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Renewed Love
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 25th, 2011

"Are you and dad going to divorce?"

"I don't think so hunny; we'll see what your father has to say. Are you sure you're going to be alright with a sitter?"

"I'll be fine mommy."

"It's just, I've never left you alone before."

"I'll be okay."

"Okay dear."

There's a ring at the door.

"That must be her," Daniel's mom said as she headed to the door. Daniel waited on the stairs and watched to see the babysitter coming in.

"You must be Sarah, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Barnes."

"I'm all ready to go; are you going to be alright?"

"Absolutely, don't worry about anything. He'll be better than you left him."

"I'll believe that when I see it," she joked as she headed out the door.

Sarah saw the shy boy sitting on the steps.

"Hey you, come down here," she said kindly.

Daniel did so.

"Is your name Daniel?"

The young boy nodded.

"I'm Sarah; can you do something for me Daniel?"


"Good boy; now lie down on the floor."


"Don't ask Daniel, just do as you are told."

Daniel seemed confused but he did it; lying on his stomach.

Sarah pushed the boy over onto his back and squatted over him; her ass over his face. Then she slammed her ass hard on the boy's face.

The boy struggled and fought to free himself from under Sarah but it was hopeless she was just too big for him.

"You know, Daniel, I only eat what gives me the worst gas. Like today I...well," she leaned forward, "you tell me what I ate."


She sighed contentedly, laughing, "We can make a game out of this! What did I eat?"

Daniel mumbled something incoherently under Sarah's heavy ass.

"What was that? You need more? Okay."

She scrunched herself up real tight and pushed; the strain obvious on her face.


"That should be plenty; now tell me!"

She rose up just slightly.

Daniel gasped deeply at the tainted air around his head; it made it woozy. He couldn't think.


"Broccoli!" Daniel finally exclaims, exasperated. "It smells like broccoli."

"Right! That's very good! And what else?"


"What else did I eat; it's not just broccoli in there."

Daniel was finally catching his breath; it slowed.

"Times up!"

Sarah grabbed behind the boy's head and pushed his head further up her crack as she sat on his face again.

"Sorry Daniel," she paused, PRRRMMMMMMMMBBBPPPP! "Ha, that's all the time we have for round one but there's a chance to redeem yourself in round two."

After letting her potent fart sit and simmer in Daniel's tortured nose and mouth, Sarah finally rose up again.

"Well, for all the marbles Daniel, what is the second thing I ate?"

"What do I get if i win," asked the exhausted boy.

"Why you get just what you've been waiting for my boy! Just tell me what the second ingredient is."


"Is that you're final answer?"

The boy nods.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! That's correct Daniel! You've won the game; are you ready to see what you've won?"

The boy nodded again, a slight smile forming; glad it was finally over.

Sarah smiled to; it was the last thing Daniel saw as her gray sweatpant ass came down on him again with force.


She farted several in succession, the bubbles releasing their noxious gas as they popped against Daniel's nose. He moaned loudly.

"Don't worry, it'll be over soon," Sarah said, sincerely; lovingly.

She lifted a leg, leaving the boy under her suffocating in her rancid butt prison.


The boy's felt the gas take him; felt his consciousness slip away as the gas entered his nostrils.


"Mom, you can't go out again; please!"

"Stop being a brat! I've hired Sarah, you like her, right? You'll be fine."

"No, Sarah, mom! Not her; she's...she..."

"What?!" She asked angrily.

Daniel was startled. "Nothing."

"Good, now go do your homework."

"I'm already finished."

"Then go play or something, leave mommy be."

Daniel retreated back to his room; he thought about Sarah. About how he could try to stop her or maybe appease her so she didn't have to be so cruel.

"Hey fart face!" Sarah exclaimed from behind Daniel's bed.

He jumped off but when he looked back there was no one there. He cries softly.


Sarah arrives fifteen minutes later; Daneil's newly affectionate parents shuffle out the door quickly without much goodbyes to their young son.

"Haven't had enough?" Sarah said, smiling as she dropped he jeans to the ground.

"No, Sarah, please! I'll do anything else; whatever you want."

"But Daniel, this is what I want; now don't be silly, go stick your head between the cushions on the couch, I gotta watch the History Channel for school."

He teared up as he pled, "Please, please don't." He dropped to his knees and interlocked his hands, begging her.

Sarah smirked as she walked to the poor boy on the ground. She spun and planted her ass on the boy as if he were a bar stool. She bent over.

The boy found himself completely trapped in this position; his nose pressed up against thin cotton panties.


"Ahhhhh," she exclaimed loudly.

The boy shook as the thick potent gas filled his senses, immediately reminding him of the horror no odorless memory can accurate relive.

He immediately felt weak as the eggy fart became the only air he knew. Sarah held his head against her butt for a long while before dragging the beaten boy to the couch and pushing his head in-between two seat cushions.

She bit her lip looking down for a moment at the helpless boy.

Daniel watched in familiar horror as Sarah's ass came down on him again.

She grabbed his neck and squeezed it just a little bit, constricting the boy's airflow. When he gasped, she pushed.


"Take it fart boy! Smell all my nasty farts!"


"I've been saving those for you! Do you know what I ate?"

"Eggs!" The boy managed to clearly scream under Sarah's ass.

"That's right; I had an egg burrito with lots of cheese. I love cheese; the only thing I like more than cheese is probably eggs!"

"Do you like eggs Daniel?"

He didn't respond.


"You will now!" Sarah said, laughing.

The phone rang; Sarah just barely reached the hands-free phone on the table near the couch, she maintained her position on Daniel's face

She looked at the caller ID; she slid back slightly off the boy, "It's your mom, you better stay quiet or I'm going to shit in your mouth; got it?!"

The boy looked horrified at such a prospect; how could she do such a thing?

Daniel's face was immediatly covered by stinky ass as Sarah answered.


"Hi, Ms. Barnes."

"Oh really?"


Daniel nearly choked on the smell; he stifled it as best he could.

Sarah put a heavy grip on Daniel's throat.

"That's fine; you two have fun."

"Okay, bye-bye."

Sarah hung up the phone and released her grip on Daniel's neck.


Sarah looked up to the ceiling, exhausted, as the tainted air pumped into Daniel's nose and mouth.

"You'll be glad to know that you're parents aren't coming home tonight."

Daniel screamed out.

"That's right; you're stuck with big egg farts tonight. Isn't that great?"

Daniel sobbed softly.

"'Course, I gotta have dinner; we'll see what's in store for you fart face."


Daniel quietly slipped into unconsciousness with the fart air swirling endless around him.


Daniel awoke with a fright; he found himself in the guest bedroom. A stark naked Sarah lies near him.

"Finally, you're awake; I've only been slapping the bed for the past five minutes."

"Please, just...stop this; please, I don't want to do it anymore."

"Oh Daniel, the last thing I care about is what you want. This is about me Daniel; one day you'll learn that it's not about you, and I'm going to help teach you that."

The boy cried again.

"Stop crying; you look like a baby. Now come over here and plant your face between my cheeks," she said as she grabbed the boy's hair and pulled him to where she wanted him.

She wrapped a belt around the back of his neck and buckled it against her waist; Daniel felt the harsh pressing of leather on his spine.

Sarah looked down at the boy and laughed, "Comfy?"

Daniel groaned as he smelled Sarah's putrid hole, his nose pressed flush against it.

"Oh, by the way, your parents gotta get some real food in this house. They only had cabbage and cauliflower in the fridge; that's hardly sustaining!"

Sarah pushed her butt up in the air a bit.


Daniel nearly vomits as the toxic air streams slowly out her asshole, ensuring Daniel got the strongest of everything it had to offer.

"I did get some pretty good gas though; I hope you don't die," Sarah said, laughing as she laid her head back down on the pillow.

The air hung around like a thick fog around her butt; bombarding the boy in a gaseous hell.


Without warning, more emissions blasted out and into the boy's tormented nose.

"Good night fart face," Sarah said, a smile on her lips as she closed her eyes to sleep. Daniel wouldn't be getting any tonight.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.