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Librarian's Assistant
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 12th, 2013

Laura pressed on the sides of her nostrils, hoping, like playdoh, her large peanut shaped nostrils would reform into normal circular or at least bean shaped ones. But it was no such luck as it popped right back into place. She always felt like a hog because of her giant nostrils, the only saving grace was her big, dark rimmed glasses; it made her look like such a nerd but at least it detracted from her nostrils.

She eventually moved on and checked her attire in preparation for her interview; she'd been asked to come in as an intern at the college library. It wasn't anything great but it would be good on a resume as she worked on her goal of being a museum docent. She dreamed of working at the Museum of Historical Art and Science; she always had such a thing for old culture and innovation.

She smiled just slightly, out of the corner of her mouth; she looked good. She was ready.

"Ms. Finksy, this is incredible; you have quite the resume, some very prestigious institutions."

"Oh, thank you," Laura said, shyly.

"I think you can start right away in the library department."

"I don't like this!" A large woman, sitting next to Laura, interjected. She was very heavy, she barely fit into the chair with her expansive butt creaking on the wood of the armrests on either side. "I don't need an assistant."

"Ms. Blok, the school really thinks..."

"Oh, shut up and talk to me like a human being, Dick!"

"Richard. Please." The dean requested, flustered. "I...I think you need help...a-around the library. Students have been complaining they sometimes don't get books until after the report is due."

"I can't help that."

"Ms. Blok, please, just accept this; we're not going to fight about it. I've made my decision."

"Well, you'll regret it!" She said to him, then she turned to Laura, "You too."

Laura cowered back, she was shaking the entire argument; she hated confrontation, ever since she heard her parents yelling when she was a child.

And then Ms. Blok stormed out, her footfalls deliberate and heavy; she slammed the door behind her as she left the office.

Laura looked back at Dean Richard; he seemed in denial but good spirits all the same, "She's harmless."

"I'm not so sure..."

"Trust me, she's all bark. If you're ready to get started, you can head down to the library right now."

"Okay," Laura said, regaining her confidence.

"Great! Maybe finally we can get some good service around the library, huh? Huh?" He said, nudging Laura playfully.

"We'll see," she said, modestly.

Richard smiled.

Laura felt a sudden thrill as she entered the front doors of the library. All the studious learners, nose buried in books; she felt at home here, in her element.

In the distance, she saw the librarian's station, where Ms. Blok was sitting, lazily, when she spots Laura near the entrance. As Laura, timidly approaches, Ms. Blok sits up and eventually stands, towering over Laura a bit as she stands to report to this woman.

"Listen, I don't want you here but as long as you're going to be here, you'll listen to me; got it?!"

"I got it," Laura said, quickly, obediently; she wanted to get on Ms. Blok's good side. It was her nature; she wanted everyone to like her.

Ms. Blok smiles and leans in; Laura does the same but her face quickly turns when she hears a subtle roar from Ms. Blok's stomach. Gas rising. She opens her mouth and BELCHES, loud and for a full five seconds in Laura's face.

Laura immediately clutches her nostrils, "Oh my God! What is that?"

"It's a burp, Princess; get over it, you'll be dealing with them a lot, working near me."

"Ugh...I...I mean, can you please, point them away from time? Please?"

"I'll point them where I want to point them," Ms. Blok said, nonchalantly.

Laura aggressively fanned the air around her, hoping to dissipate the toxic burp that hung near her face.

The two sat in silence for the rest of the day; Laura handled the two students that needed help while Ms. Blok seemed more than happy to sit on her fat ass while still looking bitter.

Five minutes before closing, Laura had to use the restroom. Ms. Blok noticed and she crept up to the women's restroom door and locked it with a key so there was no way in or out until it was unlocked.

Then, she waited.

A female student approached the station, "Uh, hi; can I get a key to the restroom?"

"Bathroom's closed."

"Really? I just wanted to wash..."

"I said the bathroom is closed!"

The student, eyes wide with fear, scurried off.

Finally, the library was closed and the lights in the main centers all were shut off.

Ms. Blok looked at the bathroom door, the light creeping under the door jam; and she smiled.

Laura looked at herself in the mirror proudly as she washed her hands. Day one, done. She had made it through, and even with a bitchy boss like Ms. Blok. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad.

A lock on the door falls.

Laura seems confused at first, thinking perhaps she's locked in.


The door swings open and Ms. Blok strolls in, closing the door behind her," Good, I'm glad I didn't catch you on the pot."

"Hey Ms. Blok, what's up?"

"Oh, nothing much; just wanted to check in on you and see how you felt after your first day," she said, mocking enthusiasm; she walks slowly towards Laura.

"It was great! I had a blast!"

"That's good, that's good," Ms. Blok said, still approaching Laura. "Then, I guess there's thing left."

Laura opened her mouth to say, "What's that" but Ms. Blok grabbed her head and shoved it forcefully against the bathroom mirror.

Laura, her tiny face practically crushed by the force, falls to the ground; dizzy, practically unconscious.

Ms. Blok stands over her, pulling a roll of duct tape from her stretch spandex pants and with a wide, toothy grin, she begins to tape Laura's wrists.

"Wha....what's happen..." Laura murmurs, weakly.

She tapes her ankles and then starts taping around her legs.


Ms. Blok continues taping until Laura looks like a tape mummy; with only her nose and eyes exposed. Laura's eyes are wide with fear but she can't say a word, her mouth covered several times with heavy duty, gray duct tape.

Then, after taking a moment to admire her work, Ms. Blok sat her big butt on Laura's lap and looked down on her.

"You know, I was secretly happy they hired you. You know why?" Ms. Blok asked the young woman being crushed under her weight.

Laura shook her head desperately, feeling the pressure of all of Ms. Blok on her waist; crushing her.

"Because of this moment. I've been waiting for this moment. Planning. Scheming. Thinking. And gorging."

Laura seems confused but still desperate to free herself; whatever is going to happen, it's sure not going to be good.

"I've wanted this day, the day I do this to be...quite a blast; if you'll excuse the pun," Ms. Blok chuckled as she slid forward; her big butt now crushing Laura's decent sized bust. Her C cups were being compacted into A cups by the crushing force of this woman; Laura arched her back, trying to find a comfortable position but it was no use.

Then she slid again, now her vagina hovering just over her face. It has a thick, musky smell of unwashed masturbatory fluid and pee dribble in her pants. Laura tried to cough but the duct tape prevented any such movement so her coughs came out like sputtering machine gun fire; it sounded as if she could have been crying and no one would be surprised if she was.

Ms. Blok lifted Laura's head a few inches; it couldn't go far due to the fact that her butt sat on Laura's neck. She lowered herself down her her prey, shadowing Laura's face with hers. She smiled and whispered, "Did I tell you I'd make you regret working here?"

Then, she internally gulped and BELCHED AGAIN, holding Laura's ears to ensure she got ever single particle of it.

Laura started to sob, her body shuddered with her cries.

"Enough, bitching; time for the Princess to meet her Prince Charming," Ms. Blok said, then slid a few more inches forward, until her butt crack hovered over Laura's face. She already smelled an unmistakable, strong shit smell emanating from there; she gagged and shook her head in desperation.

"In case you're still wondering, it's my butt," she said, laughing as she quickly slid down her pants enough to allow Laura's wide eyed face to go inside her butt crevice. Laura shook her head aggressively, practically massaging the large butted woman's crack, as she started to catch strong whiffs of old, fermented gas that clung to Ms. Blok's butthole; a butthole that seemed like it was often left unwashed for long periods of time.

And then, Laura screamed as she watched Ms. Blok's butthole open and like Two Girls, One Cup, she feared it would launch a soft serve of shit but instead a long, low, bassy fart ripped through Laura's face. Her eyes watered as her nostrils were forced to inhale the gassy monster as Ms. Blok laughed; Laura's body shuddered from the sudden and large intake of powerful methane, it tried to break it down to find some trace of oxygen but it couldn't. Laura started to feel lightheaded as a result; not unlike when she'd been pounded against the mirror. Only this felt like a slow poisoning, from the inside.


Ms. Blok blew another big fart in Laura's face; she moaned and groaned as he nostrils automatically flared, dying for oxygen but instead just receiving, hot, putrid gas that now irritated her nostrils and dried them to near bleeding. She whined as she moaned.

Ms. Blok grunted, pushing, and suddenly dropped a long, raining wet fart on Laura's face; the bulk of which flooded Laura's large, pool like nostrils. Every horrible breath she took, she sniffed up a little sludgy diarrhea in her sinuses; she felt the horrible shit drip from her nose, to down her through; like mucus that you don't spit up.

Laura feels vomit build up in her throat but she swallows it back down as she has nowhere for it to go.


A fresh fart from Ms. Blok ripples through the shit matter that sits on Laura's face; she screams and moans, shakes and bucks but it's no use with the nearly three hundred pound woman sitting on her face. Her nostrils flair desperately for life but are still only treated to diarrhea and the strong smell of eggy flatulence.

Laura's eyes roll back in her head as Ms. Blok speaks, at the same time releasing a long, silent fart up her nose; distracting her, "Tomorrow, you'll tell Dick that you quit. Understand?"

"Mm-hm!" Laura mumbles, eagerly; she nods her head desperately. Then she starts to sob again.

Ms. Blok, splits her cheeks, giving Laura a world class view of her butthole just before she showers her with a long, spray of thick diarrhea. Laura can't help it and vomits inside her mouth as the fart assaults her nostrils and Ms. Blok laughs at the plight of the young woman underneath her butt.

Gasping, Laura wakes up on the bathroom floor. She looks around; it's empty. The morning light shines a bright yellow through the bathroom windows. Her body is still tapped but she is able to stand and walk; she heads to the Dean's office.

"I quit."

"Ms. Finsky, what happened to you?!" Dean Richard asked, in shock at Laura's disheveled appearance. He discretely holds his nose, noticing a strong, shitty aroma coming from Laura as well; her face is smeared and stained, as if she'd been playing in the mud.

"Nothing, just...I quit. Goodbye," she said, scurrying out the door.

Dean Richard shook his head and returned to his paperwork. When he lifted his head again, Ms. Blok stood in his office.

"Oh shi...I didn't hear you come in Ms. Blok."

"Oh, I'm sorry; hope I'm not disturbing anything."

"No, no, actually I wanted to speak with you."

"Oh good, because I wanted to speak with you too," Ms. Blok said, smiling. "I'll go first."

She shut and discreetly locked the Dean's door.

"Yes, Ms. Blok?"

Ms. Blok remained silent, smiling, as she approached Dean Richard. He smiled too when she stood right next to him at his desk. Then she grabbed him by the throat and chucked him forcefully under his desk.

"Ms. Blok! What are you doing?!" He asked, frantically.

She didn't say a word as she dropped her pants and split her cheeks over the hole under Dean Richard's desk.

"No...please..." He pleaded.


Ms. Blok dropped a giant fart from her butt that immediately brought the Dean to the floor as he clutched at the ground and tried to sip oxygen from other small creases in his desk but everything he got was just pure fart air.

"I'm sorry! Please!"


A splattering wet fart blew all over the once prominent Dean; now he was reduced to toilet for his disgruntled librarian. Ms. Blok just laughed.

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