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Ire of the Skunk
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 5th, 2014

The sky was a dark pink when I noticed I had wandered away from my companions. They should have been easy to spot, we all wore bright orange vests but I didn't see any amongst the thick line of trees.

"Earl?! Pete?" I yelled out; my voice echoed in the trees but I heard no response.

There's a rustling nearby, a bush. I clutch my shotgun against me, tightly; my fingers practically itch at the grips.

I peer down into the rustling bush which has stopped now. I bend down near it; coming closer.


A burning, stinky spray blasted, from the center of the bush, right into my face. I reacted on my trigger finger and the gun went off; hopefully harmlessly into the trees. And I fell to the ground and writhed around; scratching at my face to try to claw the stink away but it was no use. I rolled around, eventually turning on to my stomach to wipe my face against the dirt and grass of the forest; hoping to clean or at least mask this horrid aroma that was paralyzing like rubbing alcohol.

I reached for moist dirt and packed it against my face. Finally, it seemed like the smell was subsiding; my eyes no longer stung like acid was in them.

I slowly turned back onto my back. I jumped, a bit startled as I noticed three figures standing above me. I pushed myself onto my elbows to try to sit up but one figure stuck a bare foot out and pushed it against my chest; pressing me back down to a laying down position.

I looked at the foot on my chest. It looked human thought slightly purple in skin tone; it wasn't like anything I'd seen before. It also appeared a bit hairy, but not like a person but an animal. My eyes adjusted and as I followed the foot up to the thigh, I noticed more hair, thicker, bushier hair on this figure; with still a purple tonality to the skin.

Then, breasts; such magnificent, large, almost bright purple breasts were attached to a beautiful face which only flaw, for a human, was a rather large, protruding snout.

"What...what is this...what are you?"

And that's when I saw it; the smiling one, with the foot on my chest, shook her long, flowing, silky tail with a wide white stripe down the middle of it.

"We are skunks; don't you recognize us?" She said; and the three of them giggle to themselves.

"'re...girls..." I say, stammering.

"Women actually. But yes. We know."

"," I can't finish the sentence.

"Shhh, that's a secret...," she said, smiling wider now.

"What...what are you gonna do?"

"Well you've been a naughty little man, haven't you?"

"I...," I wasn't sure what she meant; but she was probably right...on some count.

"You kill animals."

I was confused at first; "But...I use and eat whatever I kill."

"Does that make it right?" She asks, roughly; pushing down on my chest a little harder with her foot.

"You eat meat, don't you?" I ask, a little pained from the new stressing pressure on my ribs.

"We're animals; we each each other. I don't see humans doing that."

"And what do you eat; being both?!" I ask, defensively.

She smirks, "You think you're clever, don't you?"

I try to keep my face stern; I don't want to give in. She leans in with a mean, piercing stare. But then, she starts laughing.

"I can't take you seriously with all that mud on your face."

The skunk-women laugh to themselves again. I start to get a little angry. But they keep laughing; and holding me down.

"You look ridiculous," she continues; still laughing with her skunk-woman friends.

"So what are you going to do to me?! Let me go!" I demand.

The skunk-women pause. Then laugh even harder; clearly they aren't taking me seriously.

"What are you going to do? There is three of us and one of you...and you were felled by a little bit of skunk spray; how are you gonna even survive we we start farting?"

What....I thought to myself. Farting? Do skunks fart...I guess but I never really thought about it. Was it different than skunk spray?

"That's right, you're our bitch!"

"Help! Help!" I started to yell out as the skunk-women just chuckled and turned their tail covered butts towards me. Then they started to squat, lifting their tails up to expose their very human like butt cracks which they perched inches away from my face as they sat on their knees, as closely packed to my face as can be so that the tree canopy above turned to an ass canopy for me.

Their lightly colored purple asses were so perfect, so firm and shapely with their cracks drifting off into total blackness around their butthole. I watched one, as if in slow motion, pulse out towards me...and then, like a bomb, the dream like state of it ended as my face was assaulted by an inhumanly toxic fart in my face that cause my head to jerk around spastically.


My head darted from that ass to another which pulsed out.


Then one above me, closer to my forehead.


My nostrils have no choice but to sniff in these wretched, combined odors of skunk and farts. It was what I'd imagine giving a skunk beans would smell like...if that could even work.


Another fart rang out as I tried to take it with my mouth but instantly my throat dried and tasted rankly of putrid waste.

"!!" I involuntarily groaned out, my body trying it's hard to recoil deep into the hard mud but it was no use and continually my face was inhaling terrible gassy aromas.


An airy, bassy fart bubbles out slowly like a Model-T and each snaps and bursts against my face with such horrific odor. I felt my throat seize up; my nostrils felt like they bled.

Another involuntary but big sniff and I felt everything go dark; my eyes rolled back in my head, my mouth gurgled. I remember hearing giggling as I faded into unconsciousness. Or was this death?

My eyes started to flutter open and I saw a figure rush up to me; then another, following close behind. I pushed back, against the tree I rested on; sitting up.

"Oh, lookie here! Wheew boy; I think the skunks got him." Earl says.

"Guys! Oh, thank god! Thank you." I reply, groggily; my throat raspy, my body weak. My eyes burn and I have trouble opening them very wide; they water profusely, stinging.

"It's fine; we heard your gunshot," Pete says.

"That was hours ago!" I reply, excitedly.

"No buddy, that was just a minute ago. We were combing near camp when we heard the gunshot; figured it might be you," Pete replies.

" do I smell so bad?!" I ask, pointedly.

"Probably the skunks, you were laying out here; probably spooked one and he sprayed you."

", was women. Women skunks," I say, picturing it all too vividly in my head.

"Okay, fine it was a girl skunk," Earl chuckles.

"No! You don't...skunk....women...," I managed to sputter out; flustered by their lack of understanding.

Earl and Pete look at each other and laugh.

"Okay bud, skunk-women were out here and they blasted you with their skunk spray," Earl said, placating me.

"I'm telling have to believe me." I say, agitated.

"I do buddy; now lets get back to camp. You can tell us more about it. Sounds like quite the hot little tale. Skunk-women you say; sounds sexy." Earl replies.

Pete jumps in, smiling wide, "Just the right amount of woman, just the slightest dank aroma of skunk. Heavenly."

"A man's dream, I'd say!" Earl yelled out.

Earl and Pete laugh uproariously as they carry me. I just look at them, in disbelief; I wasn't going to be able to convince them of what I'd experienced. I wasn't going to be able to convince anyone.

Eventually, I stopped believing it too. Except sometimes, I swear, I still hear that giggle; I jump up and look at my window, half expecting to see the skunk-women there. But it never happens. Maybe it never did.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.