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No Talking in Class!
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

“Oh my god, you are so gonna die when you hear who Patricia is taking to the Prom!”

“Oh you have to tell me!”

“Ok, but you are gonna so die!”

“Just tell me!”

“George Cooper!”

“Get out!”

“No, it’s true!”

I could not take this girly conversation anymore! We were all supposed to be sitting in class taking notes but these girls had been talking about their ‘hot’ dates for Prom instead. I was fed up with their constant chatting and giggling back and forth and just had to do something.

“SHUT UP!” I screamed. I immediately realized my mistake but it was too late. The whole class looked at me. Ms. Gransforth also turned and looked upon me. Shit, shit, shit I thought to myself. I turned my eyes away from hers, which looked at me coldly. “ Cal, I want to see you after school.”

“But, Ms. Gransforth…”

“No back talking! My room. After school.”

“Yes, Ms. Gransforth.”

I could not believe I had gotten in trouble for these stupid girls talking. It was so unfair! I decided it best to discuss it after school, instead of in class. The pair giggled at me quite a few times and my name came up often, usually followed by the word ‘Stupid’ or ‘Idiot.’ I could not have been madder than I was that day.

I returned after school to Ms. Gransford’s room. I hoped I would find other students their but the room was completely empty, with the exception of Ms. Gransforth. She watched me as I walked in the room. I went to the desk and sat down she said nothing; she continually stared at me, smirking slyly. I felt chills run down my back. Why wasn’t she saying anything, and what’s more, why was she smiling like that? Awful thoughts ran threw my mind as I tried to note the room’s exits so I could leave in a hurry if things got weird. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. She was still sitting their, staring and smiling. I felt totally relived when she finally talked.

“Well Cal, do you know why you are here?”

“Yes ma’am. I talked when I should not have but ma’am so did the girls behind me.”

She smiled, “I don’t care what they did Cal. I care what you did and I caught you talking.”

“True ma’am.”

“Good, we have broken that barrier. Now comes the punishment. Come here, Cal.” I walked over to Ms. Gransforth, who was sitting in a chair at her desk, and stood at her side.

“On your knees.” The order came so calmly and naturally, as if there was nothing strange about it.

I looked at her, “Excuse me, ma’am?”

“On your knees, Cal. You need to be punished.” I obeyed. She stared down at me for a few moments, laughing to herself. Ms. Gransforth then, quickly, got out of the chair and proceeded to place her tight panted ass over my face. I became horrified, what the hell was she doing, I thought to myself.

“That’s perfect, Cal. Just stay right there. If you please me, I may let you go sooner on good behavior.” What the hell was this, I thought again. Why would anyone do this? Oh well, it could be worse I guess. She could have given me detention or….PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT! My thoughts were interrupted and they ran crazy for a while trying to think what had just happened. I was still not clear when I was caught aghast by a horrid smell. I finally realized it as I struggled for breath. Ms. Gransforth had just farted on my face! I was having a lot of trouble breathing under this retched smell; even breathing through my mouth could not ease the suffering. I raised my hands to try to push her off but I didn’t have the strength. I heard Ms. Gransforth giggle to herself, seemly quite please with herself. She farted again, PBBBBBT! The air under her ass was so very rank; I could not possibly stay conscious for this. I tried to push her off again but instead she raised herself up, allowing me to breathe again. I coughed and gagged repeatedly. “How was that Cal?” she replied, innocently. I stared at her with watery eyes, I was tearing up. I didn’t know if it was from the wretched smell or the whole situation but I continued to stare at her, fear in my expression apparent. “That good huh? Well prepare yourself, cause I got plenty more.”

“No please,” I pleaded with her. “Please, I have learned my lesson; I will never say a word in class again. Please…please…just let me go.”

“You’re just saying that so you don’t have to sniff my wonderful farts anymore.”

“No, no. It’s not that. I’d love to stay but….” Shit, I thought to myself that was probably the worst thing I could say….and it was.

“Then stay. It’s not like you have a choice any ways. You have to be punished.”

“But like this? All I did was scream in class. I mean compared with other things it seems like a minor offense.”

“Oh, you are not being punished because you were talking...,” she replied, smiling.


“Of course not. You are here because you are a man who was talking.” I stared at her, blankly. “Ya, that’s right. I heard those girls talking the whole time.”

“BUT…but there is nothing I can do about being a man.”

“Nope, but I can do something about you.”

“No please,” I pleaded again. She didn’t listen. She came towards me. I got up to run but she grabbed me but the shirt and pushed me to the floor. I kick her but it did nothing to free me, she still had a tight grip on me. She grabbed me back up and pulled some handcuffs out of her desk. She cuffed my hands together and my legs as well. She pushed me back on the floor. I watched, or stared rather, as she bent over to remove her pants. Ms. Gransforth then proceeded to place her underweared ass on my face again. She, almost immediately, shifted her weight and farted, BBBBBBBBBBBBT! The smell was awful and my mouth could not take any of the blast, it was tightly sealed by the weight of Ms. Gransforth. I was forced to take in the awful smells of her ass. I struggled to get free but it was not possible. My head forced itself to the side. I was so relieved to get fresh air again but this made Ms. Gransforth became extremely angry. She leaned forward, removing her ass from my face, and grabbed my head by the hair and pushed and held it into her ass. I remained pressed there, in quite a bit of pain from the hair grabbing, for a few moments. Until…PBBBBBBBBFTTT! “Heh, ha,” she laughed seductively. “Learn this slave! The only way you are getting out of here alive is to smell all my gas.” She released my head, roughly, and went to the desk to get something. I wanted to escape but I was too weak and too busy coughing and choking for breath. She quickly returned with a piece of duct tape which she placed over my mouth. She again lowered her ass over my face. I was soon hit with a large barrage of farts, PFFFFFT! PBBBBBBBBFFT! BPPPPPTT! The smell was so over powering that I was sure to be out in an instant if I did not get some fresh air but I did not dare try to tilt my head again. Ms. Gransforth farted again, PBBBBTT! I struggled for breath till finally Ms. Gransforth raised herself from my face and allowed me to breathe again. “You know Cal, you seem to enjoy this quite a bit. Let me take you to a friend of mine.” Noooooooo, I tried to scream out but it did not come out, only mumbles. “Alright, let’s go.” Ms. Gransforth reached into her purse and pulled out a slightly larger than normal size dog collar and leash. I fought her while she put it on my neck but without hands it was worthless. I stared at her with angry eyes as she picked up the leash and dragged me to my feet and out of her room.

I was so humiliated to be paraded around the campus as Ms. Gransforth held my leash like I was a common dog. Luckily, it was after school and no students remained on campus. Teachers also were usually gone after a half and hour or so but it didn’t matter, I was still extremely embarrassed to see myself in this position. On the way she pulled my leash tightly, and painfully, and set me on knees so she could fart a few more blasts in my face. I was choking all the way down to the building we were going to. Ms. Gransforth dragged me through the door ahead of her and I saw a teacher sitting there, at her computer. She turned to look at us and her eyes went wide to see me in my….uh…“gear.”

“Have you brought me a gift, Denise?” the woman asked.

“In a sense, yes,” replied Ms. Gransforth.

“Splendid. But I am not feeling gassy at the moment. Let’s take him to my house and we will ‘work’ on him there. I was just getting ready to leave any ways.”

“Great, let’s go.”

“Lemme grab my purse and we’ll be off.” So the two ladies and I went to Mary’s car. On the way, I listened to them talk…that is to say, between the pain of being harshly pulled. I promised myself that I would never pull on my dogs leash ever again.

“So Mary, where is Carol? She would probably like to get in on this.”

“Oh, she didn’t tell you? She went to The Island to torture some guy she met in college.”

“That bitch! She was supposed to call and take me along too.”

“Ha ha. Oh you men haters you.”

“Don’t you hate men?”

“No, I just like to torture them.”

“Ahh…but what about that one guy…Jar....” Mary cut her off short.

“Let’s not speak of that in public,” Mary said, gesturing to me.

“Ok.” We finally arrived at the car. I was hurled in the back seat of the sedan and then Ms. Gransforth went around the other side of the car and sat on my face…again. Mary laughed, “Well at least I don’t have to worry about the smell of farts sinking into the upholstery.” They both laughed their heads off. The car ride was hell. Ms. Gransforth farted on my relentlessly the whole way. To my luck, I passed out from the lack of oxygen.

I woke up, lying on a soft carpet of sorts. I was still totally bound and gagged. Ms. Gransforth towered over me. She smiled and picked me up. I was dragged over to the kitchen. Mary, I noticed, was setting food on the table but I did not notice what. “Mmmm...smells delicious,” Ms Gransforth said.

“Thanks, it’s my ‘special’ recipe.’

“Excellent! But do you have a chair I can use for this fellow…I am already pretty gassy.”

“But of course! A good mistress is always prepared.” They laughed. I watched in horror as Mary pulled out a chair with a rather large hole in the bottom. I was not out of my shocked stupor as I was placed on my knees and pushed into the hole of this chair. The pain was awful, and escape was impossible because my mobility was extremely limited. I, once again, had to endure the horror of Ms. Gransford’s ass in my face. She wasted no time, farting almost immediately after sitting down. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTT! The smell was horrid but I could do nothing but sniff it all. I was on the verge of passing out when Ms. Gransforth finally got up, most likely to get more food. The fresh air was like heaven, something forbidden and long since forgotten. The joy was over when Ms. Gransford’s ass was back in my face. This pattern continued for hours until I finally passed out. I had a feeling that what was to come was going to be the worst hell anyone could ever experience.

I woke up in a haze and it was almost totally dark. I could not figure out where I was. The room appeared very dark and I was laying on something…kinda comfortable. For a while I thought I may be in my room, having woken up from a horrid nightmare but I soon noticed my hands and legs were still bound. Suddenly the lights flickered on and I saw two latex clad figures approach. The women laughed and slowly I watched as the unknown ass descended nearer and nearer to my face. It was Mary. I watched in horror as this ass came closer and closer. I feared Mary because she was the unknown to me. Who knew how bad her gas would be. There had been rumors around school about her killing a student of hers but nothing was ever proven factual. I began to fear the rumors were true as I caught scent of the pungent ass. The smell was not bearable and soon PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTT! A loud fart escaped Mary. The smell was awful. I struggled to get free but I had no chance and no choice but to smell this horrible odor. My eyes began to tear. Another fart, PBBBBBBBBBBTTT! “Ahhhh! That feels so good,” Mary said. “How do you like it Cal?” Moaning was the only response I could give and I did…loudly. “That good huh? Well here have some more.” I screamed out for mercy but I only got PFFFFFFTTTT! BPPPPPPTT! PPPPPPPBBBBT! in return. I heard the two laugh hysterically. I decided right then and there that I would not get out of this alive. I swore that these two would surely kill me in their sadistic way and that would be that. The oxygen ran low under Mary’s ass and my breathing became labored as I continued to take in all the noxious smells. Finally, when I was on the verge of unconsciousness, she stood and walked away. I should have felt relieved but I didn’t for I knew what would come next…Ms. Gransforth.

Before I could get an adequate amount of breath Ms. Gransforth was already on my face. I had dealt with Ms. Gransford’s ass all day but somehow there was no getting used to it. The smell was already very rank but I wasn’t going anywhere. After a short while, BBBRRRRPPPRTTT! The fart ran across my face and soon the smell hit and I was forced to sniff all of this horrid odor. Under the tape I began to gag but it did not ease anything. A few seconds later, PFFFTTT! Another fart. “Oh, Cal I really feel sorry for you. That was a nasty one,” Ms. Gransforth said, sarcastically. That is not to say that the fart was not nasty...oh on the contrary, I was just pretty sure she didn’t feel sorry for me. A few more farts came at me. I struggled for consciousness just as Ms. Gransforth got up for the waiting Mary. This pattern continued all night and neither one of them slept or took a break from their ‘game.’ I suffered thought it all until finally it was morning. The pair stuffed me in Mary’s car again but I was held in the center area of the front seat. Mary and Ms. Gransforth both lifted their asses a touch and farted near my face. The smell in the car was so awful that even the girls were coughing a bit. We arrived at school and they threw me out of the car after removing all my bindings. I was a bit woozy from the odor but I eventually got to my first class. People all day stared at me oddly and held their noses near me. I never got to shower or anything so I must have smelt pretty damn bad. I mean having two women fart on you relentlessly can’t leave you smelling good. I eventually got to Ms. Gransford’s class. I could not look at her at all even though she tried many times to get my attention but she never called on me. She always smiled and laughed to herself when she looked at me. The class that seemed to last hours finally ended but Ms. Gransforth called me to her desk.

“So Cal, are you going to make that same mistake ever again?”

“No ma’am.”

“Good.” I turned to walk away but I ran into the two talking girls upon leaving. They grabbed me and pushed me onto my knees. Ms. Gransforth did not speak, she got up and placed her ass on my face and farted. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTT! She then took the place of one of the girls and she placed her ass on my face and did the same. PBBBBBBBBBBBTTT! The other girl did the same. PSSBBBBTT! They all laughed hysterically. I knew this would not end well. They formed a circle around my head. I looked in fear at each ass. Nothing would save me now….nothing. They all farted nearly simultaneously and after a few seconds with the horrid air I could not help but fall unconscious. The girls left laughing and so did Ms. Gransforth.

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