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Reality's Nightmare
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 27th, 2017

For the past two months or so, I've been frequenting BDSM dungeons in the Los Angeles area; my favorite is a place called Eden where the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming, especially once you've been showing up regularly. I even started being open and telling people about my fetish, mostly to blank stares but people always remained respectful about it anyways, which is heavily encouraged in the community.

So, like any Friday night, I headed down to Eden for one of their play parties; I got there right as it opened so it was pretty empty at first but soon filled up. I spent most of my time talking with friends I've met before and introducing myself to new people; that's mostly what I like to do since I'm not much of a masochist in a scene full of sadists.

You're not allowed to use your cell phone in most dungeons, to ensure everyone's privacy is respected, so I had to go out into the lobby to check a text message I got. As I sat on the couch, fiddling around on my phone, I look up for a second and see two very voluptuous women, both very nicely dressed. They smile at me and I smile back before returning my attention to my phone.

A second or so later, both women sit down on the couch with me between them; I'm a bit squeezed in but I don't mention it.

"Hi, I'm Mark," I say to the women, extending my hand to shake.

"Hi Mark, I'm Monica," she replies and shakes my hand.

"Jess; it's nice to meet you Mark." the other woman replies and shakes as well.

"Nice to meet you both as well; so how are you doing tonight?"

"Very well, thanks," Monica answers.

"It certainly wouldn't kill me if this place was a little more fun," Jess says.

"Oh you're always like that," Monica rebuts. "Don't listen to her," she says to me.

"Have you been here before?" I ask Jess.

"'s like my home away from home," she sighs with a smile.

"So I take it you've had better nights than tonight?"

"Absolutely, one time Monica and I did a scene with this sub and you could tell he was about to cry; so cute," she laughs.

Monica laughs as well, "Yeah, he was a good boy but I never saw him after that, you think we had something to do with that?"

"Hopefully we have that power," Jess smiles.

"Well you're both clearly very strong women," I say.

"Clearly. Maybe you can find out just how strong," Jess grins and leans in towards me a bit.


"Aw, you made him nervous, Jess," Monica giggles.

"No, no, just caught a little off guard."

"Don't worry, Mark, we'd never harm you," Monica responds.

"But we might hurt you," Jess chuckles. "Speaking of, have you met Bridget?" She says, looking straight ahead.

I turn and there's another large woman, in a blue floral pattern dress, standing less than two feet away with her back turned to me. She quickly steps up onto the edge of the couch and pushes her butt out near my face, "Hi Mark, I'm Bridget; we heard you talking to Charlie in the kitchen about your fetish and it sounded like fun; and, since you're kinda cute and very polite, you can stick your face in my butt if you'd like."

I smile nervously, "O...okay;" I cautiously and gently place my face against her crack. At this distance, I can smell the strong, dirty aromas of her ass; it's unpleasant but not entirely intolerable.


Bridget farts long and loudly into my face, I can feel her wind blow out against me as it escapes her.

I flair my nostrils in expectation of a pleasant treat, something I'd waited for all my life. But, as the powerful smell hits me, my eyes go wide.

"Oh my god!" I exclaim out loud, unable to contain myself as I pull my face away from her noxious flatulence but I feel Jess' hand on the back of my head and it pushes me deeper against Bridget's ass, "No, no please..." I beg as my nose is mashed into Bridget's crack; her dress wedges in deep, allowing my nose to practically be flush with her anus, were it not for the fabric between us.

"What's wrong, Mark, I thought you liked this." Monica laughs.

"I...I..." I stammer while trying to avoid inhaling from my nose but it doesn't work very well as I can still very much smell everything.

"Don't talk, Mark, just... PRRRRRRRRRRrrrrraaaauuuuppp! ... smell," Bridget sighs and chuckles.

I whimper and cringe, my eyes start to water as my face is powerfully assaulted by another potent fart. I try to wiggle my head free but it's no use as Jess holds me tightly against Bridget's butt, "Aww, trying to get away, Mark?"

"Please, just let me go..." I cry.

They all just laugh at my predicament. Despite the wretched unpleasantness, I find my cock slowly rising to full staff; Monica notices.

"See, Mark, you do like it!" Monica says, gently rubbing me through my jeans. "We're gonna make sure you keep liking it; it's gonna be the only thing that gets you off."

"Please no."

"I'm gonna be sitting on your face in a second if you don't man up!" Bridget says sternly.

"...I...I'm sorry," I apologize without even thinking about it.

"Good boy," Bridget says; I feel her anus push out a bit and my head shakes involuntarily in expectation of what's to come.


I moan out softly as her hot gas flows up my nostrils and fills them with a dense, eggy aroma. Monica, meanwhile, increases the intensity of rubbing on my crotch, bringing me very close to the edge of orgasm, as I'm inundated with Bridget's fart fumes.

Then suddenly, Bridget steps down off the couch and my face is finally freed from her ass; I heave and pant heavily, my vision slightly blurred. Jess releases the back of my head; I feel her and Monica get up off the couch. Together, they all head out towards the smoking section to the exit, laughing amongst themselves. I see Bridget look back at me, grinning devilishly; it's the only time I ever saw her face before the three of them disappear behind the wall.

Before they leave, I heard Bridget's voice call out to me, "Until next time, fart boy!" The three chuckle again, as do a few people in the smoking section who had just watched that scene unfold.

The whole experience was like a dream come true, but the reality of it was truly a nightmare.

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