recognition and stained beyond care; a twitch from one is the only sign of life they offer. She drops to the floor.

"Almost done toilet but I don't feel so good; I think it's..." The Goddess presents her sizable booty to the fifth toilet who recoils in fear but cannot escape as a tidal wave of brown sludge rushes at him and pounds his face with hurricane forces.

Immediately defeated, the toilet begins to falter towards the ground but Goddess fires again with a blast of thick, brown goo that prevents the toilet from falling; his lifeless head slouches over the back of the seat before falling off the side. The Goddess cannot help but laugh hysterically as she bends down and farts in the unconscious toilet's face before walking away.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.