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Sacrifice to the Goddess of Torture
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 25th, 2016

"This meeting will come to order," one of the shadowy figure says; head draped down under a heavy black robe. "We all understand the what must be done."

The group nods in unison, all wearing heavy robes.

"Per our sacred writings: 'She whosoever receiveth the short straw shall seduce the sacrifice into submission.'"

The lead figure holds out five straws appearing to be equal length; each of the other four figures pick one and one is left in the leader's hand.

They compare straws, one of the other shadowy figure says, "It's you," pointing at the leader who looks around and compares quickly.

"Fuck!" She says, throwing off her robe hood. The light goes on in the room, a bedroom with walls painted all black and black sheets over what looks like what used to be a white bed poorly painted black.

Angela is having the outburst over the result, the leader of this Goth group with the girls from school, many of them friends well before that; they knew a lot about each other, grew up together. "See this is why I hate the straw system; you all get a choice and I'm just stuck with whatever is remaining. There's gotta be a way to do this fairly and let me get a choice for once as well."

"What about alternating straw holders?" Debbie suggests, a husky, attractive girl.

"Why don't you just shut up and seduce a sacrifice?" Poojah says with her biting sarcasm; she mixed with an Indian mother and a white father.

"The sacred text is quite clear," Tina says, a lanky, often awkward goof ball who knows Gothic lore like no one else; she's won several arguments on whilst simultaneously defending against multiple trolls at once.

"Yeah but you wrote that," says Jessica, her tone soft. The quietest one in the group, her makeup and attire was probably the most classical goth-looking of the bunch.

"It's fine, I'm gonna do it, I'm just saying it's not really fair how we're doing it and this is not the first time I brought it up," Angela says.

"Well aware of that," Poojah chimes in.

"I'M JUST SAYING...can we work on that, please?"

"Fine, we'll figure out an amendment to the text; possibly using alternating straw holders," Tina says, making a note of it on her heavily scratched out, handwritten document that she's been meaning to digitize but never had the drive to actually follow through and do it.

"That's all I ask. Okay, I will...can we turn the light off please, this's just too much."

The light goes off and a soft purple glow of the black light returns to the room.

"I will find a suitable sacrifice and return him here for the ceremony."

"Do you know who you're gonna pick?" Debbie asks.

"I don't yet but I feel we should call upon higher forces through the portal to find the prime sacrifice."

They all exchange a look to each other.

Poojah points to Angela, "Facebook?"

"Facebook!" Angela agrees; they pull out their phones and start to scan Facebook for potentials. They spend several hours laughing at and gauging their classmates for their ceremony before realizing they needed to get on the same page of what kind of person should be sacrifice.

A nerdy loser was their final consensus; someone truly caught off guard and undeserving of such treatment, truly a sadistic act was to be done on the someone never did anything wrong other than being a loser.

They smile collectively as his picture come across all their screens; the perfect sacrifice.

William sits in class, dutifully writing down as the teacher drones on endlessly to the point of almost rambling.

"You have two candidates here, Trump and Sanders, who are tapping into completely different sides of the same outrage. Both candidates strongly against the establishment, both for fairly isolationist policies despite the growing, not shrinking, global economy in which American workers are competing with workers in other countries making a few cents every hour as opposed to Americans making at least $7.25 federally for non-tipped workers.

And it's in this climate that American minimum wage workers are seeking and protesting for a higher minimum wage which is less competitive compared to workers the world over in less industrialized nations. Under these conditions you have continual job losses both to automation and outsourcing to areas of substantially cheaper labor.

This is a very important election year, you have a strong base, riled up on both sides, however, the right repeatedly shows stronger party unity as the left continues to splinter behind independents when faced with undesirable Democratic options."

The bell rings, ending the school day.

"Oh, that's it for today but I encourage you, read up on this election, follow the stories, watch the debates for pete's sake; and not just the Bad Lip Reading version okay, watch the actual debate. Some of you can already vote, I strongly believe you should exercise that right; and if you're gonna 18 by the election, you can still vote in the primary."

Most of the class had already left before he finished, except Will, who hung around until he was sure the teacher was done talking; jotting down notes. Finally he packs up his stuff and heads out; the teacher's attention soon turned to Huffington Post articles on his computer screen, his safe haven for news.

Will heads to his locker where he sees a note sticking out. He heads over and grabs it.

It reads:

Meet me in the old gym.


At the old, half demolished gym, near the back of the school campus, Angela waits behind the bleachers, hidden entirely in shadow; waiting for him to come in.

The door opens, bathing the gym in a bright, blinding light that's closed out behind the door.

Will walks a few steps forward, calling out, "Hello?"

Angela smiles as she drifts out behind him.

"Well hello," she whispers practically in his ear.

He startles as expected but unexpectedly falls to the ground, more pathetic than anyone could have imagined; he struggles to catch his breath, just staring blankly, fearfully at Angela.

"It's alright," Angela says, soothingly. She offers a hand to lift him up; he smiles, too easily. "I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to meet you finally; I've been watching you for a while."

"You have?" Will asks, a bit flattered to be the object of attention for someone who wasn't his parents.

"Yeah, I you, ya know?"

"You do?" He asks in clear, genuine shock.

Angela had to stop herself from laughing, "Yeah, I do."

"But you don't even know me."

"But do you like me?"

"I...yeah, I mean I could, maybe."

"And you don't know me, right?"


"So give me a chance; you're really gonna pass this up, I'm practically throwing myself on you and you're like 'uh, well, I mean...' You know how many guys who kill for me, wishing I had come on to them?"

"I'm sorry, you're right," Will says, submissively. "It's just I've...urm...I've never really had a girlfriend, or like even a girl like me so I...I just don't know what to do."

She puts a soft hand, caressing his cheek and he shudders joyfully; Angela smiles. "Just follow my lead then; why don't you come to my house tonight and I can show you the way."

"Okay," Will says happily.

Angela and Will walk together the few blocks from the school to Angela's house; they walk in relative silence, Will too shy to ask anything but he answered the few questions Angela asked, meaningless small talk to pass the time and fill the otherwise quiet suburban streets.

Angela leads him inside and upstairs to her room which is dark with black light. She shuts the door behind them.

"Really kinda dark in here," Will comments.

Angela scoffs, "Uh, yeah; that's kinda the way I like it."

Shadows emerge from the dark walls of the room, Angela's friends, they grab the arms of William.

"Hey...wha...what's going on? Who are you guys?"

"I have to be honest with you, Will, I brought you here under false pretenses. I don't actually like you but you are useful to me, to all of us, if that's any consolation."

"What do you mean?"

Angela turns her attention away from Will, looking over an old looking book with a school library sticker on the spine: "To summon the Goddess of Torture and Punishment, we prepare this sacrifice."

The girls free a hand to pull down their all black pants, some shaking their hips out of their pants; revealing their smooth, heavily sun-spared skin underneath. They expose their asses and point them towards Will.

"What's going on?" He cries out in confusion and fear.

"To call upon you Goddess Mesperyian, we prepare this sacrifice in your name."

The girls tighten their grip, holding him down to the floor now, over a pentagram, as their butts hovered around his head, making awful churning and gurgling sounds.

"Please tell me! What is this?!" Will screams out to no one's attention.

Angela joins the circle of butts collected above Will's head.

"You guide us with your sadism and your strength, we wish an audience with your grace."

Angela parts her cheeks, showing her wildly pulsing anus to William who is in horrified awe of the sight. She looks down at him and winks, beaming a wide smile across her face.


Her ass explodes in a long, deafening blast that blows back Will's hair.

PRRRRRRRRrrrrrrpppppppppppp! PRRRRRRRRRaaaaaaappppp!

Within seconds, the girls unleash the fury of hell itself on poor William's head as he withers and writhes under their airy assault.

Will screams, practically shrieking, but Debbie puts a heavy hand over his mouth as she drops a massive, rippling fart right above his head, forcing him to do nothing but inhale it through his nostrils. His eyes watering as he whines and tries to move his head but it's no use as the other girls laugh and fart continually without care; watching the boy quickly go mad from their putrid emissions, the lack of oxygen robbing him of his braincells he relied so much on. Except in common sense and self-awareness, there he was a total idiot.

PRRRRRRRrrrraaaaaauuummmmppp! BBRRRRRrrrrrrroooouuusssshhhhhhh!

He writhes like a suffering bug hit by spray, shrinking inside himself in a near fetal position of protection as these Gothic gals unleashed their bowel gas all over his face. His expression melts to horrified disgust, his mouth frozen in perpetual choking as a soft dark glow and ringing sound meets him. His eyes wide, in shock, are glazed over now; permanently starring off beyond the asses that surround his worldly vision. His soft, pained gurgling stifled suddenly.

The girls don't take notice right away, their prey already fully sacrificed; they fart for minutes more. Playfully they enjoyed easing their putrid gas from their bottoms knowing it would surround and suffocate Will in their poison gas cloud until he perished.

Eventually, Angela notices that Will was no longer moving for some time. "I think that's it, he's been sacrificed."

"And yet, nothing." Jessica says, depressed.

"How could it have not worked?" Poojah asks.

"By all accounts, it should have; we followed it the text to the letter."

"Perhaps we just missed something, do some more research and we'll try again, this wasn't very difficult at all," Angela says.

They nod in agreement.

In the evening, they take Will's body to the deep stone fire pit in Angela's back yard where a raging fire is already burning over chopped wood logs and brush.

They throw his body onto the pyre and watch, lustfully, the fire consume and swallow his body, turning it into little more than bone remnants and ash.

They gather chairs around the fire and roast marshmallows over the flames that melt Will's skin and muscle into a goo that resembled the s'mores they enjoyed over him, laughing and passing the time like children without a care.

Will startles awake on the hard ground, finding himself in a strange world; skies of red surround him with structures, many of them ruins, made of black stone.

He stands up, only getting a few steps when a puff of black smoke reveals a figure of perfect beauty, her skin split directly in half between white and black; her body immaculate, her eyes glowed like gold. Will stood in awe before her.

"I am the Goddess Mesperyian," she says, her voice commanding but warm. "And you must be an offering to me from the surface."

Will couldn't say anything, his mouth moved slightly but no words came out as his eyes entranced, starring at the Goddess' breasts.

She waves a hand and Will appears shackled to the ground on his knees, his wrists locked back behind him, near his ankles. He whimpers in fear, watching the Goddess circle around him.

"I've waited quite some time for an offering so this will be quite enjoyable for me," she says, waving again to seal Will's mouth as if there were no mouth at all.

He screams but it's practically inaudible as the Goddess laughs, enjoying his pleas, his cries. She grabs him by the hair and shoves his face to her butt.

Will, his nose deep within the Goddess' split-colored crack, is already assaulted by an indescribable stench from her asshole.


Her anus pulses out far, touching the tip of Will's nose, as it blasts out a hellacious emission; a visible cloud of black gas escaping her ass and hanging around Will's head as he's forced to endure the insides of the Goddess.

He shakes his head in protest, trying to escape but there's no where to go with his shackles tight.

"Your eternity with me is going to be quite painful; I should think a new legacy is written to tell of how cruel and sadistic I shall treat you as my bound servant in this life."


She holds his face tight to her butt as the gas flows freely from her up her victim's nostrils as he's forced to suffer the toxic effects of the otherworldly gas but would never be released by the relief of death in this realm; in this hell.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.