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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 10th, 2010

I awoke in darkness but I hear the sound of shuffling faintly nearby.

"Hey, you awake?" I hear a voice ask; his voice echoes in this dark, musky place. The smell is familiar but difficult to place.


"New guy, right?"

"New to what?"

"Don't worry kid, it's not so bad."

"What isn't?"

"Watch out kid, here they come!"

Suddenly, a bright light beats into my area and I see I am lying in feces. The circular hole above me blinds me to the world above until it is suddenly snuffed out and darkness returns.


An unmistakable fart! Oh God, and how wretched it smells.


Another ass nearby ejects a liquidly emission to the face nearby.

I yell out, "What is this place?"

"The heads you fucking twit!"

Shit quickly falls onto his unready face and he hungrily but reluctantly swallows the brown logs.

I am treated to a similar treat only each is introduced and preceded by a stinky blowout of gasses.

I don't consume the shit as my colleague does.

"You're going to get hungry," he says, as he takes another log in his mouth.

The ass above me rises and I catch a glimpse of a beautiful but plump woman. I smile my shit covered smile at her but she just angrily lifts my head slightly and rubs my face against her crack, cleaning it of its bowel movement. She drops me and I land with a plop into the pool of shit I now call my home.


I am startled early in the morning, before the sun rises. A dark figure is pulling me from the toilet troth.

I feign unconsciousness until I am at rest.

I open my eyes in a bare, stone room. Soldier's quarters.


I look at her, oddly, "Hello."

She smiles.

"Who are you?"

"You don't remember?"

I shake my head.

She sighs as she pulls down her pants, plants her butt in my face, and farts.

Visions of earlier flooded my senses.

"Ahhhh, there." She rises. "Now?"


"So, you smiled at like this sort of thing?"

I was going to immediately answer no but it seemed like this soldier was looking for some kind of deal and I'd take one over all of them...especially one as beautiful as her.


" I thought so. You smiled at me."

"You're very pretty."

"Hard to believe something so beautiful could emit such wretched smelling gas I imagine."

"Indeed it is, what's your secret?"

"Lets see if you can find out."

She pulls me to her small cot and sits me down on the floor, my head resting on the unyielding metal bar.

She sits on my face and the metal bar digs deeper into my neck but I can't complain; I worry it'll throw this off...especially with a being as emotionally motivated as a female.


I inhale her disgustingly eggy, cabbagey emission.

"Oh, that was good!" She exclaims as she pets my chest sensually. "I always wanted a man that could handle being under me," she said, laughing.

She leans to the left a bit.


I do my best to sniff her gas; as I do, it fills me with a sort of euphoria unmatched by regular intercourse. I feel my penis rise.

She notices and rises off me.

I expect anger but she's actually beaming.

"Get up," she says anxiously.

I do.

"Take off your pants and lie down."

I smile inside and do so.

She boards me and begins sucking my number as she works her butt onto my face. She reaches both hands up behind my head and pushes it hard against her butt; my nose pressed up to her asshole.


She lets a putrid SBD fill my nasal passages as she speeds her sucking pace.

I moan in pleasure and disgust.

I feel myself close to coming. I pant heavily.

She stops abruptly.


She continues blowing me as the fart streams into my face. I come in her mouth.


In my exhausted state, this blow knocks me out.


Her face is directly above mine when I wake.

She kisses me.

"Glad you're up."

She turns her ass to my face and farts.

"Got plenty more!"

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.