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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 4th, 2010

Justin stares for a long time; deciding what to do. It's come to this and he finds himself disgusted by what he's become. A fetishist of stench and shit...God; what chance was there for a normal life? But he couldn't help himself, that's all he wanted. Now he stands, staring at a ladies Port-O-Potty at the fairgrounds.

As he stood there, sort of behind the potty structure, near a vent that provide access to the potent shit smell and the ability to hear the more 'power' shitters.

While he waited; a petite little girl went into the john he was stalking. He bent down to the vent.

The sound was hurried as she removed her jeans and belt.


The muted sound echoed it's way out the vent; followed by it's rancid, heavenly smell.

Justin deeply inhaled the raw aroma of undercooked vegetables; a fairground favorite.


Shit splashed into the bottom of the basin; a little splashing on the inside of the vent. Justin ran his nose as close as he could to the shit marked spots.

Suddenly, he felt himself being pushed over; someone kicking him to the floor. He turns and sees a butch, woman wearing a green flannel shirt. She is muscular, but also fat around her belly.

He watches in horror as she takes a position where he was and looks closely.

I get up to run but I feel her grab my leg and hold me effortlessly.

She seems perplexed; clearly unsure of what I was doing there.


The loud fart echoed loudly and the shit splashed at forces that had to have made a small 'shit storm' in the john; I swore the whole park heard it all. One person for sure had heard it as she looked at me with a wide smile; truly Cheshire Cat like. A little dot of brown shit had splashed on her face; she wipes it off but the smile stays.

"Please, don't report me; it's innocent," Justin pleaded like a little bitch.

She grabs the wimpy man's neck and throws him into one of the port-o-potties and then enters herself; locking the door behind her.

She quickly pulls down her pants and underwear and then grabs his mouth and forces it open before jamming it into her ass. He feels his back hit up against the potty door; he sits on the floor.

Her crack is humid and reeking of farts and shits long since flushed but here they linger with the potency of a thousand toilets. Her asshole is massive, fitting both my nose and mouth comfortably against it.


She uses her hand to strangle him he gurgles and spurts as she continues her hold on his neck.


Finally, she releases his neck and rubs her crack up and down his face; smearing the smell against the poor fetishist. It's terrible; hardly pleasant like he desired, these farts were harsh and unclean...and yet...very intoxicating.

She lifts his head up slightly; he feels his mouth is more in axis with her asshole now.

She grunts powerfully as he feels a wet log press up against his face. He is perplexed over what to do; eat it? Just let it smash against his face?

Thinking fast, he begins eating the human waste; not surprisingly, it tastes like shit but he swallows some ways, it's texture and flavor are pleasant.


He quickly continued eating the shit as his nasal passages fill with potent gas.

She grunts and squeezes more shit out; more farts follow.

Quickly, Justin finds himself overwhelmed and passes out.

The woman feels his weightlessness and removes him from her shitty, smelly ass. She takes her hand in her ass and rubs shit all over Justin's face before writing her phone number in big shit numbers on the port-o-potty walls.

She exits. Justin lie unconscious, on the floor of the  ladies' port-o-potty, with a wide smile across his face.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.