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Stall at Fifteen Hundred
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 5th, 2012

The Goddess lifts her bag into the overhead compartment of the airliner having just a little difficulty pushing it in, or acting like it; she looks to a toilet coming down the aisle. He is about to pass her when the Goddess pulls down her tight spandex sending a dank wave of stagnant butt air throughout the cabin, some gag on the stench; the Goddess puts a hand on the toilet's soldier to lift herself up and plant her massive booty in the toilet's pathetic, upturned face, wedging it in with a disgusting wet sound of suction and old shit.

The panicky toilet screams muffled by the Goddess' big butt as he gets a full flavor of the Goddess' beautiful yet deadly backside; a deep gurgle in her stomach signals a smile on her face and then strained euphoria as a wash of brown liquid douses the toilet in diarrhea. A massive, ten inch log follows and pounds against the man's face and forces its way into his mouth and nose effectively clogging it and suffocating the toilet in stinky dumps.

The Goddess' rises off the toilet man and, like a fish, he flops backwards violently shaking on the ground; she laughs at the sight before noticing the 'Occupied' light was on for one of the restrooms. The Goddess smiles and walks toward the toilets for toilets.

She knocks on the door of the occupied stall.

"Yeah, in here!" The man yells out, irritated.

The Goddess rears back and slams herself against the door which swings open and smacks a standing toilet in the head; he drops and his face falls into the toilet. The Goddess spins the toilet to face her; he is enraged.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" He manages to scream out but then the Goddess' prodigious ass squashes the toilet's face and seals it within the bowl; his nose tormented by a fresh release but getting no relief as his lips and tongue inadvertently rub against shit-covered ass.

The Goddess pulls aside one cheek and fires an obnoxiously loud fart of ungodly proportion and smell; she smiles as the unfamiliarly atrocity of her scent surprises even her and tingles in her nose. The toilet scrapes the ground with his feet in a desperate attempt to obtain fresh oxygen.

Another fart splashes a semi-solid flood of diarrhea that pounds against the toilet's face and rains down with force against the hard metal airline toilet bowl. She laughs profusely as the waste continues to pour from her perfect ass and soon fills the bowl to the brim with crap; the toilet's face buried somewhere underneath as his arms flapped wildly. He is choking on her shit and she could not be more euphoric as she remains in place, enjoying the moment.

The toilet's fight lessens and stops; the Goddess' interest in the lifeless man wanes as she stands, the shit leaving her ass with a disgusting smack. Small bubbles pop on the surface of the clogged toilet.

The Goddess smiles as she puts her hands on the door frame; she puffs her butt out and unloads another gallon of liquid shit all over the bathroom, leaving the toilet completely covered, head-to-toe, in the Goddess' supreme waste.

She leaves the bathroom and walks causally to the next cabin; the toilets barely look up from their distractions to see the half-naked Goddess. None of them had any idea of what just happened; now they would.

The Goddess grabs the nearest toilet and, with a quick and definite shriek, turns and shoves the man strategically against her asshole. She moans in euphoric pleasure as the river of sludge works its way to her booty. Then, with great force, a fire hose-like spray gushes from the Goddess' ample booty and sprays about the entire cabin with help from the toilet's face pressed up against the source like a thumb on a garden hose. The shit sprays aggressively, forcefully against his pained, screaming face and shoots out like a sprinkler ensuring every toilet in the cabin is covered in thick, gooey, putrid smelling shit.

The Goddess laughs evilly as her spray leaves every toilet with a face-full of diarrhea dripping off their noses and hair; each wrinkling his nose only to pass out or choke on the inhuman odor that clings to their skin. She carelessly drops the unconscious toilet slave directly in her rear and returns to her cabin; the toilets stir normally.

A sly smirk as the Goddess returns to her row and sees a man in the seat next to her; she lifts her leg and digs her thick heel deep into the toilet's balls. He slides down, screaming without a sound, in pain and clutches himself in a futile attempt to caress or further gird his aching testicles. The Goddess' broad booty comes crashing down upon the toilet's pathetic face, recoiling from the purified ass that now rested heavily upon his head and suffocated him with pungent, ghastly aromas.

"I think I'll stay here for the flight toilet; this is my seat after all," she said with a mocking, upper crust laugh.

The toilet moaned loudly underneath but was quickly silenced by a gassy blast of hot sludge over his face that pools and burns his eyes no matter how hard he tries to keep them closed. Another thick blast blows through the diarrhea, like a jet in a Jacuzzi, over this puny toilet's gurgling face.

The Goddess sighs, relaxing as she puts on her airline headphones and tunes into the somewhat decent comedy offering; allowing her magnificent booty to do its work with only a little push every so often from her, just to keep things moving. She laughs at the thought, or maybe just a funny part of the film, as her latest gas attack bubbles against the tormented toilet's crying face.

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