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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 23rd, 2010

"Quit whining you little brat; you're just feeling sorry for yourself," Gwen shouts.

"I'll quit whining when you stop being a bitch!"

Less than twenty-four hours ago, this woman and I shared a motel room for several awkward hours before she feel asleep as I massaged her hand; too afraid to make a move. She knew I was a virgin but she stuck by her need for a man to take charge; so I got nothing and she was pissed.

Laura, more like Larda, Gwen's fatter, louder, bitchier friend decides it's time for her to open her big fat mouth.

"Don't call my friend a bitch fuckface!"

"Why don't you stay out of this!"

"Make me!" She yells as she comes to meet me; face to face.

Then, suddenly, I don't feel so hot. Laura's face is right next to mine.


I burp right in Laura's face. I put on my 'Sorry' face immediately, and I legitimately am, but she's not having it.

Her fist comes out and pops me in the stomach.

From the floor, doubled over in pain, I see her lick her thumb and then rub it downwards on my forehead.

I give her a cockeyed look until suddenly; I feel it. I'm shrinking! Within seconds, I'm no bigger than a toy army man. I see Laura's huge smile, Gwen appears behind her, also smiling.

"You think you're real funny, don't you Martin?"

"Look, I'm sorry; it was an accident," my small body, high pitched voice manages to squeak out.

"What's that? You want to spend some time near my smell ass crack? Oh, Martin; it's pretty stinky...but if that's what you want..."

Unceremoniously, she pulls her pants and underwear back and stuffs me in her ass crack as far as I'll go; my face presses against the soft, smelly mucus layer of her bunghole. She rubs my body up against her smelly, somewhat hairy poop chute.


"Ahhhhhhhh, nothing like the Hispanic touch to give you some wicked gas; whoo! Get a good whiff boy!"

She finds my head with her finger and presses it practically inside her asshole. The smell is potent; like a skunk eating too much stinky cheese.

"My turn!"

"Ooh, hang on; don't want to miss this!"

I feel Laura bend all the way down, as if to touch her toes. My face is pressed hard against her asshole and also her thin stretchy pants; she cups the space I occupy making my gas chamber just a sadistic touch smaller.



"My turn!"

"Alright, let him simmer in this one for a second; it was a masterpiece."

That it was; loud, rude, and onions in refried beans and rotting cabbage.

Laura peeled my body from hers; the oily stench creating a somewhat glue like bond between us.

Gwen grabs me and brings me face to face with her.

"You want me to take charge?! Fine!" She yells as she shoves me upside down at her cooch.

"Make me cum."

I pause for a moment; mistake.

I feel her hand cup my body and shove me closer to her smelly fish vagina.

"Do it!"

I get closer still to her fish market and realize I'll have to go in to pleasure her properly. I pull back the pussy folds and dive into her privates in search of the clitoris.

I feel her moan and pant as I get close; she forgets or has no care for me being in there because she shoves two of her fingers inside, massaging her own.

"Hey! I didn't say you could stop cunt!"

I tug and pull and lick the woman's pleasure point until I hear a low rumble; white liquid rushes past me and flushes me from Gwen's vagina.

"Yes! God, Yes!"

She pulls my creamy body from her panties and looks at me, "Good job Martin; I didn't think you had it in you."

"Can I go now?"

"Hm...I'm feeling kinda gassy now too."

I hear Laura laugh as Gwen shoves me into her panties. Sit slams her butt onto the nearby stool; I hear something crack...I think it's on me.

I feel her body rear up; more cracks. My back does feel a little better now.


She settles herself down as the fart blasts out her dirty hole.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes, I love farting in your pathetic little face!"

"Hey, leave him alone!" I hear another voice yell; it certainly wasn't Laura.

"When the fuck did you come in?"

"Just now; now hand him here!"

"Two seconds," I hear Gwen say.


"Wet one made it all worth it," Gwen says as she laughs and pulls my poo stained body out from her panties. She hands me to Callie, a friend of mine; she came to my rescue.

The two fat girls leave in their usual low toned gossip and bullshit.

Callie lifts me up to her face.

"Oh man, thanks Callie."

She catches a whiff of me and holds me out away from her; with the other hand she grabs her nose.

"No prob Martin; how did this happen?"

"Fucking bitches dabble in witchcraft; I guess they know a thing or two."

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Are you stuck like this?"

"I think it'll wear off in a little bit."

Silence; then a smile on Callie's face.

Without words, she shoves me into her panties.

I beat against her fleshy butt cheeks; Callie is no slim chicken either.

"Sorry Martin, but when am I gonna get a chance like this again?"

"Are you fucking kidding?!"


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Get up in there Martin; don't be shy," she says as she presses me into her crack and against her hole.

"Yeah, that's it; now try this."


It hits me like a punch to the face; so thick, so stinky.

I feel her change positions; Callie takes a position on her back on the floor. She lifts both legs with her hands stretching her butt wide and tight against her leggings.


"Now that's a fart!"

She bits her lip as she presses the fabric of her starchy pants right were I exist.

I pass out from the slow gas leak that continues to ooze out Callie's dirty ass after the last fart had passed.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.