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Nikki the Unwilling Slave
Author: Closet Fetishist

Updated: January 11, 2024

Jacob wakes up to a pleasant text alert on his phone, a recognizable sound of a text from Janice. Janice is a sexy MILF and former actress standing at 18 feet tall. Jacob is certainly attracted to her beauty and her self-assurance but Jacob was truly more smitten with Amanda, Janice's even sexier aunt. The washed up performer is living in Amanda's opulent home rent free because Amanda enjoyed having the sadistic woman around her.

Jacob checks the message on his phone.

Hey sweetheart, you're such a good boy. I need you to be a good boy for me, my tummy is feeling all sorts of messed up and you know how wicked that gets me, hehe!

Yes, of course Janice. ❤️ I'd hate for you to be feeling bad and horny, that won't do at all! I'll have my wife Nikki come over right away to help you with your problems.

YOU'RE A DOLL! 💋 I love Nikki so much! 😈

My pleasure.

Jacob puts down his phone and stretches, preparing to start the morning. He yawns as he stands and walks over to his wife's bed which sits right next to his but is slightly smaller and lower than his own, Nikki's feet hang off the edge of her bed. Jacob looks down at Nikki with a blank, disgusted expression, then leans down to roughly shake her.

"Nikki, Nikki! Wake up, right now!" He yells near her head as her body reacts in shock from the loud noise.

"Wha...what what's what's wrong?!" Nikki stirs completely disorientated.

"Get up, shower quickly, and get dressed right now! I have a friend that's not feeling well and you will be going over there to help her.

"What do you mean not feeling well?" Nikki askes suspiciously.

"I didn't ask and you won't either. You'll do as you're told, understand?" Jacob growls at her.

"Yes honey," Nikki agrees obediently.

"Stop sitting around, get going!" Jacob demands, smacking Nikki's small bed.

Nikki jumps up, startled, and races to the bathroom to shower.

Jacob smirks as he reaches for his phone to text Janice that Nikki would be on her way shortly.

Outside the massive home, Nikki cautiously walks towards the front door. Suddenly, an abrasive and annoying text alert plays on Nikki's phone. She snaps to quickly check her phone as Jacob demanded of her whenever he texts.

Are you there yet?! You seem to be taking a lot of time! Perhaps I should have dropped you off there if you're so incompetent.

I'm here outside

We'll outside isn't helpful, why didn't you text immediately?! Don't bother answering that, just go to the right side of the house, you'll see a bright pink door. Go in.

Nikki quickly walks to the right side of the house and see the pink door. She finds it unlocked and opens it despite feeling a bit hesitant about just walking in. Inside the room is a beautifully decorated room that appears somewhat like a bathroom but there weren't any sinks. There were stalls, some big and some small in alternating patterns.

I'm inside, there's like bathroom stalls here.

Okay? Just go in one.

Small or big?

Do you think YOU ever use the big one of anything? Use your brain. In case that's unclear, enter a small one.

I'm scared, Jacob.

Why? You're helping my friend who's not feeling well, what's there to be scared of? You're not a child, Nikki. Stop being pathetic.

Yes dear.

I hope you're texting me from the small stall already! Don't text me again to waste more time!

Nikki quickly darts towards the nearest small stall but not before noticing a pair of giant golden colored sneakers near another side of the room. Seeing the shoes gives Nikki an uneasy feeling that makes her pause. She pulls out her phone to text Jacob again.

Jacob, there's a massive pair of shoes here in this room with me, I'm feeling a bit weird about it.

What did I say earlier?! It doesn't matter what else is there or who else is there or anything beyond you being there to help my friend, understand? I better not hear from you again!

Nikki quickly enters the stall without another thought and waits. She looks around the small stall, it was about the size of a closet and there wasn't a toilet or anything in here. The dividers between the stalls went all the way to the floor and about seven feet up so the walls towered over the 5'5" Nikki.

Softly, the ground around Nikki shook subtly but noticeably and the door to the next stall opens and closes. Nikki peers around unsure, she looks up and sees a massive, rubbery booty appear up over the side of the stall wall and hang over Nikki's head as it made disgustingly loud gurgling sounds of a severely upset stomach.

Nikki is shaky as she pulls her phone out again, she fearfully takes a quick snapshot of the booty and sends it to Jacob with the message:

Jacob, this massive rubbery booty has just appeared above me in the stall!

That's just fine, Nikki. Just relax, everything is as it should be. My friend is really not feeling good at all, it's quite bad. And now you're there to help her.

I don't know if I want to Jacob

Jacob doesn't respond but the rubbery booty above answers with a long, loud and punishing fart down onto Nikki as the woman behind the booty, Janice, sighs exaggeratedly before returning to her relaxed anal flexing.

Nikki, below, is floored by the toxic smell filling her nostrils from this single big blast of gas that now hangs in the air around her stall like a mask on her face.

Nikki writhes on the ground in choking agony as the hot gas seems to be thick and never diminishing in its potency no matter how many painful moments pass. Above again, Nikki is startled by another sudden rumbling, a churning and burbling like an old machine running steady in thick viscous tar. Nikki winces in expectation but she can't help but stare at the massive and rubbery booty hanging ominously overhead.

Janice senses Nikki staring at her ass and it makes her lips curl into a devious little smile, her lips smack softly as she opens her mouth to speak brashly, "Excuse me! You wouldn't be staring at my booty, would you be?! That's a million dollar booty right there and I don't think you paid your ticket to see this show, honey!" Janice's booty jiggles and wiggles above as she speaks empathetically.

Nikki cowers and averts her eyes apologetically, "I'm so sorry, ma'am! I didn't mean to look and will try not to in the future, it was very rude of me to do that in your private moment. I'm only trying to be helpful to my husband's friend, is that you, ma'am?" Nikki chokes out the words through violent coughing as the gassy air around her continues to plague her nostrils and deeply in her throat.

Janice ignores Nikki's question as she groans loudly, she clutches at her stomach to ease some of her aching belly. "Oh god! This new diet is making my stomach feel so awful! All my Hollywood friends are doing it but they certainly didn't tell me about these terrible side effects! Oh dear!"

Nikki trembles as she hears the words, knowing she's about to become very familiar with these side effects first hand. She whimpers and begins to speak but Janice interrupts without acknowledging Nikki at all.

"It's that damn whale and shark meat diet! So very tasty and rare, illegal even in some states like Wussyforina but my Hollywood friends find a way to get around those pesky troubles. Ouuh and what an effect of gas that results! Not only powerful and potent but visible! Absurd to think about but truly, visible green gas cloud like a damn cartoon! Ha! It's like fart smog and I can't live without it now, it's just too fun really!" Janice chuckles as her booty grumbles and rumbles, her massive cheeks shaking before her butt cheeks begin to part slightly like the aperture of a tuba player and out with a disgusting flapping, raspberry comes a dense neon green gas cloud right for Nikki's face. She screams involuntarily as she watches it almost in slow motion. Her eyes dart to the door she came in and for the first time she notices there's no handle on this side! She couldn't get out of here even if she wanted to!

Suddenly the gas cloud overtakes Nikki's entire body, swallowing her in its dense mass and rushing into every orifice she had. The eggy, sewer-like fart was filling her nostrils with a tangible girth of odor that felt as solid as shit sitting in her nose. Nikki gags violently as her body begins to seize and shake on the ground, her neck twitching painfully as her eyes remain involuntarily glued to the booty hanging above her though through the gas it was hard to see much of anything. The ass may just have been a painful imagination of what Nikki knew hung above her through the fart fog.


Again Janice farts, Nikki instinctively throws up her arms from her face which saves her, slightly, from a shit splattering from Janice's ass. Instead most of the wet fart runs over Nikki's arms and her hands though it drips quickly towards her face as she lowers her hands in an attempt to clear them of the spray of waste on her.

"Oh god!" Janice whines, "I just have soooo much gas! And who knows what might be coming next!" She says coyly, knowing full well what she has in store for Nikki to endure.

Nikki shudders as she speaks, choking on each word through a cloud of dense eggy flatulence, "Wha...what do you mean?" Nikki trembles like a freezing rat.

"It's whatever I want, bitch! Understand that! I am a movie star, do you understand?!" Janice barks out defensively.

Nikki whimpers a soft mmhmm in agreement to Janice. Judging from the softening movement of her butt above, it seemed to soothe her a little to hear the submissive squeaks of Nikki. But Nikki's finger's shake as she reaches into her pocket for her phone and pulls up the messages with Jacob. She types through watery eyes and dry heaving periodically when the smell becomes too much to bear.

This is a lot Jacob. I want to be helpful but this is quite a lot. I'm barely able to text you, my head is so foggy.

Understood dear, you're doing very well and I'm sure Janice will be feeling fine very soon.

I'm not feeling very good though.

That's fine, honey. You're fine.

I think she's going to shit on me, Jacob! I don't want to be here for that!

Nikki, you're going to stay where you are. You don't have a choice anyways so don't even put your brain in that direction.

Nikki continues typing but then, from above, the huge rubbery booty rumbles again with a disgusting gurgling rivaling the first in volume and sheer nastiness of what it was holding behind it. Nikki highlights her message fragment and deletes it, she begins frantically typing again as she splits her attention between the booty and her phone as she punches the keys.

I think it's happening right now! Please Jacob, let me come home! Don't make me stay here for this!

Relax. Okay. Breathe in deep. And out. And relax, okay? It's probably just a little bit of gas, nothing to get worked up about.

Nikki keeps typing but, with a massive fart blasting out from above, her head is soon thrown back and into the new thick gas cloud of green, a darker green than the last to show it's rancid odor it carried with it's thick cotton candy-like consistency as it bellows into Nikki's face like it was nothing, engulfing her completely in a heinous fart fog of deathly proportions. Nikki's throat is hoarse and scratchy from the partially edible helping of fart entering her mouth. Her nostrils burn with potent sewer smell constantly ripping at the membranes of the nostril, burrowing the odor into her passages perhaps forever. Nikki dry heaves again as her eyes start to roll back in her head and her head becomes too heavy to properly hold up.

"Oh god, I feel so good!" Janice says pushing her butt out with a little stretch which blasts out a long, wet fart right into Janice's unguarded face, splattering it with dark brown manure that practically covered her completely. Nikki finally vomits fully onto the floor as she coughs and chokes, a slightly renewed wind to her but her head still feels light and dizzy. The letters on her phone stopped making as much sense as they did before. She haphazardly punches keys and accidentally takes a picture of herself, attaching it to the message.


Back at home, Jacob looks at the phone and sees the incoherent text and the photo of his wife. Her nose is bloody from the horrible olfactory treatment she was being subjected to and she looked like utter garbage, face contorted and splattered with shit, vomit, and blood. Jacob can't help but smile seeing the photo, he laughs to himself out loud.

Awww, you look so adorable babe! 😊

Nikki seizes on the ground. Janice moans loudly, "Oh god it feels so's going to be so bad this time!" Janice grits her teeth, still chuckling to herself. Her ass opens up with a loud shart which sprays Nikki with a sticky thick shit that splatters her face and nearly her entire body. The chunks of shit mashed by farting force into hair slid down on several strands, smearing her hair into an unnaturally disgusting, drippy brown that looked like her head was dunked into a pool of manure. All over Nikki are these splattering clods of shit that stick like resin and smear just the same though the odor these smears carry was undescribe, like the bottom of a generations old outhouse.

Nikki weakly raises her head to try to speak though shit clogged her nearly every hole, she gurgles on shit to speak to Janice, "Very good, ma'am. I'd...I'd imagine you must be feeling very much better after something like that, yes? After such a...fulfilling release?" Nikki asks, her tone practically begging for it to be true.

Janice scoffs, "Not even!" She doesn't bother to elaborate at all, giving Nikki any indication of when she'd be free from this hellacious situation.

Nikki lays her head back again, her eyes wide with worry. When would she ever get out of here? When would she know something other than the flatulent fumes of this massive rubbery booty.

Nikki's phone beckons with Jacob's alert. For a moment, Nikki smiles. Her savior, finally. Surely that was Jacob saying she was all done now, she could leave this horrible place and come home. She'd walk in the door and Jacob would race to embrace her despite being covered in farts and shit. He'd sit at the bathside and help clean her after this ordeal, and they'd slide into bed and kiss and make sweet love to each other well into the morning hours.

Nikki opens her eyes and takes a look at her phone. With each word from Jacob, her heart sinks in a feeling like it was inhaling itself into oblivion.

So I was doing some research online about Janice's diet and its side effects. Among the "frequent flatulence" and "loose bowels" there's another side effect that's known clinically as "manure storms." But I have no doubt that Janice will not need to manure all over you, Nikki. You just wait there, all will be just fine.

Nikki's eyes tear up and only partially due to the rancid smell attacking her every sense, a tear drops down onto her message thread with Jacob. Then, above, the huge rubbery booty rumbles again, loudly. The rumble follows with a sound of straining behind it, a soft crackingly behind the sounds of intense effort like a muscleman going for a 300 pound deadlift.

Nikki's body shakes involuntarily in fear from such a sound, her voice shakes as she speaks, "Ar...are...are...are okay? Fee...feeling okay tha...that is?"

Janice is groaning painfully and exaggeratedly, "Oh god, I'm trying to hold it back but I can't do it for long! I'm....I'm trying to hold!"

Nikki trembles, "Pppp...please....please ho...hold it in...! Uh...I mean...if you can...if possible and no...not not too painful for you, ma'am," Nikki equivocates for the superior woman.

Janice is clenching her cheeks as they vibrate unnaturally with great force, "Ohh! I'm trying! But I can't...not for much...eeerrr...longer..." Janice smiles to herself, enjoying this ominous anticipation. It made her start to feel very wet, she closes her eyes and licks the edge of her teeth as she reaches down to her crotch. She pushes softly inside herself through the fabric of her couture dress, the velveteen fabric rubbing against her pussy like the skin of a fresh shaven sheep.

Nikki tries to think quickly but the fart fog was affecting her already below-average brain. "Uh...wha....what if I get you an actual toilet to use?"

"No!" Janice snaps quickly! "You will not bring up this porcelain insult again to me, it is a very sensitive subject! When I was much younger I told a toilet salesman about my loads and he laughed in my face and said no toilet known to man could handle a load that size! Needless to say, my aunt Amanda took care of him and no one else ever heard from him again after that." Janice painfully chuckles, still straining to hold her mighty load back but the time was coming very quickly.

Nikki hangs her head, she feels a sense of sympathy for poor Janice in her situation which must have been very humiliating for her. What a terrible man and what a worse salesman to laugh at your customer's sincere need, he probably deserved what Amanda gave to him. Nikki smiles in the corner of her mouth, feeling a sense of unearned solidarity with her tormentor. She wondered vaguely what Amanda must be like, what she looked like in Nikki's uninformed vision of this dominant, confident woman who takes no bullshit from salesmen or probably anyone for that matter. Nikki tried to envision herself like that, closing her eyes and drifting away from her current shitscape surroundings. She could see herself, her hair vibrant and bouncy as she struts her hips back and forth exaggeratedly like a caricature of Cruella DeVille. She opens her mouth to speak confidently but just as she does...

Above Nikki, the massive rubbery booty rumbles again grotesquely, a sloppy and ominous churning that barely gives warning before spurting a big dark green log right into Nikki's face, it mashes her down like a marble column falling squarely on her nose. Janice sighs in epic relief, her hand still grasped around her pussy as she exerts more and more pressure onto herself, her hand practically dripping from her excited juices. Janice bites her lip and stares up at the ceiling in silent euphoria, just the sound of her heaving breathing and the soft squishiness of her pussy against her hand.

Nikki weakly vomits into the shit log but it just slides back down her own throat along with some of Janice's load. Nikki's hair, her arms, her chest are buried under a massive solid log of shit that droops precariously downwards before breaking halfway and smothering the rest of Nikki's body under shit until she looked like a pitcher's mound of poo. The shit is smushed deep into the individual strands of Nikki's hair and even into the shallow dermal pores on her skin. Nikki writhes and struggles weakly, like a turtle helplessly on its back only this particular helpless turtle had a massive mound of shit burying her under a dense and disgusting load. Her shit filled mouth moans weakly, almost zombie-like, in between gurgling chokes.

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