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Irreverence of Man
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 29th, 2011

It was in 2020 that America elected its first female president; as the nation's economic woes worsened, a shining light appeared in the form of a Senator from Rhode Island, Christina Turner. Truly revolutionary and radical in a time when America was finally ready to give in to change as their world began to crumble around them, with more than 90% of Americans in poverty and living on the streets.

Senator Turner vowed to restore America to it's original glory," a return to the REAL American dream;" somehow, her opponent found the fortitude to continue pushing the idea that taxation on the rich is "class warfare" and "a hit to the job creators;" Ms. Turner won by a landslide, she attained the greatest majority vote of any president-elect. She have, she didn't need a husband, or any status symbols to win; she spoke the truth and looked eye-to-eye with people and promised to make it better. They believed her and America did heal; very quickly, America started back up like an old factory churning to life.

Ms. Turner, a feminist, pushed a lot of policies that many male journalists reported as "anti-men;" no female agreed in any field, from journalism to politics. The argument "pro-woman" came up a lot; no one mentioned pro-man for fear of sounding misogynistic. More honest, female politicians admitted that "men had their time at the top of the chain; it's time for the rise of women." These statements were quickly dismissed and the speakers discredited.

People began to notice the sudden insurance of female politicians on their tv screens; it seemed like every senator, every representative, was a woman. In fact, in 2022, all but twelve seats in the House of Representatives were occupied by women and those twelve men were not running again against their female opponents in their home districts.

Around the same time, Yale published a story documenting male and female intelligence and determined not only that females were far more intelligent than males but that males, in great majority, lacked the mental capacity to be charged with the election of a representative in government.

President Turner, in secret, signed into a law a bill repealing a man's right to vote under the pretense of diminished mental capacity to make an informed decision. The new law also called for the arrest and permanent detainment of all men. It wasn't clear for what the men would be arrested or held for but Turner was sure to make a splash; she personally ordered the arrest of long-time, highly respected journalist and anchor, Tom Mallens, during the live broadcast of his newscast. There was a small stir but it only served to allow the police force to locate men in hiding.

There were no men to be seen on the streets in America by the year 2025; the men would remain idle in captivity for years. Many died of starvation; a leaked picture circulated on the Internet of a deceased father holding his live son in his arms. The pictures were quickly removed and debunked as a hoax. A FOX news investigation into the prisons found them to be "more than satisfactory" and even "comfortable."

Turner spent her last day in office working to push for a new political ideology for America; a feminist dictatorship. She would remain in power but answer to all female constituents in her power. The voting public agreed unanimously and America as a representative democracy was dismantled.

In response to criticism about astronomical prison deaths, Turner implemented an experimental form of suspended animation; a cyclical system in which the male prisoner would be comatose, in water, submerged in an individual tube. With special tubing attaching the rectum to the throat; the male would continually feed off his own waste until removed from the container. This delighted a certain sadistic sense in the feminist dominated nation but also responded to concerns over prisoner sustainability such as feeding.


Bridget slid her card across the reader and proceeded through the gate which rang out with a loud buzzing. It slammed behind her and she walked on.

She walked past sector after sector until she found H. Sector H housed most of the intellectual prisoners so it was often visited by many extractors but Bridget was going after a man who'd been untapped for a while; she hoped his sample would sever to bring some variety to the current intellectual thought of her generation. Even with the relative newness of this new system, Bridget always was looking to change things for the better but she did enjoy her current way of life as well; it suited her.

She stopped in front of tube134; her sample. She hit the button on the front of the containment tube to drain the water and release the feeding tubes. The door would open last but the prisoner always fell to the floor from atrophy so there was no concern of escape; she waited patiently.

Eventually, the door swung open and the prisoner dropped to his knees in front of Bridget. He choked and coughed on water and his excrement.

She began undressing and the man watched; his naked shriveled body finding strength to erect his member. Bridget rolled her eyes, slightly disgusted as she approached the man. Without a word, she sat her naked, perfect cream ass on his face. She could feel his soft bones bend to her weight; that made her squirt a little.


She blasted a fart in the man's face as she reached for the container in her pocket; she started to stroke the man's erect member and hold the cup to catch what came out.


She farted again as she leaned forward, positioning the cup. She smiled as the man weakly, uselessly tried to push her off.

He came almost instantly, as men almost always did in her experience. She sealed her sample and rose up off the man.


She sat down again, sealing him in her stink. She laughed out-loud as the man passed out under her. She kicked him in the head before leaving the sector.

She checked her clipboard; Sector N was next on her list.

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