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M is for Fox
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 13th, 2010

"Jeffrey! Is the list ready?" Ms. Fox snaps.

"Yes, my queen," grovels the elderly butler.

"Good. And you're learning; who says you can't teach an old fart new tricks! Ha!"

Megan contorts her face oddly and looks at Jeffery.

He is confused for just a moment. He sees the young woman's eyes flair with such evil intent; he immediately falls to the floor and puts his head, face up, on Ms. Fox's cushy computer chair.


She massages his bald head as she settles more comfortably onto his face; he struggles underneath her but he remains in place under the beautiful, perfect ass of Ms. Fox.

"You've done a good job Jeffery; this is your reward."

"Thank you my queen," he mumbles from under her.


"You're welcome, pop pop."


"I love you," Jacqueline says between breaths and snacking on lips.

"I love you, Jacqueline."

She pushes away softly.

"You're just saying that because we're making out."

"Um...but, I mean, I like you; I want to be with you. I don't think about getting with other..."

The doorbell rings.

"...women or anything second."

"Finish your sentence, you bitch!"

"One second, hang on; jeez."

Phillip opens the door.

There, on the one step walk-up, is sexy actress Megan Fox. She wears just a Pink Floyd T-shirt and skinny jeans but she can rock it like no other.

"Hi!" Phillip exclaims.

Megan laughs, "Well you're cute."

Hearing the flirty talk, Jacqueline walks to the doorway.

"Oh my God! You're Megan Fox."

"Yeah...," a disgusted expression crosses her face, "and who are you?"

"I'm...I'm...Jacqueline; Phillip's girlfriend," she tries to put her arm around Phillip's but he releases her.

"Looks to me like ya'll got some issues," Megan says, attempting a Southern accent and just making everyone uncomfortable in the process.

"Right. Phillip; can we talk for a minute?"

"Why?" He asks, still entranced by the goddess' beauty.

"Phillip! I thought you loved me."

"Oh brother!" Megan exclaims, completely exasperated.

She pulls a silence pistol out from her purse and fires.

Jacqueline goes down.

"What did you do?!"

Megan lunges at him and immediately makes out with him; she undoes his shirt in the process, then his pants.

"Take me."


"Take me."

He stares into her eyes; all of a sudden, they are not filled with red hate but instead cool blue. Phillip can feel the affection emanating from Ms. Fox's eyes.


She knocks him to the floor and fucks him right there in the living room; his dead girlfriend just feet away to his left...but he only looked at Megan; he only had eyes for Megan. She rides his cock continuously for twenty minutes; his eyes slowly rolling back in his head as he breaks down into the most satisfying orgasm he's ever experienced.

Phillip wakes up; he's still on the floor, the same place were his dream girl fucked him.

He smiles at the thought and looks up.

He, without thinking, looks to his left; but his girlfriend's body isn't there.

Megan enters from the kitchen.

"Hey, uh...where's Jacqueline?"

"Why are you worried about her?"

"I'm not, I of?"

"Very much so."

"That's a relief."

"Is it?"

" we can be together."

"Oh, yeah; us...together? Sure," she laughs.

"What do you mean?" Phillip asks, panicking.

" No, yeah, totally; we're together," she continues laughing.

"You killed my girlfriend!"

"How else were you gonna get to fuck me?"

"But now what?"

She smiles sensually, "I'll show you."

She pushes him softly back to the floor and quickly takes place, sitting on his face.

Phillip mumbles inaudibly.

"Wait for it!"

"What the fuck is wrong with you!"

"Eeeeee! Here it comes!" she screams as she grabs Phillip's head and leans back slightly, lifting his lead off the ground and pressed tight against her superstar ass.


"Ahhhhhhhhh; God, I looooove Del Taco! Don't you!" She asks, slapping his forehead.

"I did," Phillip mumbles.

She laughs, "That's okay...urrrhh...hmmmm....BRRPRPPPPPPP!...ahhh, you're still enjoying it."

Megan's thin underwear was so wet with discharge and sweat that you could see right through to her neatly mowed vag.


"Oops!" She exclaims and looks at her backside.

She returns making a factious sorry face; "Got a little shit on you," with a fake, jokey smile at the end.

It didn't matter at this point; Phillip already struggled to breathe in the toxic methane that surrounds his mouth and nose. He wiggles more but it's all useless.

"Yeah, those damn Cheddar quesadillas; so good going in but they are a little too quick, coming out," she giggles.

A few more lingering seconds in hell before Ms. Fox rises off Phillip's face.

"How do you feel?"

Phillip's blind eyes just stared up at the beauty.

"Good; still got a little life in you."

Megan, sensually, lowers herself down. She unzips Phillip's pants and sticks his erect penis inside her and then brings her face to meet his.

She meets his eyes in what could be easily confused for a sign of affection.

She kisses him; her open mouth eagerly lunging at his lips. Her snake like tongue then descends from Phillip's mouth into his body slowly absorbing his youthful soul as it slides it's way all the way in an out of Phillip's colon.

Then, like a retracting tape measure released, Megan's tongue slides back into her mouth.

"Mmmm; you did like Del Taco," she says, chuckling as she stands and bends over her ass to Phillip's face.

Phillip, looking noticeably aged, lies motionless on the ground.

"Eat up!"

With that, Megan Fox let loose a nice sized dump on Phillip's seemingly uncaring face.

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