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Spot Slave
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 19th, 2011

I had to get out of there; my stupid brother's movie was boring but it was fun to watch people laugh at what he considered a personal drama piece. What a douche.

I wander around the dark campus, randomly entering buildings and opening doors looking for...something; anything that would be somewhat interesting.

I open the door into a gym; there's a woman in there, by herself, working on one of the weight machines for the legs. I walk up to her and see she's pretty heavy; like really heavy, most of it accumulates in her butt and gets slightly less fat from there in both directions.

"You working out?"

She's startled for a moment, "...yeah."

"How long you been at it?"

"Couple months."

"Really? Doesn't show," I said with a sly smile thinking girls liked a subtle dig.

It apparently worked because she got insulted with a smile, "You're mean," she said cutely.

"Well, I don't want to lie to you," I smile a little wider.

"Maybe you can help me," she nudges sincerely; pulling me along by the arm. "Lie down here and close your eyes."

Really? It was gonna happen so fast; I guess fat girls really are as desperate as they say.

I do as I am told; I feel her body heat and her heavy breathing as she lies near me, somewhat above. I lick my lips as I feel smooth legs caress my face.

Then, with jerking force, my neck is snapped upward; my body is pulled. I open my eyes and am met with tight red lycra workout suit stretched over thick a thick buttocks. My neck is trapped between her thighs.

"What are you doing?!" I scream.

"Just relax; you said you'd help with my workout."

She flexes her right leg up around the back of my head, lifting my face closer to her butt; she presses my face up against her ass and then releases. Then she lifts her left leg up and, again, presses my face up against her ass. Then releases.

"How's that feel?" She asks.

"It's uncomfortable; let me go!"

"No way; you haven't even gotten to the best part," she said as she continues to flex her legs.

I'm up with my nose sitting in her crack; PRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Ahhhhhh, nothing like a workout to push out a little gas..."

I'm screaming as the fart invades my senses; it was loud and now it was penetrating every inch of my nostrils and refusing to leave. The air was so thick it was like a completely different atmosphere; I could barely suck it in but I needed all the 'air' I could get having my neck squeezed between this amazon's thighs.

She finally releases me and I am out of the methane prison until her other leg wraps behind my head and lifts me back into her world of stink.

She laughs with a hint of psychosis in her tone; this bitch was crazy.

She releases me once more and loosens her grip from my neck; "You're really weak; I think it's you who needs to be working out."

I look at her blankly; stunned, unable to move or react.

"Don't worry, I have an idea."

She quickly adjusts her position and begins to lower herself onto my face; sitting on it with her big, smelly butt. I try to bolt out from under her but she grabs me and pushes me down until she has her butt over my face; I am rendered powerless, or more powerless.

"Now, lift me off your face."

I scream about a mumble about being unable to lift her fat ass.

"Well, you better try."

I put my hands on her chubby ass cheeks and try to press her off but, as predicted, she's not going anywhere.

In a prospect of hope, she moves forward when I make a worthy attempt.

BRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP! She seals it in when she sits back down over my head.

"You've gotta try harder than that if you want to get out of this."

Her putrid fart must inspired me; god is it rank, like a sewer, but I am empowered. I have to get out of here.

I make another good push and start to make headway. She seems stunned too, as I lift her slightly off my face; my head finally clear of her crack which now hovers inches above.

"Good job! You've earned this," she says as she pulls aside her lycra one-piece and puts my face in line with her naked crack; she's laughing sinisterly. The adjustment makes me lose my momentum and I start to drop her back onto my face.


My own weakness forces me into her wet fart; she stays laughing there as I succumb to her hellish stench and moist, dirty hole. Her last fart, maybe previous ones too, made her crack oily and wet with shit. I feel her sadistic smile as she humps forward just slightly, figuring why not fuck my face while she's here.

She gets up after what feels like hours muttering how pathetic I am.

I lie there on the floor, wanting to die.

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