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Special Squad
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

October 24th, 2013, in the home of a private American citizen.

“You have reached a restricted page, please press the back button on your browser immediately. Your IP address has been logged.”

Command > Run > crack.exe

crack.exe is running……………………… access granted.

Open > File > 724874


File # 724874

Top Secret Military File

Classified Document


Status: Open (Pending investigation)

Version: Unedited

Last Updated: October 24th, 2013

August 7 th, 2010

We have begun searching for the subjects for the project. We require females ages 20 to 35 and who have the “abilities” we are looking for. We have only one so far, Subject 571, and she seems to be ideal. Perhaps she will lead the group but at current it is too early to tell. Target number of members in the group is about six. Subject 571 is on guard-free leave until called upon. Entries will resume when more subjects are found. Till then, this project is on working hiatus.

September 8 th, 2012

Project hiatus end. Within a 2 year period we have gained all members necessary to began training. Subject 571 remains the most “gifted.” A subject list is enclosed: (the subject’s real names have been withheld for privacy at the request of Dr. Liam)

Subject 774

Subject 571 (leader?)

Subject 888

Subject 312

Subject 953

Subject 067

September 9 th, 2012

The subjects have been transported to the secret training facility somewhere in Africa. This entry data will be transferred to the project lead on site at that facility and will continue with him.

September 12 th, 2012

The subjects have arrived 2 days ago and have rested and are now ready to begin training. I am interested to see how this pans out. I remain hopeful with my project.

October 22 nd, 2013

The subjects have completed training in approximately one year but during that time it seems they have developed a sense of superiority. They have become rebellious and are not taking orders well. I fear what could happen if they take charge. They are more than able to take control of this facility alone. I have requested additional units for preparation for such an event. The units have been scrambled, I have been told, but they have yet to arrive. I fear they will arrive too late.

October 24 th, 2013

This will likely be my final communication. The subjects have overrun the facility as predicted! No sign of additional units and communication is cut off by a severe weather storm. Subject 571, has taken charge of the other subjects with this rebellion. Prisoners have been taken. I have locked up my chamber tight but I fear that will not stop them. My project has failed. I have failed! No one can stop them now!

End File #724874


Command > Shut-down computer


October 22 nd, 2013, in the Army Special Forces Division HQ.


“So I take it you all read the briefing?” I nodded and looked around the small meeting room to see everyone else had done the same.

“Good, any questions before I continue?” No one seemed to have any or if they did they kept quiet about it.

“Excellent. Open the files in front of you.” We did as we were instructed. I looked down at the file and eyed pictures of a cement facility surrounded by what appeared to be a dense jungle. I glanced again and then looked back up at the Commander as he began speaking.

“Ok, here’s what we know. There was a top secret project that started a few years ago. The project name and its contents are still classified but its purpose was to find a better way to infiltrate enemy headquarters and extract information from enemy hands. Now, flip to page 8. The entry dated today was received earlier this morning from Dr. Richard Liam. Dr. Liam is the project lead and he seems incredibly frantic fearing a rebellion among the test subjects. I have informed him that troops are being assembled and will be on location soon. That is where you guys come in.”

I watched Monica, the relatively new member of our task force and the only female, scoff a bit at the Commander’s use of the word “guys.”

The commander continued, “Unfortunately, a hurricane is beating the region hard and it will pass in approximately 2 days. The station is protected from any storm but we fear with 2 days passing the subjects could take over the facility. Currently they are on monitored lock down but they are masters of their craft, so says the Dr. Liam, so escape is an extreme possibility. Gentlemen, read the rest of the file to yourselves and carry on. Be ready to leave for the next 2 days but it is pretty assured we will not be leaving until late on the 2 nd day. Prepare in whatever way you need to. Ok? Dismissed!”

I closed my copy of the file and walked out. I had missed breakfast for this meeting so I stopped off at the snack machine before retiring to my barracks. I threw the file on my cot and sat and ate my bag of Doritos.

Two days had passed like nothing and luckily the hurricane had passed the facility in Africa slightly earlier than expected. The bad news was Dr. Liam’s final message was received this morning saying the subjects were nearly broken into his chamber. At 15:41 hours we boarded the helicopter and set off for the jungles of Africa. The situation had become increasingly more complicated now, assuming Dr. Liam is a hostage now. Our orders now were to find and rescue Dr. Liam with lethal force if necessary, though prisoners would be preferred. We still had no idea what this project was only that it involved 6 subjects but much of the other information was removed from our edited copies of the file on this project. We were told verbally that all subjects were young females and that of course got a little rise out of the male task force and a few wolf whistles. Regardless of the sex and age of the subjects their threat was clear and we had to eliminate or capture them, indiscriminately.

We arrived on location at 21:11 hours. We quickly organized. The plan was to assault all sides of the base at once. We were to maintain radio silence and each of us was to have a door. I was assigned the rear door and the squad leader ordered Monica to accompany me. The plan was fool proof; they would never see us coming. Monica and I were half way to our assigned door when I heard talking. At first I thought it was my fellows talking but the voices were clearly female. We waited until the talking stopped and then continued to the door. I rushed to and planted my back against the wall and Monica did the same on the other side of the door. I quickly found my lock pick kit and went to work. Within seconds I had the door opened. I smiled to myself and slowly rose from my hunched over position. “I’ll watch your back,” Monica said. I gave her a thumbs up as I touched the cool knob and opened the door. I walked in looking to my left to see the hallway was clear. I glance to my right and saw it was also clear. I headed in and went to the left. I quickly recalled our building blueprint and followed it mentally to Dr. Liam’s chamber. I found the door and I was glad to find it was still locked. I reached for my lock pick kit and went quickly and silently to work on the heavy duty lock. After about 5 minutes, the door squeaked open. I silently slipped in and noticed Dr. Liam sitting in a chair across the room. It appeared he was sleeping. I approached and noticed an odd odor as I got near. I approached Dr. Liam and tapped his shoulder. “Dr. Liam…,” I whispered. I tapped him a little hard and became startled when I watched his body double over and fall out of the chair. He was dead no doubt about it as I looked into his open and glazed eyes. I reached down and closed his eye lids. I stood back up and as I rose I felt cool metal touch the back of my head. “I see you have met Dr. Liam, or should I say the Late Dr. Liam.” Before I could even process the words, something hard hit the back of my head and I hit the floor.

I awoke in a small room. After a few moments of grogginess I realized my team had also been placed in this room, that is everyone except Monica. I rubbed my eyes and then noticed Carl next to me.

“Hey...uh…Carl, where’s Monica?” I asked.

“Hopefully she got out,” he said.

“Yea, where else could she be. I am sure she’ll get help.”

“I hope so. I don’t like it here, I don’t like it one bit.”

“Shut up! Both of you!” John, the squad leader had ordered. You could tell he was not very happy about our present situation. Carl and I both looked at the floor in shame like a kid that gets scolded. After a few moments, I stripped off my heavy gear and placed it at my side.

After about a half an hour of silence the team leader asked the group, “Did any of you guys happen to get to Dr. Liam’s Chamber?” No one said anything.

Then I spoke up, “I did.”

“And…? What is his condition?”

“Dead.” I replied, bluntly.

“Dead? Are you sure?”

“Absolutely sure.” The leader hung his head down after hearing this and I could tell the conversation was over.

Suddenly there was a sound like an intercom crackling to life. We all looked in the direction of the sound and saw a small, outdated speaker just above the door to our room. “Hello gentlemen. I would like to personally welcome you our facility. We hope you enjoy your stay.” Just then, the walls of our room began to close in around us. We all huddled together in the middle of the room and tried to find something to brace the walls with. We tried using our backpacks and gear but it was no use. We were all saying our final prayers as we grouped closely on the floor. Then, just as the walls touched our tips of our boots the walls stopped moving. We were relieved but only for a moment. Soon 5 holes opened up about at the height of our heads from our sitting position. The holes were about as big as a ship’s porthole windows and were circular shaped. Just as I got up to look out the hole nearest me, it became covered by what appeared to be….a bare ass? As I got a little closer the ass farted right in my direction and the force just about blew me back. The team looked in my direction and in the direction of the ass that had just farted in a kind of disgusted look. Soon another ass farted from one of the other holes, and then another, and then another. Within a few seconds each ass was farting in rapid succession one after the other. There seemed to be no smell for quite a while but a few moments later the smell had hit me and I think the rest of the team as we began to hold our noses. We were beginning to panic as that solution was found to be of little help and as we breathed through our mouths we began to taste the wretched farts. Most of us had finally given in and released our noses and take in the gas that was being blown into our room. I began to think, was this the secret project? Deadly farting women? My thoughts were interrupted by a large blast blow my way. As the smells got worse the men in the room began to sputter and gasp for breath as the oxygen in the room was being consumed by methane. I watched two team members claw at the cement walls as some futile attempt at freedom and away from this gaseous prison. Soon after witnessing this, another sizable fart blew across my face and as I choked and coughed for oxygen my mind went numb and I was soon down for the count.

When I woke up and cleared my eyes, I saw that we were in our room but it was the size it was before. I had wondered if I had dreamed the whole thing. After thinking for a while I soon noticed Carl was missing.

“Hey…Jack? Where’s Carl?”

“They took him.”

“Took him? Took him where?”

“I don’t know man, I don’t know.”

“Hm…what about Monica? Any sign of her?”

“No. Not one.” I nodded to him, blankly. I began to worry about her status but I knew I couldn’t worry about her. If anyone needed to be worried about it was me and the rest of the team here. What were they going to do with us and more importantly what was happening to Carl? What were they doing with him? The thoughts ruminated in my head as we all continued to sit in the room and sit for hours.

At about 1500 hours the chamber door opened. We all looked up and towards the door and saw the beautiful figure standing there. She wore a military uniform but it was cut and tight in all the appropriate places. When she spoke, she talked in very short and harsh commands.

“Sergeant Michaels! Here, now!” Oh god, I thought. They wanted me to endure whatever they had.

“Sergeant Michaels!” This time she pointed at me. Obviously she knew who I was…somehow. I stood up, hesitantly and walked to the door. She pulled me out into the hall and slammed the door shut. She led me down the hall, walking closely behind me. I noticed she had no firearm. I looked back slightly a few more times and on about the 5 time I spun around and quickly balled my hand to a fist and went for her face. SMACK! My fist hit something but it wasn’t her face. When my adrenaline calmed a bit I saw she had my fist in her hand, she had blocked it. Then she twisted my arm hard and with her other arm threw me against the wall and hit me in the stomach. I doubled over in pain.

“Wanna try that again?” She asked, smiling. She didn’t let me recover; she raised me back to my feet and pushed me down the hallway. We arrived at a door which was unprofessionally marked “#5.” She led me in and slammed the door behind me. I looked around the relatively dark and barren room. All I noticed was a pair of shackles in the center of the room. Just as I approached them for a closer look the door behind me opened and in entered an equally beautiful woman wearing a similar uniform.

“Well hello there. Looks like your next eh? Let’s hope you perform better than your friend.” I assumed she was talking about Carl. Then, she approached me and pulled a piece of the roll she had with her. She threw the roll uncaringly away and came at me with the tape. I tried to run but she quickly grabbed me and placed the tape on even as I struggled. Her grip and strength was phenomenal and I could not get free as she threw me to the floor and shackled my wrists and ankles to the floor.

“Well I guess we are ready so let’s start.” My eyes went wide as I watched her turn her ass to me and lower it near my face. She stopped about 2 inches from my face and hovered there, squatting. She then placed both hands on her ass, separating her cheeks and then….PRROOOOOPPP! A fart blew across my face. I took in the rotten smell for a second or two and then began to cough, turning my head to the side to escape the wretched smell. She would have none of that. She took one of her hands and turned my head back. She farted again and I did the same turn again. She grabbed my head and held it straight. She lowered her ass about 1 inch from my face and farted a mighty blow which I was forced to endure as she held my head tight even as I fought her as hard as I could to get away. She growled in anger and then yelled, “Bastard! I don’t have the patience for this. Maybe Shelia can do better with you.” I watched, wearily, as she got up and unlocked my shackles. She kicked me and told me to get up. Once I did she grabbed my waist and shoulder and led me out the door, and to a door right next door, “#4.” She kicked me in the ass and I went forward and hit the floor as she shut and locked the door. I rose and looked around this equally dark room. I was happy to find the room had no shackles. I reached up to pull the tape off my face when the door opened.

“Don’t touch that tape, boy.” I quickly spun around to see another beautiful lady standing there.

“Let’s not waste any time chit chatting. Are we gonna do this the easy way or the hard way? You know what, why give you a choice.” She immediately walked over and kicked me in the groin. I doubled over on the ground in excruciating pain. She then quickly lay on the floor near me and swung one leg over my head. The other leg came slamming toward me like a scissor and I was the paper. My cheeks were squeezed hard and it was difficult to keep my eyes open under the force. I was able to open them a tiny bit and I saw my face was less than an inch from her ass. She squeezed my face once more and then, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPP! She sighed deeply in relief and then she grunted and squeezed out another fart, PBBBRRRRAAATTT! The smell penetrated my nostrils and I was soon struggling for air. I fought to push her away from her but it was no use. She had scissored my head good and she herself was very strong. She clenched her legs together tightly as can be for a few seconds, cutting off my breathing, and then she released it, letting fly another fart FFFFFFBBBBBTTTTT! as I tried to stabilize my breathing taking in this toxic odor. Then, for what seemed like a long while, there was nothing. She held me scissored between her legs but everything was calm but that would change. “Ok, I think I have held it long enough,” she said. “Come close, this is gonna be a big one. Breath it in nice and deep now.” It’s not like I had much choice in the matter. She grabbed my head and pushed it nearer to her ass, almost touching the camouflage print material. She then, once again, squeezed her legs to suffocate me. As I sucked and gaped for breath. She then let released my head from the head lock and also released her massive fart. BRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! It lasted for at least 7 seconds. As she farted the mighty blow, she pressed and held my head as hard as she could against her panted ass and I was forced to stay there and take deep and quick breaths of her horrible gas. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She said, “That was a good one.” I was nearly out of it when she delivered two “aftershocks” in quick succession after her mighty “earthquake” and those had put me out of it.

I awoke in a room just like the rest. I tried to get up from my current position but I soon noticed that my legs were tied together and so where my hands. I laid my head back and noticed it touched something relatively soft, like a sofa arm rest. I almost feel asleep against the comfortable whatever it was when the door to the chamber opened. I tried to turn my head but the door was almost directly behind me and I could not see my torturer until she came into my line of view. She said nothing. She smiled as she looked down upon me tied there and helpless and then she walked to the left side of me. She pushed me head against the arm rest behind me and then got on my face. She then raised both her legs and put them on my stomach, forcing my head to go almost completely back into the chair as she sat, fully on my face. The pain of having someone sit like this on me was incredible from my neck down to my stomach and I prayed I would not have to endure this for long. Then, just like all the other women, she farted but she farted one of the nastiest blows I ever had smelt. I gagged when the full power of it reached my nostrils. She pressed down on my stomach with her feet till I was about choking to death and then she farted another blow and then another as she released me forcing me to get the full intensity of her terrible farts. She grunted silently and then released another fart, sighing in relief afterward. The pain in body was growing immensely and the smells of her farts just added to the pain. I coughed and gagged as she began to fart continuously for a few minutes. I was in pure hell for a long time even after the steady stream of farts had stopped. I was near being completely passed out when my torturer got off my face a little. I was relieved that it was all going to be over, that is until she farted a mighty blow that made my hair blow back like a windstorm had hit the tiny room. It took less than a second for me to be out like a light.

I woke up in another one of the same rooms but this time I was tied to a chair. I tried to loosen the already seemingly loose ropes around me but it was to no avail. I sat and waited in the semi-dark room for an hour until the door to my chamber finally opened. It was Monica! I tried to talk to her but the tape over my mouth made it sound like nothing but random mumbling. She walked quickly towards me and undid the ropes and soon I was free. I pulled the tape from my mouth and was finally able to breathe thru my mouth again.

“Monica! Am I glad to see you….wait…don’t tell me you are one of them…”

“No, I am not. I just took care of #2 and I was coming to get you.”

“Great, come on lets get out of here.”

“We can’t!”

“Why not?”

“Because we have to finish the job! We have to take out #1.”

I sighed… “Yea, I guess you are right. So what are we going to do?”

“Well let’s just do it, here I got a gun for you.” She handed me her sidearm.

“You don’t think we can just waltz right in #1’s room do you?”

“Why not? The halls are empty and #1’s room is right next door.”

I could not argue with that. Just as we turned to leave the room we heard an earth shattering scream. “Oh no! #1 must have gotten Carl.”

“We can’t let us be next. We have to eliminate #1.”

“Let’s go,” I said with a new found rage building inside me. Carl was like a brother to me and #1 would have to pay for what she had done. We quickly left the room turned right and was almost immediately in front of #1’s door. Monica opened it and I ran inside. I spotted #1 and aimed my gun at her.

“Well hello Sergeant Michaels, so nice of you to join us. Oh and Private Monica Reynolds too, hello.” Her voice was endearing but I wasn’t falling for it.

“Us?” I asked, demandingly. Just then Carl’s body appeared and fell lifelessly to the floor. “You’ll pay for that you bitch!” I screamed.

“Oh? I don’t think so.” I came closer to her with the gun. Monica followed.

“We are going to take you out,” Monica said.

“Fools. You’re all fools. But you Sergeant, I think you are the biggest fool of all.” I looked at her in confusion. “You know, did you ever realize who sold out your team and how we captured your team so quickly?”

“I will find that out soon enough.”

“No doubt…still it’s funny that you never thought to look right next to you.” I watched as Monica turned her gun on me. My eyes widened with shock. “You know…Charlie was right to be suspicious of her but you choose to not believe it and you, Mr. Michaels, are the cause of Carl’s death and the death’s of all your squad mates that will soon reach me. Drop the gun and I may give you and them some mercy.” The rage inside my build as I wanted to take the leader out but my better judgment forced my gun down and then to the floor. The leader kicked it away. “You really are a fool.” Monica grabbed me. “Lay on the floor!” She pointed the gun to my face. I complied. I watched as the leader disrobed completely and Monica held the gun to me not taking her eyes off me for a second. Her gentleness had disappeared entirely and now it was totally rage and evil inside her eyes. Then the leader returned to me eye sight and I got to see the magnificent naked beauty she was. “Take a good look, for it will be you last.” She then walked over to me and descended her naked ass onto my face. “Enjoying my ass, Sergeant Michaels? Doesn’t it smell great?” I said nothing. “Oh…not to talkative are we? Well that’s ok. You can occupy yourself with this then.” She grunted loudly and farted a sizable blow into my face and nose. The smell was not of this world and after just one I felt almost instantly woozy. My eyes began to water and I was already in pure hell just as we were beginning. The leader got off my face and allowed me a second of fresh air and then re-placed herself on my face. She farted again and then again and then once more and I knew I would not last much longer. I heard a grumble and it was loud but it was not from the leader. “You want to finish him off Monica?”

“Sure. I’d love to.” The leader got off my face and Monica’s naked ass was soon replaced on it. The smell of Monica’s ass was the worst ever, worse even than the leader and I feared for my life as I heard another grumble from her stomach. “Oooo…so gassy! This will be the end of you Michael.” I screamed loudly, so loudly I swore it could be heard around the world even under Monica’s ass and then the bomb hit my face and it was over.

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