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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 17th, 2012

A quiet moment in the show, lets the prominent sound dull to a whisper of my weight against the chair.

With a pounding, forceful kick, my front door is thrown open by a seeminly disembodied, perfectly shined, leather black boot which slowly, sexily decended to the ground. Another followed behind it, revealing the gorgeous Goddess in a tight business skirt and a white button-up top that began somewhere in the middle, revealing more breast than any woman had ever before and still called herself covered.

A sly smirk in her face melts to stern and angry, "Why did you think you could ignore me toilet?!"

"What?! No...I didn't...I..."

"No excuses, I asked you for something and you didn't deliver; now you have a giant hole in your house and I'm now I'm about to take a giant dump in your mouth.

I drop to my knees and plead, crying, "Don't do this! Please, I'm sorry! I'll do whatever you want! Anything!"

"You're right, you will, but that's after, when you're making it up to me for having to come down here to this shithole."

A shake and caw as I watch her quickly slip down her skirt and encase my head in her massive booty; it is at least a five inches deep, my nose pressed almost flush against her trembling anus.

A sound eminates, like a bit of trouble internally in a drain, and her anus pushes outward, beating against my nose as it releases a torrent of toxic gas straight into my head and through my body as it weakened from the fight and feeling poisioned inside from the lack of oxygen and rancid methane that now ripped through my body as I involutarily let out cries, moans, and eventually screams.

I hear her giggle before she stops; a log starts to crown against my nose before firing out like a bullet, mashing against my face. The Goddess laughs as her waste pours out freely with little effort, snaking it's way into my mouth. The first moments are awful as the taste starts to sting my toungue but the relief is short lived as a thick, unforgiving shit launches from her booty and lodges in the back of my throat with its massive, seven inch girth; it is unable to move further as more, smaller logs press in to fill in the gaps.

It's dark as the shit built upon my face starts to drip, then a floor of brown, diahreea liquid oozes through the solid material and drips tormentingly on my face from the mounds above. A pool starts to form arond my face before leaking into my throat; I want to throw up but it won't get past the poop-cork in my mouth.

The Goddess, giggling, no doubt looking at her monster, moves forward and my body, exhausted and demolished, falls to the floor with a disgusting smack.

"Sweetie, I know you're tired but I expect a story of this and at least three more by the time I get home."

I remained on the ground, lifeless.

"You can do this or give me five more train story chapters...Mmmmmmmmmm."

Bubbles rose up from the shit pile around my face, presumably this meant 'Yes Goddess.'

"Good toilet," she says as she heads to the hole where my door was. "By the way, I take the express so you better get to time I won't be coming out here, next time I send for you and that'll be the last time you're ever seen again."

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.