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Melted Hitchhiker
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 4th, 2011

The pursuit of beauty and agelessness is often sought after but rarely attained; the true secret of beauty is still abstract and agelessness is science fiction...well except for one woman.

She grabs the whimpering, naked man from her closet; three others wait their fate as well but they are spared for now.

He can see, at last, the wonders of the world; things he'd never seen being stuffed in a closet all his life. It amazed and astounded him.

She stops in near the couch and lies him down; his head resting on the seat.

She pulls down her pants, revealing her milky white cheeks, and sat her crack down over the man's face.


The man, confused and scared, finally gets a whiff of the monster. He gags, slowly, his skin begin to melt. He feels the burn; he screams out.


The woman is smiling wide, orgasmically as the man burns to death underneath her and her stinky ass.

The man's skin begins to blacken and boil, tightening over his bones; meanwhile, the woman's skin becomes more tight, wrinkles disappearing.

The man stops moving; his skin continues to cook off him; there's a hole in the front of his face and neck where his skin and muscle has begun to rot away. The woman laughs at the ashy-rotten wreck of a man underneath her.

She bunches up her arms against her body.


She sighs contently and smiles, looking back at the unidentifiable mass under her putrid ass.

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