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Little Secret
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 8th, 2012

"Hi Silvia! I'm glad you called," Janet said as she readjusted herself on her seat.

She bit her lip and leaned forward as an explosively squeaky fart burst from her ass and into the seat's face; he mumbled incoherently, his mouth tapped, as he kicked and bucked, trying to get free from Janet's putrid backside.

"No, I'm not doing anything; just hanging around the house; why what's up?"

The phone mumbled from the ear piece, the words of Silvia on the other end as the seat aggressively sniffed at the material which held Janet's freshest and previous farts in an invisible stain of rancid gas which seemed to never dissipate in strength.

Janet sat back, settled in as she unleashed an earth-shattering fart that fumed aggressively out the sides of her ass; the seat's face burned under the stench and heat of that blast. He coughed and choked under Janet's ass as she held fast on his face.

"It's nothing dear, I just farted. You're lucky you're not here, they're pretty bad. But I don't smell a thing luckily."

She laughed extendedly, moaning just slightly as hot, silent gas filled the seat's nostrils and burned them as he shook his head and pleaded, shouted for this to just be over.

"Well what did she say?" Janet asked, readjusting herself again to be firmly sitting on the seat's face. She lifted just slightly to pull down her panties and allow the seat's face to fit right inside her caked-in-smell crack. She smiled and looked down at the poor seat, knowing the stink of her ass; she closed her eyes as her anus opened up against the toilet's nose and fumigated him with a five second blast of a rancid ripper.

Wetness ran down Janet's cheeks as the young seat began to sob silently; this filled the woman with glee as she slowly rubbed herself.

"You know what'd be really great? If you could take his head, tape his mouth and just sit on his face. That would show him, wouldn't it?"

Mumbles from Silvia.

Janet laughs, "You're right, just send him over and I'll....PRRRRRRBBBBBB...gas him."

They are both heard laughing, Silvia, quite clearly over the phone, laughing hard to cope with her pain as the seat brutally sucks in another atrocious blast straight from Janet's butthole.

"Awww, well, it was nice talking to you babe. You take care. Talk soon. Bye love."

Janet gets up off her seat and he falls lifelessly to the floor. She gently kicks him, "Hey thanks hun. That always helps me."

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