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Simply Ponyin' About
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 20th, 2009

"Of course I remember, but man...what was it? Like four years ago?"

"Yeah, I guess it was," I said. "What did you wind up doing with Victor?"

"Victor actually died that last year and I just couldn 't bear to go through that again so I just gave the whole thing up. What happened to Belle?"

"We sold her to a cattle rancher upstate."

"It all seems kind of silly now doesn 't it? The competitions and all that? What was the point?"

"You 're just saying that because I was always better than you."

"You better watch that mouth of yours, it could get you into trouble," Cassandra said, looking sternly, evilly at me.

A fear I haven 't felt in years started to rise up in me until Cass finally cracked a smile and with that I relaxed.

"Hey, thanks for helping me out, its been hard since John left me. God what a jackass."

"It 's no problem, what are friends for?"

"Can I ask you another favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Please stay with me tonight, I don 't want to be alone."

"Well, I don 't have class tomorrow so sure, what the hell."


The two of us went to Cassandra 's apartment which was just a block away from the campus that we now both attended. Cassandra was on her fourth year but she was still no closer to a degree then the day she started. I was a freshman, the whole spectrum of possibilities were in front of me but I decided to hammer out the general education shit first.

The two of us chatted a little more about the old days before both settling on the couch to watch a mini-marathon of CSI: Miami. It was amazing, four years had gone by; hundreds of women and Cassandra was still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I don 't know what compelled me but I decided to make a move, putting my arm around her. Within seconds she snuggled closer to me. I gently took hold of her head and faced her to me and kissed her passionately and she didn 't fight me off, she seemed into it. With her hands she was slowly undoing my shirt and when that was loose she started on my pants! Oh my god, I thought, this is really happening. She lay down on the couch and I removed my pants before lying down on top of her.

Several minutes later, I sat at one end of the couch; exhausted and she seemed to do the same at the other.

"That was some crazy shit," I said, being the first to speak in a while.

"Yeah, it was," Cass said, excitedly. "I didn 't know you liked me that much, I mean, I hoped you did but I didn 't know."

"Cass, I 've been attracted to you since the day we met."



"So I guess it goes without saying that you 'll be my new boyfriend?"

"I 'd love to."

"I 'm glad to hear you say that."

I sat there, thinking. That was kind of a weird thing for her to say. I let it go.

She got up and went to the kitchen, returning with a soda for herself. I thought that was a little rude but I didn 't let it bother me, not after that wonderful experience. I started to get up but Cassandra pushed me down. I tried again but she did it again. I checked to see if she was smiling, like this was some game but her face was blank, emotionless.

"What 's the deal?" I asked.

"Where are you going?"

"I wanted to get a soda since you apparently didn 't feel the need to get me one," I said, only half serious.

"You won 't need one where you 'll be."

I thought to myself, what the fuck did that mean.

"Oh? Where will I be?"

"Why, under my ass silly."

"What do you mean?"

"Well we are boyfriend and girlfriend now right?"


"And boyfriends do things for their girlfriends and vice versa, no?"

"Yeah, they do."

"Well, I, the girlfriend, need you, the boyfriend, under my ass while I watch TV for a while."

"Well, you can just forget that."

"Oh? Not privy to the dynamics of a relationship?"

"I am, but there has to be a line."

"You 're right, there is a line; my line is I would never take a dump on you."

"That 's sick!"

"I know, that 's why it 's my line," she said with a smile on her face.

"Well, whatever, I 'm not gonna be your ass cushion."

"Hm, ass cushion; that 's a good term for it."

"Good term, bad term, whatever, I ain 't doing it."

"I 'm afraid you are, Kev."

"And why is that?" I asked, annoyed.

"Well because, if you don 't, I 'm going to have to call the police and say you raped me."

I looked at her in shock. She wouldn 't, would she? But how could she? She en joyed it, she didn 't say no once.

" can 't."

"Why not, I don 't believe I said, 'Hey Kev, come over here and fuck me. '"

"No but, you en joyed it, we...we en joyed it."

"You 're right, I did en joy it; you 're really good in the sack but that 's not what the police will hear. They will hear how you violently dominated me on the couch and then forced me to say how big your tiny cock was while you were shoving it in and out and in and out and I just wanted to die, every minute you were inside me I wanted to die!"

She put on a whole show for me, uncontrollably sobbing and everything. It was so convincing, I even started to believe for a second that I had raped her. Ah, fuck what am I saying?!

"Pretty good, huh?" She asked, impressed with herself.


"Why? You are making me do it. All I am asking for you to do is spend a little time under my ass but if you 'd rather join the sex offender registry, I 'm cool with that as well."

After thinking it over for a moment or two, I mumbled, "Okay."

"What 's that?" She asked.

"Okay," I said, louder this time.

"Aw, how sweet of you; thanks hon."

With that, she got up from her couch and directed me where to sit, guiding me in between the two couch cushions creating a crevice for my head. When I was properly situated, my nose poking out just above the couch, Cassandra walked away and returned with a roll of duct tape which she dutifully pasted over my mouth but not before removing her soaked panties and shoving them in my mouth. It took a lot to focus all my breathing to my nose but I eventually managed, if I didn 't I would have died...which, in hindsight, may have been a better choice.

Her ass was perfect but somehow it was not exciting descending upon me with the intention of sitting on my face. And then, that was it, there I was, hanging out under the ass of the most attractive girl I knew. She relaxed and sat back on the couch as I heard the volume on the TV turn up just as David Caruso delivered his trademark, episode starting line with over the top dramatics followed by the loud scream of The Who 's "Won 't Get Fooled Again."

It wasn 't so bad existing under Cassandra 's butt. It didn 't smell too terrible and her full weight in this position was bearable. Then I heard a rumble from above. Before I could gather my thoughts, Cass leaned to the side slightly and let a nice long fart blow right in my face and up my nose. PRRRRAAAPPPPPPPPFFFF!

"Ah, that 's the stuff. You know, Kevin, I wasn 't planning on starting this gassing you thing for a few days but you pissed me off with your insubordination so I decided to just let blow now, so you have no one to blame for this...oh, Oh! *PRRPPPHHH* Ahhhh, but yourself."

One fart was bad but two in such quick succession was unbearable. As her rancid scent filled my nasal passages, I was reminded of the horror of being at her backdoor while in the stable room and while she rode Victor around the track. I began to kick and trash about, trying to free myself from this gaseous prison.

"Oh, stop squirming you little bitch. I know you love this."

I don 't know what gave her that idea but it really didn 't matter now any ways.

"I gotta fart real bad again," she declared as she sat down harder on me before letting loose a veritable torrent of gas. BRRRAPPPPPP! FFFRRRRPPPPP! PPPFFSSSHH!

"Oh God," I barely audibly murmured. The gas was too much, I couldn 't take much more. I started to lose my concentration and wanted to breathe with my mouth, forgetting about the panties and the tape that would prevent that from happening. I started to choke and gag and Cassandra, evil as can be just ripped another big far right in my face and sighed contently at the climax of a good release. BRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

It was too much, I couldn 't take it anymore and luckily, I didn 't have to. I passed out a few seconds later just as the wind of a strong SBD grazed my nose.


When I woke up I was still pasted between the cushions but Cassandra was no where to be seen. It was daytime and for a minute I panicked, I forgot for a moment that it was my free day and I had no classes. As I rose from my prison, Cass walked in. She wore flannel pa jama bottoms and the same t-shirt she wore yesterday.

"Well good morning sleepy head. You sleep well?" She said, laughing to herself as she turned towards the coffee maker.

I said nothing.

"Not feeling like talkin ' this morning?"


"Well that 's okay."

Several silent minutes went by as Cass prepared coffee for herself. She drank in silence at her kitchen table.

"Oh God," she said, "I gotta take a crap. Come with me."

I looked at her, angrily.

"I said, come with me...rapist."

I sighed as I walked with her to the bathroom. As I walked in she shut the door behind me and stuffed cotton balls in my ears. Then she spoke to me; I could see her lips move but I couldn 't hear her. After a few more silent words, she gave me a thumbs up and removed her bottoms. She took a seat on the toilet and beckoned me over. She dropped me to my knees and grabbed my head, wrapping her hands around the back of it, and shoved my face into her vagina, my nose in the hollow space of the toilet bowl. The smells were familiar here; the stale water of the toilet, a little bit of vagina whatever it was that that smelled like. Then, a few seconds, in the smell of fart wafted into my nostrils and I fought to free myself from Cass ' crotch region but she held tight. I felt water splash against my face, I know what caused it but I don 't want to say it. More smells, all disgusting, all putrid, but one thing was for sure, they were all mine...unfortunately. I remained there, in her stink hell for several minutes as she 'took care of business. ' I was all too ready when she finally let me go; I wound up hitting my head against the adjacent wall. As I lay on the floor, dizzy, Cass removed my earplugs and I heard the familiar sound of a toilet flush. She yanked the tape from my mouth and I spat out the panties as quickly as I could.

"Oh, my," she said, laughing, "I forgot those were in there. Sorry."

"Are we done now, have you finished destroying every ounce of my being?"

"Nearly," she said.

She turned her back to me and split her ass cheeks, showing me the disgusting sight of her un-wiped ass.

"Oh God!" I said, gagging.

"Oh God indeed. Get in there and clean my ass."

I froze.

"Do it!"



Hesitantly, I closed my eyes and leaned in so I could clean my girlfriend's ass.

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