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Little Timmy and His Mother
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 29, 2011

I looked at myself in the mirror; disgusting. I never managed to get back my body after having a kid and it was difficult because I had always been a very nice figured girl but now I was overstuffed in the boobs, a nice gut, and a big old booty that could break an oak chair.

I poke my butt out so I can see it's hugeness fully. I feel a rumble in my stomach; I rub my belly as I lift my leg. My eyes close inadvertently.


My small smile expands to reveal sensually cruel teeth as the strong odor fills the room; it's aroma was more than pleasant but certainly deadly to anyone else's sensibilities.

Out the window, Timmy is playing in his house play-set he insisted I buy him. I tried to convince him otherwise but he wouldn't have it. I find it hard to say no to the things he wants because he doesn't want much (odd for a kid, I think) and he doesn't have many friends. He enjoys the playhouse so much; but he really should get out and make some friends.

"Hey Timmy!"

"Hi Mom! Did you see me cooking on the stove a second ago?"

He was sharp for eleven, regardless of any social problems; "I did sweetie; listen, mommie thinks you should get out for a while, try to meet some of the neighbor kids?"

He looks down at his toy he fidgets with, "Why?"

"Well because babe, you can't just be by yourself; life is about meeting people, talking to them; learning about how other's live, our differences and similarities."

"I don't think I want to do that."

"Why not?"

"It's just...boring."

He's cute but stubborn; I feel pressure on my backdoor again. It gives me an idea.

"Okay hun, you just have fun then."

"Okay," he says, turning away towards the other side of the playhouse.

I stand up and put my butt near the fake window in the door; I push slightly to release a nice, long SBD into the playhouse.

He doesn't seem to notice at first but I figure it hasn't gotten towards him yet. I want to fire one more nice one into there just to make sure; I bend over, like I'm trying to touch my toes.

"What are you doing, mom?"

"...just ugh... stretching...hunny! Ahhh. Alright babe, play safe."

I walked a few steps away from the house and out of view; within a few seconds he came running out and swearing there was a skunk in the house. He never went back in there; that's a little more than I wanted but, ultimately, it worked. I couldn't kick this odd feeling though; not bad, in fact, the opposite; I felt euphoric, empowered...strong.

I was bothered for a while by what I could not quite put my finger on but as I look at my sweet sleeping boy; I feel something. Mostly it's just gas from the Mexican dinner we ate but something about it makes me smile; it makes me think about the playhouse, about making people smell my farts, or basically shit, and that excites me.

I look down at Timmy again; he smiles sweetly. I turn and hover my uncovered butt over his face. I pull his sleeping head close, caressing it.


A big loud one erupts from my ass and bubbles over Timmy's face but the sound wakes him up in a panic; I quick pull my pants up and turn to comfort him.

"What's wrong Timmy?"

"I...I don't know; I heard something...or something. Why does it smell in here?"

"I think you were farting in your sleep, kiddo; Mexican food," I said shrugging.

"Wow that's stinky."

I smile, "Yes, it is. Now go back to sleep, I'm sure whatever you heard was just in your dream; okay?"

"Okay mom; good night."

"Good night."

At the beach, Timmy is excited and playful; he seems much better out of the house once he is away from it; when he's at the house, it's hard to get him to want to leave. I wonder the cause of that.

"Hey babe!" I yell to Timmy.

"Yeah mom?!"

"Come here hun; I wanna play something with you."

He runs up, "What is it?"

"It's a game that starts with me burying almost your entire body; sound like fun?"

"But mom, if you bury my entire body...I won't be able to breathe."

"Oh, I know that baby; I'm gonna leave your mouth and nose and eyes uncovered; your face."

He got excited, "Okay!"

He lies down and I start to bury him starting with his stomach and privates until he only has his face exposed.

I block the sun to look down at him,

"How do I look mommy?" He asks innocently.

I smile sinisterly, "You look great hun; now mommy is going to sit on your face, okay?"

"What? Sit on my face?"

I laugh at his childlike surprise, "Yeah hunny."

He seems like he's waiting for the punch-line and I let my butt tell him that it's my ass; it's just a little fun any ways, no big deal.


He surely heard that one as much as he felt it go up his nostrils. I feel his fruitless shifting under the sand but it's useless; he's my butt prisoner. I pull my bathing suit to one side and feel his nose against my asshole.


I don't even notice a man come by and stand near me for a few moments before speaking. He is standing right in between me and the sun so I can't see his features but he looks chiseled and hot.


"You lookin' good."

I give him a shy look as I blast an SBD, "Thank you."

"You doing something after this?"

"Maybe, I guess it depends," I say with a smile.

"You live around here?"


"Maybe I'll see you around then," he said with a handsome, model-esc smile.

"Maybe you will."

I watch him jog away in his right red shorts outline his perfect butt. I bite my lip; maybe I still got it.

Oh shit! Timmy!

I rise to see a lifeless Timmy face in the sand. I pat it softly, then slap it but he's unresponsive. I feel his pulse...

...there isn't one.

I look around; the beach is nearly empty.

I take a few seconds and finish burying Timmy in the sand; they'd find him eventually but they'd never connect him to me.

I shut the car door hard and lean to one side.


I laugh hysterically as I drive home, enjoying my scent.

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