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Sex Education
(Originally Titled: From Lurker to Storywriter)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2005

Upon entering Junior year in high school, all students were required to take health. The class discussed about effects of drugs, the problems of being overweight, and of course sex. There were other topics too but those were the biggest ones. The teacher, Ms. Mary Basil was very young and, dare I say, very hot. During that mild, California summer all the guys were sweating and it wasn’t from the heat. I had the fetish at the time but I didn’t really know what the hell it was, just thought I was weird. I eventually went online and discovered it was something other people “suffered” through too. So I thought well, cool at least I’m not weird or at least any weirder. Other than a base knowledge, however, I didn’t know much about this thing so about half-way through the semester, while talking about sex, I began thinking more about my fetish so I wrote a note to the teacher so that she may touch on the topic a bit the next day. She didn’t see me place the note on her desk so I was home free, I ran out of that class and to Spanish. After the class, the next day, she called me over to talk about my note.

“I didn’t write that,” I exclaimed!

“Come on, Jared, you don’t have to lie to me. I know you wrote it. I know your barely legible handwriting.”

Damn, I thought, she knew now. The most embarrassing thing ever was happening to me right now, right here, in front of someone who I was infatuated with. How could I have been so stupid as to write that note? Ms. Basil interrupted my thoughts saying, “I’d love to explain more about this particular topic but I can’t now and neither can you, I am sure you have a class to go to. Tell you what, come to my house tonight at about 6 and I’ll educate you on the subject.”

The way she said “educate” scared me but I could not pass up time alone with this fine, young teacher and talking about sex and sexual stuff, seemed like the perfect date. J The rest of that day at school I thought more about what she could have meant by what she said. I mean she knew, now, that I had a fart fetish but…My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the bell. It was time for Algebra. I arrived at Ms. Basil’s house at about 5:50. I knocked on the door, and the person that opened it was the most scantily clad creature I had ever seen. I was instantly turned on but I had to hide the fact as best as I could.

“You’re early,” she said.

I nodded and she showed me in. I walked in the door way and was caught aghast by a horrid smell. I did not let on that I thought it smelled, I did not want to offend her. I had no idea what the smell was either. I assumed it was something on the stove. She and I sat on the couch and she began to speak.

“So you want to know about fetishes, eh?”

“Yes,” I said not knowing what I was about to get myself into.

“Well, I must say this one,” she said gesturing at the note, “…is an odd one but basically a fetish comes about when…” I had zoned out and found myself staring at Ms. Basil. I was so very attracted to her. What was she? 25? 26 at most? When I noticed a pause in her speech I said, “I see.” She must have noticed I was not really listening to her but she continued on. I listened a bit more intently, so I did not come off as rude.

“And within the fetish ‘community’ there are dominatrixes that either play on the desires of their clients,” she continued, smiling, “or just get pleasure out of torture.”

I felt extremely uncomfortable just then, my voice cracked, “Hm…very interesting.”

I had to get out of there, I could not stand this. This conversation was too much for me, I must have been wrong about my fetish. In fact I am sure I was. I began to leave when, but she would have none of it. She said, “Wait a sec.” The way she said that was very alluring yet very freighting. This whole experience had been horrible so far and I felt it was about to get worse. She came close to me and when she was about 2 ft away she quickly placed a napkin over my face. Chloroform! I don’t know what I was thinking for the 10 or so minutes I was out but I awoke very horrified. Why would Ms. Basil do such a thing as to chloroform one of her students? I felt soft, plush on my back. I tried to get up by my arms were restrained at the wrist and near the shoulder. My legs were also tied down. What the hell I thought to myself? What was going to happen now? Where was Ms. Basil? Was I going to get out of here alive? All these questions ran through my brain, over and over again. Ms. Basil finally appeared wearing nothing but a nearly invisible thong and a bikini top. She came in with an air of superiority and dominance. This scared me. I had no idea what she was going to do but I had a feeling, it was going to have to do with my fart fetish. She, not saying a word, turned her back side to me and for a moment which lasted 10 seconds I was extremely turned on watching that near bear ass descend upon my face. The pleasure ended when it got dark. Her ass encased my face and she quickly let out three small farts. PLOOT, BSSST, BPPT. The smell was awful! I could not believe this had once turned me on? Maybe it was just the sexually alluring attire that I enjoyed, not the farting? This!? This was not pleasurable. This was not enjoyable! This was hell! I tried to speak out from under the prodigious ass but the sounds were only low mumbles to which Ms. Basil responded with a long, loud fart. BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSPSSPPPPPPT! The smell tortured me, I trashed under the ass but it was no hope. I was forced to smell the horrid gas of Ms. Basil. She let out on almost orgasmic, “Ahhhh!” The first words out of her mouth. “Oh my! I have been waiting for that one all day. I know you enjoyed that one, Jared, I know I did.” I did not reply, I could not reply. All I could focus on was the wretched smell of the gas and her ass. I thought about how wrong I was to ever write that note or even come here. What was she going to do to me? Keep me as some kind of…fart slave? I shuddered at the thought as a gust of hot air ran across my face. Ms. Basil, as though continuing her teaching, “Ahh! Now Jared that is what we call an SBD, standing for silent but deadly.” And it was. The smell was unbearable. I was on the verge of passing out, I felt everything fall dark (well darker under this large ass) when suddenly a bright light shone through. Was I dead? Was my first though but I soon, when my eyes focused, I found myself in the poorly living room of Ms. Basil. She had apparently allowed me to breathe some fresher air, or at least as fresh as the air could get in a room with someone who’s farts went bad years ago. I exhaled and inhaled very rapidly, wanting to get all the “fresh” air I could but this did not please Ms. Basil. She struck me with a ruler on the leg and told me to slow my breathing. I did but she still was not happy. She got up fully from her squat and fetched a piece of duct tape. She came closer and closer with the tape and I trashed to avoid it, I knew with that tape the smell would be horribly intensified. She said, “Oh, that’s good, struggle. That makes this more fun for me.” She quickly placed the tape over my mouth and lowered herself down, giggling slightly. She spread her cheeks and plopped down on my face. The smell inside the ass was awful, like millions of the farts I had to endure pressed their horrid scent and remained in the ass for me to forcibly smell. Ms. Basil began training my breathing, in slow forceful motions she pressed down on my stomach to expel all the air and I inhaled following suit afterward. She begun to laugh, almost out loud, as she pressed down hard on my stomach and then farted right on cue to my inhalation. All I could do was taken in the pungent and distasting gasses and at her pace, not my own. This had to have been the worst thing anyone had to endure, I was sure there was nothing worse than “gas” torture. She continued her ritual of farting when I was to inhale to increase her pleasure and my dismay. One after another they came, BSSSST, PSSSSFT, BPPPPPT and I had to endure them all. Eventually, I ran out of “real” air and I passed out. This went on for days. She loved torturing me under her smelly ass and she was convinced I loved every minute of it. One day, the routine broke. I was being “serviced” in Ms. Basil’s bedroom when there was a knock at the door. I faintly heard the conversation.

“Yes, hi, Mary Basil?”


“Yes, we are looking for a missing kid, a student of yours. Have you seen him? Name’s Jared.”

“Ah yes, I have been quite worried about him. You see he has not shown up for class few days and he has near perfect attendance.”

“I see, so you haven’t seen him then?”

“No, not since class on Friday.”

This was my chance, I thought. I could try to scream and they should hear me, even with the duct tape over my mouth. I was about to scream when suddenly the door opened. Someone I did not recognize walked in. She was wearing all latex and it was all very tight. I would have been extremely turned on at this sight had I not been so horrified. She walked over to me and said, “Sorry hun, you might not like it but, I prefer the mouth.” And with that she ripped the tape from my mouth. The pain was excruciating and when I tried to work my plan, I could not. The pain was too much. When I finally did compose myself a bit, the mystery woman had lowered herself and planted her ass over my face, mostly the mouth. It was too late any ways; I had heard the car drive off. The woman said, “Open wide or I will make this a hell of a lot worse.” I reluctantly did as I was told and within seconds she had released a barrage or farts into my unwilling mouth. The taste was awful and something that would probably stick around a while. Ms. Basil soon walked it. A bit surprised to see what was going on she said, “Oh, Jared. I see you have met Carol. She is a friend I brought over to ‘play’ but first us two need to talk alone. Let’s go Carol.” Carol complained, “Oh come on. How ‘bout one more, I got a good one.” “Fine,” Ms. Basil finally allowed. Carol grunted and pushed until finally a huge fart escaped her latex clad ass. The taste was wretched and the smell was just as bad. She quickly rose and put a fresh piece of tape over my mouth. “Enjoy that one for a while,” She said, laughing manically. I could not bear the looming fart for very long and, minutes later (minutes that seemed like hours), it had finally dissolved. The pair reentered the room. Ms. Basil spoke.

“Jared, due to recent developments we are going to have to end this servilities.”

I thought to myself thank God, it was going to be over and I was going home.

“You have given me a great amount of pleasure and I am sorry to see you go but it must be this way.”

Whoa? What the heck, was she breaking up with me? Oh well, who cares. I was going to be allowed to go home!

“We’ll make this short and sweet.”

Carol came towards me, undid my restraints and removed the tape from my mouth. She set me on my knees but did not allow me to rise any higher. She slowly pushed my head towards Ms. Basil’s ass, which was now completely bare as she removed her pants and panties. I thought to myself, oh no! I was wrong! They aren’t going to let me go! THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME! The ass grew closer and closer. I fought to get free but Carol was far too strong. I screamed out that I would not tell anyone of what transpired here. I hoped that would allow me freedom but Ms. Basil replied, “Oh, don’t worry. We are going to make sure of that.” I screamed out Noooooooo, please! Have mercy! I continued but my pleas were lost in Ms. Basil prodigious ass. I was pressed hard against it. Carol now removed her pants and pressed her ass on the back of my head. I became an ass-sandwich. I remained there for 10 or so seconds, hearing nothing but the sounds of the ladies grunting and straining to release their atomic farts. The last sound I heard were two long, loud, BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTT!

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.