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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 19, 2011

Slowly, his eyes open to view the room which surrounds him. He is startled some by the scale of the objects ahead of him, the massive door along the far wall; even the stones that composed the wall behind him were at least one him taller.

The room is narrow and in the middle, between the man and the door, is a table and bench seat. Seated upon this bench seat, grumbling noisily is a large figure. She sits there, stark naked as she greedily hunches over the table and gobbles down bite after bite. She is unkempt; her long hair matted and tangled, her privates overgrown and sticky with self-pleasure.

The man decides that today is the day; the day he'd escape.

He begins to tip-toe across the floor, getting nearer and nearer to the loud chewing noises of the giant-woman.

He nears the half-way point; the giant-woman catches something in the corner of her eye. She turns only slightly; she hunches further over the table.


An airy blast explodes from the giant-woman's backside and blows the tiny man against the wall opposite the giant-woman.

It's odor is as strong as the gust which brought it; potent, thick. He gags and recoils but there's no where to go; it hangs in the air around him.

She stands and walks towards him, her footfalls heavy.

"Where do you think you're going?" She asks as she reaches her dirty, black soled foot towards him.

The fart smell dissipates, holding no match to the potency of her unwashed feet; she fits the man between her big toe and the adjacent. She squeezes tightly, cutting off the man's air, as she lifts him. She flicks her foot and the man flies up in the air; landing on the pillowy, soft hands of the giant-woman.

"Get the food from my teeth," she commands gently.

She drops back her head and lowers him in by his arms; he hold on to her teeth as she straightens her head.

The man walks along her massive, uneven teeth and pulls quilt-sized pieces of spinach from her mouth. He pulls then along with him to the exit and throws them out. Her mouth closes; He panics and yell, "Please! Don't eat me!"

She giggles; her mouth opens again, "Just kidding." She pulls him out and places her on her other hand.

"That's not funny!" he screams.

She shrugs, disinterested. "I owe you a reward, don't I?"

She runs her tongue along her teeth; "Yeah, I do; great job!"

She cups the hand with me in it and moves it quickly to her back. She cups the hand over her buttcrack.


"Ahhhhh!" She exclaims as the last of the fart leaves her body. She holds her hand there a few more seconds than lifts it to her face.

She inhales deeply from her nose; the intake force almost pulling the man into her nostril.

"Mmmmmm," she says; then smiles. She opens her eyes and looks at the man, "Did you like that?"

The man, barely conscious, shakes his head and lifts his hand slightly.

"No? Maybe you just need more time," she says as she takes the man and pushes him a little ways up her crack. He remains there effortlessly; the giant-woman sits down to continue her dinner.


She laughs.


It was almost pitch black when the man woke next; the torch above the giant-woman's bed being the only light source for the room.

He slowly walks towards the other side of the room; towards the door. As he gets closer, it becomes easier and easier to see.

He is nearly there; nearly free.

"So you're going to leave?" a familiar voice asks. He stops for a moment.

"I thought you loved me," the giant-woman says, continuing.

She returns her head to the pillow as if she had been talking in her sleep; she wasn't. The man knew her better than that by now.

He turns back towards her; climbs up her bed and along her leg. He finds her puffy, round cheeks exposed to the night air; he wedges himself well in between them.

His eyes start to close as he settles in to sleep.


© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.