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Rough Unloading
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 12th, 2011

The Goddess is a six foot tall, perfect beauty who lures pathetic toilets to her with her sweet, nurturing attitude; instilling a need for her in them, making them pine for her. She has a massive booty which contains a plethora of thick, potent waste just dying to be unloaded onto an unwilling toilet's face. With the removal of her gall bladder giving her explosive diarrhea and having the condition, irritable bowel syndrome, the Goddess is always ready to unload and it's always at her command. An enlarged colon ensures all the biggest logs can push out from her booty directly into a toilet's face; and with her medical issues producing more than five pounds of dumps every hour, she's sure to bury her victims under pounds of shit.

The Goddess looks at her slaves with a sly smile before nestling her sizable bottom on the tops of the airline seats; the toilets shiver as a sight they were all too familiar with came flooding, vividly, back. The Goddess groans, painfully, with a smile on her face; it turns to a content sigh as a thick brown spray shoots out over the three toilets.

She laughs as she looks back upon her toilets and sees the soupy diarrhea all over their, once pristine white, clothes and faces; the smell is so powerful they are repulsed by their own filth.

The Goddess floats, with an unquestioned superiority, from her row to the row where her horrified toilets waited. She looked at the first one, nearest the aisle; towering over him with a sincere smile as she digs her heels into his legs, climbing the toilet. She turns and stuffs the toilet between her massive cheeks; his mouth aligns with her asshole.

"I bet you're hungry," the Goddess declares as her chute opens and a massive log presses it's way into the toilet's unwilling mouth; down his flailing throat.

She laughs as he audibly chokes on her shit, as even more plows through; tears fall along her cheeks filling her with even more glee at her toilet's plight.

During her time on this toilet, she notices her middle-seat toilet wiping her gift from his face; this incenses the Goddess.

With a sticky peel from toilet one's face, she leans and lifts a cheek to present toilet two with her anus; she grabs his head and pulls it to lie on the back of the chair before she douses him with diarrhea.

His hair is showered in it; his nose and mouth filled with her brown fury to his unacceptable behavior. She lowers herself back onto toilet one and finishes his use with another huge log; he scratches at the airline seat as he takes the load, gagging on its inhuman girth.

The Goddess responds with a heel grind on the back of his hand to stop his needless protest.

She rises and passes gas loudly in the toilet's face, heightening his already incomparable humiliation.

She moves to toilet two, standing and balancing on his legs for a few seconds before 'falling' her ass over the toilet.

"Open wide toilet, you're getting an even better treat," she proclaimed as her attack pounds on her colon.

She releases and like a fire sprinkler, a thick diarrhea floods the toilet's mouth. He gargles and sputters but the shit has no where to go but down his throat; he swallows it with an exasperated gulp but the Goddess fills it again as he attempted to get oxygen into his body. He shakes and convulses as the shit flows like a fountain into his shitty mouth.

"This is what you get when you disobey me; this is what you get when you do not take what you are given and like it."  With her yelling, the Goddess found herself sick to her stomach; what would normally disparage others, has filled her with delight.

She quickly dismounts the toilet's face and turns her front side to him. The slave's eyes light up at the Goddess' private area as he thinks, at last, some semblance of a sexual encounter.

This was for not as the Goddess shadows the second toilet and splits his mouth open with both hands; she leans her face over his and retches into the man's mouth. His eyes belay the disgust and agony as she holds his hand over his mouth.

"Swallow it, my insolent toilet; take what your Goddess has given you and be grateful!" She commands.

He swallows it in chunks, poor fool, but toilets are not known for their intelligence.

"What do you say," the Goddess asks when he's finished.

Between gulps and gasps for breath, he replies, "Thank you my Goddess."

The Goddess is pleased but not appeased; "Good, now have some more."

The toilet pleads no and the Goddess clocks him on the side of the head with a stiff punch before, again, holding his unwilling mouth open and vomiting massively into it.

She laughs hysterically as the toilet vomits himself and is forced to swallow it and hers; he sobs softly, not wanting to further disturb her.

The Goddess, finally back in equilibrium with her toilets, releases the slave's mouth and stands on his legs again as she descends to the airplane floor. She stands in front of toilet three and splits her cheeks, presenting her hole to him.

Eager to please her after such an upset, the toilet leans forward and places his mouth over her furiously puckering asshole; such an act filled the Goddess with a gracious smile as she unloaded massive logs into the whimpering toilet's face. He chokes on them as the Goddess scratches at the seat ahead of her with delight, biting her lip sensually.

Excitedly, she pushes the toilet's face back just an inch as she released an explosive blast of diarrhea over his face. Having no clue, the spray got in his eye; he blinks frantically as the Goddess, with a laugh, presses his face back between her ample cheeks.

She pushes another huge log into his unwilling yet appreciative mouth; he gags on the seemingly unending shit, this warms the Goddess heart.

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